Week #2

So here we are with rain 3 out of 4 of the last few days. Thursday it poured all day, dried a bit on Friday and then more rain on Saturday. Sunday dawned partly cloudy but the track needed some real manpower to get it ready for a noon time gate drop. This was our Bob Warnicke race with double-district points up for grabs and the staff and other volunteers came out in force to recover the track surface back to a race-able condition.  

Because of the track maintenance going on practice was delayed 30 minutes; consequently gate drop was rescheduled to 12:30.
13 year old novice riders Lewis Cianfarani was honored as our Rider-Of-The-Week for his efforts at opening day last week. He named Josh Wedge as his favorite rider.

With a $20.00 entry fee the crowd was smaller than the previous week but the racing was hot none-the-less.

The racing started off with the 5 & Under class which feature the efforts of 3 year old Kayla Barker. She instantly became a crowd favorite and, after a few tip-overs, she actually did quite well negotiating the long track. Although she didn't make the main event, she seemed just as pleased with herself as we all did watching her. Cole Barker would be today’s winner with Noah Willis and Chris Jenkins second and third.

It was wild and woolly in the 6 novice class. After a smooth first round where Mac Zdziarski and Nate Giroux would transfer, the second round saw 4 of the 5 rider’s crash in a heap in the second turn. All would be okay but it sure shuffled the deck. Noah Anderson enjoyed a moto win in that one as he was the only rider to be unscathed. In the end it was Zdziarski the main event winner, Nate Giroux second and Andrew Beach was third. Kevin Kelleher tried hard but could not muster up enough to get him into the main.

A little confusion in the 7 novice class. With 9 riders registered they were split into two groups. The transfer rules are to take 1 from each group in each of the first two rounds then combine the remaining 5 riders and transfer 4. Unfortunately we didn’t catch the problem until both groups had run the third round. This would cause a re-run and there is always someone who will be unhappy when that happens. I’m sure that was the case today but still the right thing to do. In the main Liam Young would prevail with Tristan Enquist a close second while Trevor Held was finishing third. Tough day for Chris Moon as he didn’t make the cut to the main.

Zander Hicks, again this week had little trouble in the 8 novice class. The pleasant surprise was the emergence of Pierce Curtis as a serious contender. Pierce put in a nice effort and nailed down a solid second place finish. The third spot went to Brooke Klemonski. Nice effort from Jana Wilkinson but did not transfer.

Derek Wood, T.J. Young and Mason Blackburn was the finishing order in the 9 novice class. Josh Trivaudey just missed making the main but sure tried very hard.

In the 10 year old cruiser class Derek Fantano was again unbeatable with another solid performance. Jorn Layman was second with Ryan Hayes, who was right there knocking on the door all day, finishing third. Ian Hayes, the youngest in this mixed age class, had to settle with watching from the sidelines after not making the cut. He did put up a valiant effort.

In the 14 Intermediate class it was 6 riders going for the 5 transfer positions in the main event. Ian Hayes bad day continued as he again put in a good effort but came up short in making the main. Dylan Barker dominated the field with a big win. Aidan Biello was our second place finisher and the third spot went to Ethan Hine.

The 10 year old Intermediate group saw a great main event as Dom Nivolo and Kyle Lyman battled hard, Nivolo would prevail with Lyman second and Ryan Hayes would hang on for third. Jorn Layman did not make the cut.

In 14 Intermediate action Ethan Begnoche, who looks like he’s about 18, transferred out in the first round and hung out in the tower until the mains. Pretty neat kid as is his dad. Ethen would win the main event but holding off the hard charges from Jimmy Borucki and Alexus Doty. Jake Layman join brother Jorn on the sidelines watching the mains. Jake has grown so much this offseason that he almost looks too big for the bike.

In 19-27 Intermediate action, the best battle was the third round when the last two guys were battling for the remaining transfer spot. Chris Haas and Joe Bolduc really went at it but Haas would grab the last spot into the main. Josh Sanford won the main with “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli second and Haas third.

“Jumpin” Jeremiah Taylor aced the main event win in 11 expert action. Jacob Bacis and Fin Milton were second and third. It’s been a long time since defending track champion Fin Milton finished third in a main event. The Invasion of Massachusetts riders is impressive.

In 13 year old expert action Nick Cote’ was almost in a class by himself as he easily got the job done. It was great to see Justin Boissonneault again and his efforts earned him a solid second. Third went to Steven Hull. Matt Rowe just missed making the main event.

In 19-27 year old racing is seems like it will be by how much does Josh Wedge win not will Josh Wedge win. Today it was by a lot! Johnny Devino was a distant second while Chris Pfeffer was third. Mike Savage, veteran of 34 years of racing and more than twice the age of anyone in the group, had to sit out the main event.

With 9 classes with only 3 riders registered in each, total points racing (No main events) were frequent in the running of the motos. The third round always runs in the mix with the mains.

Enjoying “perfects” (Winning all three rounds) were 13 novice Lewis Cianfarani; 15 cruiser Chris Therriault; 46 year old cruiser Mike Savage; 10 year old girl Azra Milton; 6 year old intermediate Robbie Solsbury; 7 year old Intermediate Trevor Cooper; 13 year old Intermediate Nick Frenette; 9 year old expert Robbie Webb and 16 year old expert Chris Pannullo.

In 15 year old intermediate total points racing Scotty Thomson and Anthony Ingala traded wins in the first two rounds. The deciding third round went to Thomson for the overall win.

Thanks everyone for your support. With today's rider count the contribution to the Bob Warnicke Scholarship Fund is $960. See you next week for a regular race with single point team action as well.


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