Week #5

Early in the scheduling process this year, Trumbull was awarded a RedLine Cup race for this weekend. They scheduled it for a morning start so Foothills, thinking that riders could compete in Trumbull, then make their way to Torrington for an afternoon delight at Foothills, scheduled our race to start at 2:00 pm. Somewhere along the line Trumbull had to reschedule to a noon start, hence the conflict with our 2:00 pm starting time.

With all of that said, the existing situation with two CT tracks running at the same time caused a low rider count with only 52 making the selection of choice as Foothills BMX.

So the moto count was a meager 14 but at least it was an exact on-time start with no re-posts.

Just before we started Brady Carlson was named our “Rider-Of-The-Week for his big win in the 6 novice class last week. He said his brother Rylan was his favorite rider.

In moto 1 the 5 & under novices were still out in force with 6 riders going for the five main event positions.  Brand new rider Danny Helms won his first moto that he ever ran to be the first to transfer into the main event. Nate Cedor and Wyatt Cawley were the next to transfer in round two while the third round main-makers were Chris Jenkins and Kayla Barker. Elena Curtis, who was so good last week, pulled herself out of the competition after round one. Elena crashed in Trumbull on Saturday and was hurting today. In the main event it was this new phenom Danny Helms who captured the win. How about that! Nathan Cedor finished a solid second while the third spot went to Wyatt Cawley.

It was good action in the 6 novice class as well. Brady Carlson aced the moto win in round one to transfer into the main. Noah Anderson looked like he had it made as he had a comfortable lead into the rhythm section in the second round when disaster struck and he just simply self-destructed. Andrew Beach was in the right place and earned the transfer spot. Noah came back and won round three with Nathan Giroux also earning the last transfer spot. In the main it was our reining ROTW Brady Carlson showing that we made a good choice as he earned the top spot on the podium. Nathan Giroux looked great with a second place finish with Noah Anderson salvaging a hard earned third. Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) gave it a good try but failed to make the transfer into today’s main event.

In the 7 novice class it was total points action with Tristan Enquist finding a way to stay in front of the Moonman Chris Moon. Moon really looked good down the front straight and was solid in turn one but always gave up the inside line on the second straight and that’s where Tristan kept making his move. Enquist was perfect in all three rounds earning the top spot with Moon and Casey Murphy second and third.

In 8 year old novice action Pierce Curtis blasted out of the gate for a 1st round win in this total points rider mix. Round 2 went to a determined Brooke Klemonski. In the third round there was simply no denying Brooke as she made it two of three wins for the overall title. Pierce was second with the third spot going to Nick Gentile.

The 9 year old novice hot-rod Rylan Carlson had no real problems in winning the total points 9 novice class today but Derek Wood did keep the pressure on in all three rounds. Danny Smulski was also right in the mix and finished third.

While our announcer was struggling to pronounce his last name Matt Kolodziej was cleaning the house in the 14 novice class. Combined with two other riders of a younger age, 12 year old Mike Steinbacher was second while 11 year old Grady Murphy had to grin and bear it and go home with a third.

In the 14 Cruiser class, which was actually a 9 -14 class Jake Layman would win the first and third rounds tying him with Derek Fantano with a 5. With the tie breaker being the third round Jake would be declared today’s winner, Derek was second with third going to Jorn Layman.

It was really a two rider situation in the 26-30 cruiser class. Gina Layman and Rebecca Marchildon finished 1-2.

It was actually a good turnout in the 8 year old Intermediate class with 5 riders going for the glory. These riders would be vying for expert points as Trevor Cooper (7 X) was in the group. The main event went to 8 yr old intermediate Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.). Trevor finished second with Aidan Biello, another 8 yr old intermediate third. Azra Milton, 8 year old girls, was put into this group and, despite trying very hard, just missed making the cut.

It was another mixed lineup in what was called the 10 Intermediate class. It would be expert points anyway for these riders as the win went to 8 yr old expert Garret Cooper. 10 year old intermediate Jorn Layman was second while third when to 10 yr old girl Ashley Jasensky. Tommy Mitchell ( 9 yr old intermediate) didn’t make the main but seemed happy winning rider raffle.

Mixed proficiencies continued with the 13 year old Intermediate class. This was for total points and they would be expert points as 11x Jagur Layman was perfect. Second went to 13 yr old girl Kyly Milton and 12 year old intermediate Noah Klemonski rounded out the finishing order.

In 14 Intermediate action (Hey, that’s what the computer called it) 13 year old expert Steven Hull captured the main event win. 14 year old girl rider Lexy Doty was second and 14 Intermediate Pete Franolich was third. Jake Layman’s efforts came up a little short and he missed the transfer.

The 17-18 intermediate class which included a 16 year old expert, a 15 year old intermediate, an 18 year old intermediate and a 42 year old woman saw the “Reel Deal” Wes Reel ace the main event win. Cody Marchildon was second and Nick Brown was third.

Mercifully the day of mixed ages and proficiencies ended with the 10 year old expert class. ( two 10x’s and one 9x). Finny Milton was perfect in this total points race with Victor Alves second and 9 year old Derek Fantano third.

After one hour and 4 minutes, week number 5 went into the record books.

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