Sept. 29th, 2013

Week #18

So here we are at the end of the 2013 season. Seems like it all just started but, in reality, it’s been five months since we dropped that first gate back on May 5th. The season has become a blur of memories which hopefully, will last a very long time.

It was a beautiful fall day with temps in the upper 60’s and no threat of rain. With the New York State Championship race going on today at Shoreham Long Island, coupled with Bethel Supercross running their fall season at the same time, it was impossible to guess what our rider count would be today. With the usual 12 o’clock scheduled starting time, the parking lot was pretty sparsely populated at 11 o’clock. Slowly but methodically they started to fill the parking spots. By gate drop there were 75 riders and 19 motos, thanks, in part, to the “Baystate-Invasion” of 27 riders. It’s been an incredible show of support from our Massachusetts friends.

Before we started, one of the easiest choices for Rider-Of-The-Week was announced. John “JT” Kelleher was selected for his efforts last week. During the interview he stated that Josh Wedge was his favorite rider. Something that we would hear again before this day was over with.

With this week being our third “Total-Points” race the 5 & under novice class led off the day and it would be Daniel Smith getting the job done with a perfect three moto sweep. Dan has to be just about there for his Intermediate move-up. Matt Horjatschun was second and Elena Curtis put her SE racing machine into the third spot.

The 6 year old six-rider novice class featured one of the scariest crashes of the year. As they sped down the starting hill and hit the first obstacle, a chain-reaction occurred that took out every single rider except Nathan Giroux. Five riders lay sprawled across the track as Giroux sped off into the distance. One by one they all got up and rode off but Noah Andersen, needed the most assistance. Once the dust cleared, all would come back and some came back with a vengeance. Noah, as he started to feel better and regain his confidence, came all the way back and won the third round. The end result was Nathan Giroux 1st, Brady Carlson 2nd and Noah Andersen 3rd.

In the three rider 7 year old novice class Richard Castaldi and Owen Annonson traded moto wins in the first two rounds. In the tie-breaking third round it was definitely a two-rider old fashioned shootout with Owen putting his first win of the year in the record books. Richard was second and third went to Mac Zdziarski. Owen, was named Co-Rider-Of-Week in honor of his first win. He named Kayden Smith as his favorite rider.

IN the 8 year old novice class Jana Wilkinson aced a “perfect” for her second win of the year. We named her Co-Rider-Of-The-Week for that and she also named Josh Wedge her favorite rider. It was a great effort for second place finisher Isaiah Johnson and third place finisher Leah Fox.

Brendan Healy sewed up the 9 year old novice point’s race with a win today. “Fierce” Pierce Curtis looked more aggressive as he really made Brendan work hard for his win. Pierce finished second while Brooke Klemonski was our third place finisher.

In the 10 year old novice class, our reigning ROTW JT Kelleher put the first two motos in his win column but Mason Blackburn would prevent his “perfect”. Mason won the round three battle but JT won the war and went home with the first place prize. ┬áMason was second and CJ Barlow, in his first time at Foothills, was third.

The 26-30 year old cruiser class had four riders in it but only one who fell into that age range. They ranged from 12 years old to 47 years old but all were grouped together in the only cruiser moto of the day. The oldest rider, 47 year old Fred Roy, won the first round then put his machine in cruise-control the next two rounds finishing third overall for the day. 19 year old Ryan Bogli was our overall winner and 30 year old Chris Barlow grabbed the third spot away from 12 year old Dave Albert.

Kyly Milton, two-time Foothills BMX Track Champion, made it official yesterday with another win and now joins Christy Kestler as a three-time female Track Champion. No girls had done it three years in a row so big congrats to Kyly. Ashley Jasensky finished second yesterday with Rose Timmeney third.

It was a surprising result in the 7 year old intermediate class featuring 4 7 year old intermediates, one 6 year old intermediate and one 7 year old girl. The 6 year old beat them all in all three rounds! Nice job by Mason Jacquier. Second place went to Kyle McDonnell and third place went to Kayden Smith. It was also a nice job by Kayden as he was in his first ride as an intermediate.

Aiden Biello, seemed in a zone as he easily won all three rounds of 8 year old intermediate action. Trevor Nielson, showing some consistency, finished second overall while Trevor Cooper, suffering a fifth place third round finish, had to settle for third overall.

With four riders entered in the 9 year old intermediate class it would come down to just a two rider shootout as 8 year old expert, Robbie Webb, spent the afternoon in the announcer’s tower after a doctor inserted some stitches in his chin from a non-BMX related injury. Kyle Lyman was just touching the gate after breaking his collar-bone at the Whip on Friday, leaving Ethan Hine and Rylan Carlson going for some glory. This might have been the closest three motos that we had today. Ethan edged Rylan in round one. Rylan did the same to Ethan in round two. The deciding third round went to Rylan as Ethan seemed to lose momentum in the rhythm section just before the last turn.

“The Shadow” Austyn Denette looked like he would ace a “perfect in the all Baystate 11 year old intermediate class after two impressive moto wins. Josh Faunce would take round three to let Austyn know they Westfield riders don’t take moto wins lightly. Austyn was our overall champion today with Josh second and Ben Babcock finished third.

With only two 14 year old novice riders in the house, they were combined with three 14 year old intermediates. This day would belong to the intermediates as Corey Heath would dominate with a sweep of the motos. It was a solid second place finish for “The Machine” Dean Zebian who looked like he would win round three only to be passed by Corey in a really nice move. The third spot went to Lewis Cianfarani.

In 16 year old intermediate action, Trevor Fox, in maybe his last run at Foothills as an intermediate, easily topped the efforts of second place finisher Alexus Doty and third place finisher Matt Kolodziej. Both Lexy and Matt are 15 years old.

There were three 10 year old experts going for it and it looked like Fin Milton was still hurting from last week. It put in a good try but Matt Webb was simply too much and Matt would score the sweep. Fin, after Matt was away running out-of-state races of late, would capture the season points race in this class and finish second today while third spot went to 9 year old Garret Cooper.

The 12 year old expert class was made up of four experts and two intermediates who, would earn expert points due to the combining. With “The Beast” Dave Albert winning the first round and “Jumpin” Jeremiah Taylor winning round two, the showdown in round three was set. Taylor would be the victorious one today with Albert second. Jagur Laymen grabbed the third spot.

The 14 year old expert class was fun to watch with four guys really going hard for the win. Kryptonite’s Anthony Lucchesi won the first two rounds but Jacob Oliver claimed enough was enough and really turned up the turbo’s in round three. Jake would win that round but finish second overall behind Anthony but ahead of Ethan Begnoche.

The 17-18 expert class was a mixed bag with 16 expert Chris Pannullo doing battle with 17 expert Chris Pfeffer and 17 year old girl Jayna Roy. Chris Pannullo finished the year in style with another win and earning his first Track Championship. Chris Pfeffer was second and Jayna finished third.

The last group of the year was identified as 41 & over expert. In reality it was made up of a 28 and 27 year old intermediate, a 48 year old novice and a 47 year old expert. So its “expert points” for the group as Fred Roy, the only expert in the mix got the job done for the win. Second place went to “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli while third went to the oldest novice at Foothills Craig Begnoche. The strangest handlebars of the day belonged to Clifford Benoit.

So the curtain was drawn and our 19th season of operation goes into the history books. When this track was started so many years ago, I personally, had no idea it would have taken me on the journey that it has. There have been tremendous highs and terrible lows, but I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything. Have a great winter everyone, and enjoy the outing next week. I’ll see you in the spring. So long, at least for now.

As always, this write-up is the observations and the Finish Report interpretations of Roger Plaskett.

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