Week #3

On Saturday the weather forecasters all predicted a dry Sunday until later in the afternoon or early evening when pop-up showers were possible. On Sunday morning it sure felt like rain but again, the forecasters were saying that there still was a chance for pop-up showers at any time now but that it would be mostly dry. So where the heck were they talking about? Hawaii? IT RAINED ALL DAY!

It was a light but steady rain and actually the hard dry track surface really needed some moisture anyway. Wet asphalt turns can be a problem at times but all riders were cautious and there were no incidents in the turns at all.

Before we started, 5 year old Cole Barker was named our rider of the week for his efforts last Sunday. Taking private lessons from coach Wedge he immediately named Josh as his favorite rider.

After we posted three editions of moto sheets we were finally ready to get underway. 

Being a single point team race as well as a regular race as part of our Bikers Edge weekly racing series, the turnout was decent in spite of the weather.  With 15 riders coming from New York and another 17 riders from Massachusetts, the rider count was 118 and they were split into 32 motos.

The first group featured the 5 & under Novice class where the Brian Neff P.E. sponsored Cole Barker would show off the skills he learned from coach Wedge with another big win in this six rider shootout. Kayla Barker, sponsored by Infinity Music was a little reluctant to rider the wet track but finally managed to give it a shot in the third round. The crowd loved it and it looked like her confidence may have returned even though she didn’t make the transfer into the main event. Overall Jack Santilli (Wallingford Bike barn) was second and Brady Kennedy finished third. It was great to see new rider Wyatt Cawley racing for the first time here. Many years ago his dad, Scott Cawley, was one of our earliest EMTs.

The 6 year old Novice class was also a good sized group with 7 riders registered.  “Rapid Richard” Tuozzoli captured the win with Brady Carlson and Noah Anderson second and third. Evan Moulton crashed hard in the second round but did make the transfer into the main although looking a little sore. Mason Jacquier put in a great effort but just missed the last transfer spot.

It was a full gate of 8 riders vying for the 7 transfer spot in the 7 Novice class. Tristan Enquist had little problem taking care of business in this one but it was a battle-royal in the second and third round of motos as everyone wanted those transfer positions. One of the most pleasant surprises was Chris Moon, a second generation rider who has really struggled the few times he raced last season and the previous two weeks this season. But today, well, maybe its that hot looking GT bike that he’s finally getting used to because he was a different rider this day. Chris won the third round and was a solid third going into the last turn in the main event. Matt Evanuska would finish second and Caden Kennedy completed a last minute pass of the Moon Man for the third spot.

Another nice surprise of the day was the more aggressive riding of Pierce Curtis in the 8 year old Novice class. Matco Tools sponsored Zander Hicks dominated the class and won the main but Pierce emerged as a real force in this class moving forward. He enjoyed a very solid second place finish in the main event. Maybe it the fact that he is now an honorary member of Team Edge that has him energized? A solid effort from Jana Wilkinson also as she finished third. Addison Miller battled hard today but just missed the cut.

In 9 Novice action, Brenden Healy captured the main event win. Rylan Carlson, after a tough crash in the second round, came back and finished second while Danny Smulski put the Team Edge colors in third place. It was a good try but tough day for Mason Blackburn (Barrett Builders) as he missed the transfer cut.

In the 13 year old girls class Autumn Joslin got the best of our defending track champion Kyly Milton in the first round of motos but in the main event Kyly came back for the win. Autumn was second while “Mac-Attack” Mackenzie Atchison finished third for Stampede racing. Rose Tommeny is looking good but just missed the transfer.

The 7 year old Intermediate class was a 4 rider shootout. Trevor Cooper took no prisoners as he powered his way to the front and stayed there. Aiden Badendyck, after beating Trevor in the first round, could only watch Cooper’s rear wheel in the main and settled for a second place finish. Third went to Jacob Merenda for the Wallingford Bike Barn. Zach Tuohy sure tried hard and just missed the transfer.

6 riders fought it out in the 8 year old Intermediate class. It was a tough class for the Brian Neff P.E. sponsored ride of Dylan Barker as he would wreck pretty hard in the motos and would not qualify for the main event. “Quick-Nick” Strandberg scored a big win with Ethan Hine grabbing a second place finish. The third spot on the podium went to Ty Ellertson for GHP.

In 11 Intermediate action it was a great try by J.T. Kelleher but he would not transfer out of the motos on this day. Dom Nivolo got the job done with Evan Merenda, in a rare Foothills appearance, enjoying a solid second with Mike Strandberg (Wallingford Bike Barn) finishing third.

The 14 Intermediate class had 6 riders going for the glory. Jimmy Borucki aced a hard earned win. Ethan Begnoche was a close second with Corey Heath finishing third.

A full gate was the feature of the 13 year old Expert class. Nick Cote’ was the star of the class today and easily put the Team Edge colors in the winner’s circle. Kalvin Corbett, first time Foothills racer, showed some classic New York skills with a solid second place finish and Stampedes Jon Moura was third.

Wallingford Bike Barn’s Dave Moody edged out Colin Joslin for the main event win in the 14 year old Expert class. “Double-D” Dylan Denette was third.

In the 4 rider 16 Expert class Chris Pannullo fired a shot across the bow of the Jake Pirulli ship with an impressive win for Team Edge. GHP’s Chris Therriault was third while Wes Reel did not make the cut in this very competitive class.

In 36-40 year old Expert action it would be Fred Roy, Team Overthrow, waiting till the main event to put his best effort forward as he and Stampede’s matt Lucas really were going at it. Roy finally made the pass and Lucas stayed with him but could not return the favor and settled for second. Scotty Merenda was today’s third place finisher for the Wallingford bike Barn.

As has become the norm there were a large number of classes with only three riders resulting in some Total Points races.

Enjoying “perfects” were Lewis Cianfarani in 13 Novice; Mike Munroe in 15 Novice; Nick Cote’ (Team Edge) in 13 Cruiser; Chris Therriault (GHP) in 15 Cruiser; Azra Milton in 8 Girls; Avery Badendyck in 11 Girls;  Home Town Pizza’s Lexy Doty (Team Edge) in 17-20 Girls; Robbie Soslbury in 5 & under Intermediate; Joe Santilli in 6 Intermediate; Trevor Fox in 15 Intermediate; Alex Hubbard (Team Overthrow) in 17-18 Intermediate; Josh Sanford (Team K-Mart) in 19-27 Intermediate; Matt Webb (Team Edge) in 10 Expert and Alec Norkowski in 19-27 Expert.

Also in Total Points action Kyle Lyman and Haden Provencal traded wins in 9 Intermediate action. The third round and overall win went to Kyle. Jagur Layman lost his perfect score in the third round of 13 Intermediate action when Dave Pahl beat him however, Jagur would still maintain the overall points total and win the class.

The closest finish of the day was in the 8 Expert class where Garret Cooper and Robbie Webb (Team Edge) traded wins in the first two rounds. The first round was extremely close but went to Garret. Robbie battled back for a second round win but it would be Garret again in round three.

Finally the 10-56 Girls Cruiser class saw Avery Badendyck winning two of three motos for the overall win.



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