Week #1

Well the countdown was finally over and opening day has arrived. Unfortunately, along with opening day were the usual delays as new systems and software were implemented, new riders were orientated and new printer toner would be required. 

With a 1.5 hr delay, the 126 riders enjoyed some extended practice time and it sure looked like everyone appreciated the great condition of the track surface along with the subtle changes that were built into the design.

Being located in the Northwest corner of Connecticut allows us to draw racers from Massachusetts and New York. Today there were 44 riders from our neighboring states and their presence added to a great day of good competition.

After the final posting of the motos the count was 33.

Up first were the two groups of 6 year old Novices. In the first group Callie Atchison and Brady Carlson transferred to the main event after the first two rounds. In the second group Cole Barker and Nathan Giroux did the same. In the combined third round Caleb Harris, Natalie Hayes, Noah Anderson and Nathan Cedor made the cut. It was a great try by Andrew Beach but he had to sit and watch this “flat-pedal posse” duke it out in the main event. Callie would excel in this main with Nathan Giroux and Brady Carlson second and third.

4 riders battled hard for the 3 positions in the 7 novice main event. Aden Helms just missed making the cut but looks like he could be a real force if he stays with it. The win went to second year novice and much improved Tristan Enquist who showed some new found skills acquired at our pre-season boot camp. Chris Moon, another rider who raced but a few times last year, showed up with a new bike and enjoyed a solid second place finish while Johnny Tromboly was third.

6 riders registered in the 9 year old novice class but only five actually raced. Zander Hicks out-classed the group with a somewhat easy win. Nick Gentile was second while Pierce Curtis, another product of boot camp, was third.

The 9 novice class was stacked with 7 hot-rods turning out for the prise. Rylan Carlson came out on top with Brendan Healy and Dan Smulski second and third.

The 12 novice grouping saw Dante Gonzalez beat Joziah Gonzalez in the first round of motos to earn his transfer into the main. But in the main it was Joziah topping Dante for the win. Hmmmm, maybe Joziah made that extra track time work? Henry Dzwonkowski battled for the third spot.

The 14 yr old novice gang was pretty cool with 3 Ma. Riders doing battle with 2 Ct “locals”. North Granby’s Lewis Clanfarani would finish ahead of Southampton’s Matt Kolodziej and the “Codeman” Dakota Cortis, also from the Bay State.

A great turn out for the 13 yr old girls class with six riders going for the glory. Reining track champion Kyly Milton got the job done but there were some girls in the mix that may be vying to unseat the champ as the season develops. Autumn Joslin grabbed a hard earned second place while Helen Elizondo placed third.

In Intermediate action, the 8 yr old division saw Dylan Barker hang on for the main event win. The second place honors went to Aidan Biello. Ethan Hine was third.

In the 10 yr old Intermediate class 4 riders would make the main event. Tommy Mitchell would be the hard-luck guy in this class as he didn’t make the transfer in this highly competitive class. The win went to Dom Nivolo with Jorn Layman and “Midget” Travis Cortis second and third.

The 14 yr old Intermediate group saw Pete Franolich crash hard in the second turn in the first round of motos. He walked off the track holding his wrist and did not return for the rest of the motos. We hope he is ok as his season will be somewhat short. He is scheduled for some corrective surgery later in the season, unrelated to any BMX incident. Ethen Begnoche Colin Joslin and Jake Laymen were the top three.

Trevor Fox, with a number plate that could hypnotize you by just looking at it, easily won the 15 Intermediate class. Austin Joslin and Anthony Ingala were second and third.

In the 28-35 year old Intermediate it was Josh (Where have you been) Sanford making his long awaited return to BMX a good one as he showed his old skills and won the class. The battle of the day was in the second round when “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli and “Rabbit” Jeffrey Orlandi were battling handlebar to handlebar for three straights. As they flew by the announcers tower Orlandi was on the inside and simply ran out of room. He went down hard and the view from the tower was of the bottom of his shoes and other parts of his bottom. He would get up expressing anger, not at his fellow competitor but at the fact that he ripped his shirt and had a National to go to next week! Go figure? Tyler Cortis and Scibelli were second and third in the main.

In 10 year old expert action Track Champion Arefin Milton, who had it pretty easy last year, had a shot fired across his bow this day as Matt Webb beat him in the first round and again in the main event. “Spider-mite” is here and this class will be one to watch when you figure in third place finisher Hunter Zeiner.

In 45 & over expert action Ben Atchison, with a new look hairdo, got the job down holding off the hard charges of Fred Roy and Pete Cooper.

There were also plenty of “Total Points” classes (Groups that had no more than 3 riders). In 9 Cruiser is was Landon Richer with a clean sweep. Jacob Oliver did the same in 13 Cruiser. Chris Therriault (26-30 Cruiser class?); Robert Solsbury in 36-40 Cruiser; Brianna Sulikowski in 9 year old girls; Lexy Doty in 15-16 Girls;Rochelle Wooding in 31 & over Girls; Robbie Sulsbury in 6 year old intermediate; Matt Rowe in 12 year old intermediate; Jacob Oliver in 13 expert; Chris Pannullo in 17-18 expert and Josh Wedge in 19-27 expert, all enjoyed “perfects” in their total points races.

In 11 expert total points action Ethan Russell-Ward ruined the “perfect” of Jumpin Jeremiah Taylor by winning the third round. Taylor still managed the overall win.

Two out of three moto wins was enough for Brandon Blais to come out on top in 15 expert total points competition. Chris Therriault won the other moto.

Robbie Webb won the decisive third round in 8 expert action for the overall total points win after a hard fought battle with Garret Cooper.

Alex Hubbard easily won the first two rounds of 17-18 intermediate total points action but Cody Marchildon ruined his sweep by grabbing the third round. Alex was the overall champ.

Finally, in 7 year old total points racing all three rounds had a different finishing order. Trevor Cooper would be the overall winner with Zack Tuohy second and Ethan Hubbard third.

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