Week #8

After a somewhat disappointing turnout for the Saturday morning Olympic Day special race, some were who were concerned regarding the turnout today as we got back to our normal schedule.

There were no special races going on anywhere close so this might be the sampling of what the summertime normal will be for the rest of the season. Weather forecasters were predicting a chance of afternoon thunderstorms but the biggest chance was after 3:00 pm so the weather should not be a factor.

As the parking lot started to become occupied there were license plates from all over.

The rider count numbered 88 with 18 from Massachusetts, another 7 from New York and even 3 from Rhode Island. They were split into 23 motos so, all in all, just about average based on the standards being set in Connecticut for the 2013 season.

The Rider-Of-The-Week was Brendan Healy who claimed Thomaston as his home. He also said that Coach Josh Wedge was his favorite rider. This is the third time that Coach Wedge has been named as a favorite rider. Very cool.

With the pre-race announcements and Rider-Of-The-Week ceremonies ending exactly on time, including no reposts of any motos, we enjoyed a perfect on-time gate drop.

With four 5 & Under Novices here today it would be Kayla Barker who was odd rider out. It’s important to remember that she is only 3 years old and the youngest rider racing regularly here at Foothills this year. Sometime age isn’t that important as today’s winner was 4 year old Jack Santilli who held off the two 5 year olds in the main. Dan Helms was second just ahead of Brady Kennedy.

It was a good turnout in the 6 year old Novice class with 7 riders vying for the 6 main event starting positions. The cream seems to always rise to the top and the first two riders to qualify finished 1-2 in the main. Brady Carlson and Mason Jaquier finished 1-2 with Andrew Beach earning a solid third.

The 7 novice class was a heartbreaking ride for one rider. Chris Moon had been ill the last couple of weeks and could not attend. So after missing a couple of races he was back on that hot looking GT today. Johnny Tomboly was the first rider to transfer out. In round two the “MOON MAN” was leading pretty comfortably when he hit the big table on the back straight. He lost control and fell and two more riders ran into him. Chris was the last to get up and was obviously in a lot of discomfort. After making great progress this year in building confidence, it was all shattered in an instant. Hopefully he will be back to his old self next week. In the main, a well rested Johnny Tomboly got the job done. Kayden Smith, who joined us through the Olympic Day program yesterday, was a very solid second with Marissa Lyman grabbing third.

The first “Total Points” race of the day was the 8 yr old Novice class. This was made up of one boy and two girls. It would be the same order of finish in all three rounds. “Fierce Pierce” Curtis was perfect with Brooke Klemonski and Josephine Bourque second and third.

In the six rider 9 yr old Novice group, it was a rough day for Emily Aldo who, despite trying very hard, could not muster up enough speed to grab a qualifying spot. Rylan Carlson continues to build up wins as he put another one in the record books today. Brendan Healy was a close second while Derek Wood enjoyed a hard earned third.

The 12 Novice class was a “Total Points” race but this would be a pretty good battle for supremacy. Henry Dzwonkowski won round one while Chris Aldo captured round two. The tie breaking third round would go to Chris. Henry settled for second and third went to JT Kelleher.

The next six groups were all “Total Points” races and 5 of them the winner was perfect and won all three rounds. They were Landon Richard in 9 yr old Cruiser; Dave “The Beast” Albert in 12 yr old Cruiser; Chris Therriault in 26-30 yr old Cruiser; Avery Badendyck in 10 year old Girls and Collin Bourque in 6 year old Intermediate. In the 14 year old girls class, Alexus Doty easily won round one over Bella Delorenzo (11 yrs old) and Jyly Milton (13 yrs old). Lex would suffer an asthma attack and not able to run the next two rounds. Kyly would be the overall winner with Bella second.

In Intermediate action the 7 yr old class was pretty loaded with talent. Newest Intermediate in the bunch, Tristan Enquist, may have learned a lesson the hard way about pedaling all the way to the finish line. While fighting hard for the last two transfer spots in round three, it appeared that one more good pedal at the finish line would have put Tristan in the main instead of Zack Tuohy but it was not to be as Tristan was odd man out. The main event win went to Joseph Santilli, Aiden Badendyck was second and Zack Tuohy was third.

Jesse Salva put in an old fashioned “Good Try” but did not make the cut in the 8 yr old Intermediate class. Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) won it with Zander Hicks and Ethan Hine in hot pursuit.

In 10 yr old Intermediate action it was great to see the return of Nick Delbone for the first time this year. His soccer season must be over. Nick would make the main event and be a third place finisher. Second went to Vincent Delorenzo who was just behind our winner, Cameron Albaugh from Kingston Rhode Island. Kyle Lyman was the non qualifier in this class.

The 12 Intermediate class was only Total Points race in the Intermediate ranks. Alexander Poole aced a perfect after traveling from the Ocean State. Also from Rhode Island was Zachary Albaugh our second place finisher and from Connecticut it was Noah Klemonski, sporting some Team Warpath colors, finishing third.

Ethan Begnoche earned his fourth Foothills win with an impressive ride in the 14 yr old Intermediate class. Corey Lemelin, after jumping so high in practice we were lucky he didn’t make it rain, was second and third went to Nathanial Terra. Russ Timmeney didn’t qualify.

In 19-27 yr old action (Intermediates) it was really a two rider shootout between Wes Reel (16E) and Chris Pfeffer (17E). Wes got Chris in the first round and in the main event. Chris looked good as he kept the heat up all the way to the stripe but just could not find a way around. Third went to Angela Therriault with Jayna Roy the non qualifier. Strange combining these days for sure.

With 18 Experts in the house they were split into 5 groups (motos). In 8 yr old Total Points action it would be Robbie Webb nailing down a perfect. Garret Cooper was second with Trevor Cooper (7E) third.

It was only two riders going for it in 10 Expert racing as defending Track Champion, Fin Milton, helplessly watches his lead in this class shrink week after week as he can only touch the gate after suffering a broken finger. It would be a contest between Matt Webb and 7 yr old Landon Richard. Landon beat him in the first round but Matt came back in rounds two and three for the overall win.

The largest Expert class was the 12 yr old division. Matt Rowe tried very hard but couldn’t make the transfer. “Jumpin” Jeremiah Taylor put this one in the win column with a solid main event ride. WHOA look who finished second in the hot looking Kryptonite Uni! Its Hannah Blanquart. Third was Dave “The Beast” Albert. Way to go Hannah!

Speaking of Blanquarts, big brother Josh got the win in 15 expert. Anthony Lucchesi was second and Matt Dillon was third. Matt went down very hard in practice and it seemed to affect him throughout the day. Trevor Fox almost seemed to be going through the motions today and sat out the main event. Trevor may have expended all his energy in practice but wow, he sure was fun to watch skying everything jumpable.

Finally it was Josh Wedge winning what was described as the 41 & over Expert class. Fred Roy was second and Steve “Stone Cold” Scibelli was third.

There were a number of riders who where new to the Foothills Experience yesterday and we hope that thier time here was enjoyable and that we see them again soon.

For a complete listing of today’s finishes please see the finish report button below.

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