Sept. 22nd 2013

Week #17

So as the season winds down, throwing in a District Double Points race was like hitting a homerun at the all-star game. Nearly double the rider count from last week with 97 riders in the house, 37 of them were from out of state. 19 from the Bay State, the empire struck back with 13 riders while the ocean state sent us another 5. Combine that with a beautiful early fall day and some vintage BMX gear on display, and the day was nothing short of perfect.

For the second week in a row we went with the ABA’s optional “Total Points” system, which most of us like much better than the “Transfer System”, at least on the local scene.

Before our parade lap showcasing some really neat bike gear, we named Richard Castaldi as our Rider-Of-The-Week from last week. This 7 year old Torrington native said that Owen Annonson was his favorite rider.

We started the day of racing action off with the 6 rider five and under Novice group. Evan McGorman, the New York rider in his first race ever at Foothills, had a not so impressive first round with a 5th place finish. Out of nowhere, he came back to win both rounds two and three for a solid second place overall finish. Danny Smith, who is our point’s leader in this class, enjoyed his 7th overall win of the Foothills season even though he only won the first round. Today’s third place finisher was Mary Sloan.

IN 6 year old Novice racing it would be a battle between two former Riders-Of-The-Week. With Noah Anderson capturing the third round, it was not quite enough to overcome the moto 1 and 2 wins that Brady Carlson enjoyed. Brady would be first overall, Noah Second while Nathan Giroux was third. Nathan also is a former Rider-Of-The-Week.

There were four glory seekers in the 7 year old Novice group. With two out of three moto wins, Kayden Smith would come out on top. He edged out Owen Annonson whose win in round three assured him a solid second place finish. The third spot went to Rich Castaldi III.

It was an all Connecticut shoot-out in the 9 year old Novice class with all four riders hailing from the Nutmeg. The first “perfect” of the day went to Brendan Healy, who is now the new point’s leader in the year long battle in this class. James McCormack, in only his third race here was second while “Fierce” Pierce Curtis was third.

In the 11 year old Novice class it was three riders and it took a tie-breaking third round to determine today’s winner. 10 year old John “JT” Kelleher won the first round, 10 year old Mason Blackburn the second round. In round three it was JT winning the tie-breaker for his first Foothills win of the season. What makes this especially impressive is that JT is from Vernon which is a good distance from Foothills. He has raced here 13 out of our 17 weeks this year. Almost every week he has been combined with riders of higher proficiencies, which has to be frustrating, yet he’s here all the time giving it his best. Well done JT, well done.

In the 14 year old Novice shoot-out there were two different moto winners in this four rider class. Round one went to Nathaniel Terra while round two went to Mike Wilkinson. With the overall win on the line, Nathaniel would put his number 199 bike into the winners circle. Mike was second and third went to “The Ripper” Jacob Stephens.

There were a couple of Cruiser classes. Starting with the 12 Year Old class, in reality made up of an 8 year old, an 11 year old and a 12 year old, “The Beast” Dave Albert won the class but 11 year old Alex Kuehn ruined his perfect with a second round win. The official finishing order in this tree rider class was Albert, Kuehn and Johnathan Austin 1-2-3.

Truly in old school garb, Garrick Yanosky won the 41-45 Cruiser Class with Fred Roy, who’s been missing in action since mid July, finished second with Gina Layman third.

In a class described as “8 year old Girls”, the only 8 year old was Azra Milton who easily won the three rider battle. 7 year old Marissa Lyman was second and 6 year old Callie Atchison was third.

In the three rider 12 year old Girls class, the battle for supremacy would be between two New York riders. Avery Badendyck, with the coolest helmet and Emily Pahl, who we haven’t seen since mid May, traded moto wins in the first two rounds. Avery would win round three and earn the overall title. Emily was second with Ashley Jasensky was third.

13, 14 and 17 year olds made up the line-up in the 14 year old Girls class with 5 riders going for the win. No one however, could stay in front of our reining track champion Kyly Milton. Kyly aced an impressive “perfect” today. Mackenzie Atchison sure made Kyly work for it as she kept the pressure on and finished second. Third went to Jayna Roy.

Moving into Intermediate action the two five year olds were combined with three 6 year olds. Mason Jacquier won all three rounds for the overall win in a clean sweep. Jack Austin edged out Jack Santilli for the second spot.

On June 23rd, we first saw this rider from Newtown CT. He won that day but we never saw him again. Not again until yesterday when he showed up again and yup, put another win in the 7 year old Intermediate record books. Fisher aced every moto. Mason Bruns, riding out of Rhode Island, was second with third going to Kyle McDonnell from Massachusetts.

In the 8 year old Intermediate class it was Dylan Barker, stretching his season points lead over Aiden Biello to an insurmountable amount with another win today. Aiden did salvage a second with Trevor Nielson finishing third in this 5 rider class.

There were 9 Intermediate’s in moto #15 and Mike Bohlke got the job done in all three rounds of action. Kyle Lyman was second and Rylan Carlson salvaged a third.

There was only one CT. rider in the 5 rider 14 year old Intermediate class today. It was Massachusetts sweeping the top three positions with “The Machine” Dean Zebian coming out on top. The second spot went to “Road Rage” Corey Heath while Jacob Austin rounded out the top three. Our Ct rider, Lewis Cianfarani managed a fourth.

Ben Atchison and Fred Roy (both experts) infiltrated the 36-40 year old Intermediate class. As expected they finished first and second. The third spot, a battle between two Intermediates and a 48 year old Novice, went to Steve” Stone Cold” Scibelli.

Joe Santilli, as a 6 year old, won the three rider 7 year old Expert class. Collin Bourque was second with Trevor Cooper finishing third.
Rhode Island’s Nag #9 Tyler Bailey enjoyed some heavy competition from one of our own local hot-rods Robbie Webb. As a matter of fact, all three rounds resulted in a different finishing order between 4 riders who provided some classic BMX total points racing. It’s a class like this that makes us prefer watching total points racing, where every moto counts for all positions, opposed to the transfer system. To me, this is what BMX racing should be. Anyway, Tyler edged out Robbie for the top spot with third going to Johnathan Austin. (I hope Johnathan is spelled correctly as this is how it appeared on the moto sheets).

In 10 year old Expert action Fin Milton and Cameron Albaugh were going very hard handlebar to handlebar in round one. As they approached the finish line there was the thumps of bodies hitting the clay and bikes clanging together as they both went down in a heap. Cameron would bounce back and win the next two rounds for the overall win but Fin never did recover. He finished out the race day but was not his usual self. Second place went to Garret Cooper with third belonging to Nick Strandberg.

In 11 year old Expert action it was Alex Kuehn putting a “Perfect” three rounds in our record books. Second went to Dom Nivolo while the third and final spot went to “The Shadow” Austyn Denette. Austyn was the only intermediate in this group so, even though he did finish third, expert points for him in this one.

In 12 year old Expert action there were five riders going for the gold including Zach Albaugh, the only intermediate in the mix. Zach would finish outside the top three but again, it’s “Double Expert Points” for him. “The Beast” Dave Albert and “Jumpin” Jeremy Taylor battled hard with each winning a moto in the first two rounds. The third round show-down went to Albert as Taylor had some major problems and finished fifth. Second overall went to Alex Poole with Taylor third.
There were three riders in the 14 year old Expert class and the big guy, Ethen Begnoche, easily got the job done with thre impressive moto wins. “Double D” Dylan Denette and Jeremy Estrella were second and third.

The last class of the day was the combined group of 17 year old Expert Chris Pfeffer, 16 year old Expert Chris Pannullo, and 16 year old Novice Sam August. It was Pannullo, Pfeffer and August 1-2-3.

Don’t forget, the curtain comes down on the 2013 Foothills BMX Bikes Edge Racing Series here next Sunday. Be thereā€¦or be square!

As always, this write-up is the observations and the Finish Report interpretations of Roger Plaskett.

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