Sept. 15th, 2013

Week #16

Ok, finally after 3 weeks of no Foothills racing we are back for our final three 2013 races.

For some of us who were around during the NBL sanction days, we remember the excitement that was present during the motos as that’s where the majority of points were awarded. There were points awarded in the mains (8 for a win, 7 for second etc.) but the majority was still in the motos. Every expert moto win for example was 60 points, 55 for second, 50 for third etc. The results were that no one was dropped from the motos, there were only mains if you had 7 riders or more registered in a class and the motos were very exciting.

With USABMX’s transfer system, it promotes very exciting main events but the motos can be a little less exciting to say the least, especially for second third and fourth as they really don’t mean anything.

To stir things up a bit in our abbreviated fall series, we thought we would utilize the USABMX’s “Total Points System” which does promote more track time for riders and also makes each moto count for something. Making a switch like this, or of any kind, usually results in “you can’t please everyone all of the time”. That certainly was the case here but overall, it seemed like there were many more positive comments then there were negative.

Before we started we awarded our Rider-Of-The-Week Award to someone who was long overdue in winning it. All I can offer is that we simply took her for granted as having won the award before but investigation revealed that was not the case. We were proud to announce that 8 year old Azra Milton was selected as our Rider-Of-The-Week for our last race. She named Marissa Lyman as her favorite rider.

So, as expected for a race so late in the season, the rider count was low despite one of the most perfect days to race weather wise for the entire summer.

There were 5 riders registered in the 5 & under novice class. Dan Smith put the first “perfect” into the record books as he won all three rounds. It was a great battler for the second spot as Dylan Hilario and Mary Sloan were battling hard for that spot. Overall it would go to Dylan with Mary finishing only two points behind for third place.

Matching the largest class of the day was the 6 year old novice class with 6 riders going for the top prize including first place points. This would go to the tie-breaker to determine the winner (third round finish). Nathan Giroux finished third in round 1 but then won round 2 and 3 for a total of 5. Noah Anderson won round 1 and finished second in round 2 and 3, also for a total of 5. Because Nathan finished ahead of Noah in round three, it would be Nathan awarded first overall for the 25 points. Noah got second while our season points leader, Brady Carlson, who was in the running for a top spot, had to settle for third after he and Mac Zdziarski tangled in the third round.

Only 3 riders in the 7 year old novice group and it was no problem for Kayden Smith as he scored a win in every mote. Rich Castaldi and Owen Annonson traded second place finishes but Rich would edge Owen for the second spot overall.

In the 9 year old novice class Brenden Healy closed the 17 point gap between he and “Fierce” Pierce Curtis to a mere 7 points in the overall season long 9 year old novice points race with a win in today’s four rider shootout. Mason Blackburn (Barrett Builders) was second and Pierce settled into the third spot.

It would be a traditional total points race for the three 15 year old novices in the house. Nathanial Terra got the job done by winning every round as well as letting us capture maybe the goofiest picture of the day. See the last photo in the photo section for yesterday. Russ Timmeney popped his chain in the third round but still had enough points for a second place overall finish. Third went to Connor Lafleur.

In the 13 year old girls class, the group was made up with two 13 year olds and one 11 year old. Ashley Jasensky, the 11 year old did very well woth a solid second place finish but it was our reigning track champion, Kyly Milton, showing why she is the one to beat as she put another fist place finish in the books. Third went to the much improved Rose Timmeney.

It was a mixed line-up in what was described as the 7 year old intermediate class with two 6 year olds, one 7 year old girl and only one 7 year old intermediate. Johnny “Hot-Rod” Tomboly suffered a blown out tire (ripped sidewall) in the first round and was done for the day. The 4 “rider points” that he earned does allow him to creep within 15 points of the top spot in the season points race in this class. Six year old Mason Jacquier earned to overall win with an impressive effort in all three rounds. Marissa Lyman was second while Brandon Houle, who lost all chances for second place finish when his pedal fell off in the third round, was third.

It was a nice turnout of 8 year old intermediates with 6 riders going for the glory. This was important as “expert points” were up for grabs with 7 year old expert Trevor Cooper was in the mix. Trevor won round 2 but Dylan Barker, with two of the three going into his win column, would be declared today’s winner. This was big for Dylan as he stretched his season points lead over Aidan Biello with only two weeks left. Trevor was second and the efforts of Aidan Biello earned him a solid third in a tough class.

Up next were the three riders in the 11 year old intermediate class. It was really a mixed bag with one novice, one intermediate and one expert grouped together resulting in “expert points” up for grabs. Fin Milton, the only expert, won the class with a “perfect”. Second went to Austyn “The shadow” Denette (Intermediate) with third going to J.T. Kelleher. (Novice) J.T. even though he finished third, earned 60 expert points which is far more than he could possibly earn racing in a pure novice class.

Another crazy combination of riders were assembled in what the computer called the 16 intermediate class. Trevor Fox, intermediate rider easily won the class. Amanda Rock was second and Paige Denette, classified as a novice rider was third.

Ok we had a class that featured a 28 yr old Intermediate; a 18 year old intermediate; a 48 year old novice and a 16 year old expert. So what did the computer identify the class as? 28-35 year old intermediate of course! Go figure! Anyway, with the expert in the mix, it was another class racking up “expert points”. Chris Pannullo (16 year old expert) would be the top gun. Steve “Stone Cold” Scibelli (28 year old intermediate) was second with third going to Josh Lacombe (18 year old intermediate. Gotta give props to Craig Begnoche, who raced his first race as a 48 year old novice. He actually showed some impressive riding skills.

In 9 year old expert action it was Trevor Cooper beating up on two 9 year old intermediates. Trevor put the differences between the expert and intermediate skill levels on display was a nice win in all three rounds. Second went to Kyle Lyman while third went to Rylan Carlson.

It was the Massachusetts invasion in the 13 year old expert class as all three competitors were from the Bay state. Griffin “GW” Lafleur was the only 13 year old in the hunt and he got the best of the thw 12 year old experts. “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor was second with Matt Rowe third.

Finishing up the day were the 14 year old experts. Enfields Ethen Begnoche went to the victory party with a nice win over Dylan “DD” Denette (2nd place) and Lewis Cianfarani who finished third.

Remember, next week is double district and double track points as well as “Vintage Sunday” See you all then.

As always, this write-up is the observations and the Finish Report interpretations of Roger Plaskett.

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