Week #15

Week #15 and now we enter the “stretch run” as only 3 more races remain on the 2014 schedule. With a total entry list of 88 riders, 15 were either Striders or riders in Open classes. I guess the season is running out of gas but our class point races couldn’t be hotter.

Before our on-time gate drop we named 8 year old novice rider Caden Kennedy as our Rider-Of-The-Week. Caden was not here today and his award will be saved.

Three Strider riders were on the track and we welcomed a brand new rider; Ethan Moulton to the gang. He joined Haley Backburn and Brandi Wilkinson for some fun pedaless mayhem.

In the three open classes, winners were Ethan Hine in the 9-10 mixed open; Craig Begnoche in the 31 & way over mixed open and Matt Webb in the 9-10 open.

In cruiser action Andrew Hurst raced for the first time at Foothills on a cruiser, nailed down a win in a total points class that featured each of the three competitors winning a moto. Round one went to Mason Jacquier while Andrew won the second round. Round 3 featured a win by the Birthday-boy Aiden Badendyck. When the points were tallied it would be Hurst winning with 5 points, Jacquier second with 6 points and Badendyck third with 7 points.

Five riders entered the 17-20 Cruiser class. With an age disparity ranging from 11 to 46, this would definitely belong to the older riders. One thing that I think the old NBL version of cruiser racing had over this style was that you could have two riders making a class. That allowed riders like a 46 and 45 year old in this mix to race each other and not have such a large age difference in one class. But times have changed and we are where we are. In this case the class included both riders who have a good chance at winning the cruiser track title. Going in to this race, Dave Albert led Ryan Bogli by 125 points. 20 year old Ryan won today with 13 year old Dave scoring a third behind 46 year old Pat McDonnell. Dave’s lead is still substantial but has shrunk to 85 points over of Ryan.

There were five novice classes and 3 of the 5 would be total point’s events. Landon Hanson aced a “perfect” in the 5 year old class with Kayla Barker second and Keira Jacquier third. This was Keira’s first race and she sure looked like she was having fun in spite of a “tip over” in practice.

In the 6 year old class it was another total points situation and Riley Hurst, who only raced once before at foothills back on July 20th, did the same as he did that day and won the event. Leithen McMillan, sporting a nice bruise from his fall last week, recovered nicely and finished second while Elena Curtis, coming off a big win in Rhode Island recently was third.

Four riders were in the 7 year old novice shootout and Evan Moulton was odd rider out missing the cut for the 3 rider main event. The order of finish was the same as the order of qualifying. Mac Zdiarski was first, Brady Carlson earned a second after a great move in turn 5 and Andrew Beach (Valley Bolt and Screw) was third. With Mary Sloan not in the house today, Andrew takes over the novice points lead by 18 points.

Total points racing for the 9 year old novice class made up on one 9 year old and two 8 year olds. 9 year old Jana Wilkinson put it all together today and looked sharp as she won the overall with two of three moto wins. Rich Castaldi (Nana & Pop) challenged hard but settled for second overall after winning round 2. Kane McMillan, also coming after a wreck last week was third.

Craig Begnoche had no trouble putting a “perfect” into the record books in the 46 & over three rider novice shootout. Jennifer Wood looked good for a second place finish with Chris Bliss third in his first time on the Foothills clay.

In the Intermediate ranks we started with the 7 year old class and it was again a total point’s race. Shawn Biello stretched his points lead to nearly 250 points after his closest challenger, his brother Aidan, earned his move up to the expert class with a win down in Bethel last Wednesday. Shawn won today beating out the efforts of Noah Andersen, who sure kept the heat turned up and Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.)

In 9 year old Intermediate action Owen Annonson just couldn’t muster up the horsepower on the GHP machine and missed the transfer from the qualifying rounds. Owen and Johnny Tomboly were the two 8 year olds doing battle with two 9 year olds. Trevor Nielson got the job done with a nice win in today’s main event. Zander hicks was a close second with “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly third.

In 10 year old Intermediate action it was a five rider shootout between 5 evenly matched 10 year olds. “Fierce Pierce” Curtis (Rain Systems) was very competitive all day, including having the lead in one moto but just missed making the transfer. It is clear that he is getting back to his normal self and can win at any time like he did recently in Rhode Island. Today’s winner was Ethan Hine with Rylan Carlson and Kyle Lyman second and third.

Kai Escobar, Baley Levine and Lou Massoni made up the field in the 11 year old Intermediate total points event. Kai was the guy today with a win in all three rounds. Baley was second and Lou was third.

In the 15 Intermediate class, it was scheduled to be a total points race. For whatever reason Lewis Cianfarani failed to get to the gate in any of the three rounds leaving this race to be a two rider shootout between Colin Bliss and Justin Mark. With Colin unfamiliar with the track as he has never raced here before, it would be Justin with the clean sweep. Because Cianfarani is ranked as an Intermediate, both novices Justin and Colin earn Intermediate points.

In the 11 year old girls class there were four riders going for the win with one being only 8 years old. With Avery Badendyck and Ashley “Smashley” Jasensky quifying out of the first two rounds, it would come down to either 11 year old Haley Denette or 8 year old Marissa Lyman earning the last transfer spot in round three. Well. Marissa led that two rider shoot-out from start to finish earning a spot in the main while Haley sat and watched. (Well played Haley, well played). Avery won the main as Ashley looked satisfied with a second place finish and Marissa finished third. Ashley’s lead for the female track championship is pretty solid as she adds another 84 points to an already seemingly impossible lead to overcome.

In the Expert classes it was a total point’s race for the 8 year old expert title. Trevor Cooper looked like a shoe in after winning rounds one and two. Mathematically he was no matter where he finished in round three and he just took a chill pill in that round but still grabbed to overall win. Kyle McDonnell was second with Mason Jacquier third. This was a big win for Trevor and the next main event will explain why.

9 year old experts were up next and there were 5 riders entered. Aiden Badendyck, suffering a birthday and consequential positioning into the next age group, celebrated his birthday from the sidelines despite a great effort. Robbie Webb would grab the main event win mush to the delight of Trevor Cooper. Second place went to Garret cooper while third went to Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.). It was a great effort by Aidan Biello in his first rider as an expert coming off his last Intermediate win at Bethel a few days before. With Trevor’s win in the 8 year old bracket and Garret’s second place finish here, the Quest for the Track Championship now shows Garret with a mere 2 point lead of his brother Trevor.

Matt Webb swept all three rounds of total points racing in the 11 year old expert class. Nick Hibert was second while Andrew Hurst was third.
In the 13 year old expert grouping of 5 riders, “The Shadow” Austyn Denette was the one rider who did not make the cut. Austyn is an Intermediate and drew tough duty racing the likes of Matt Rowe, Jerry Taylor and Dave Albert, all of which are experts. Kirsten McDonnell, who is a novice, was left to battle Austyn for the last transfer spot and she crossed the stripe before Austyn did for that coveted position. It was obvious that sportsmanship was the most important thing here and Austyn deserves the round of applause that he received at the finish line. The main event win belonged to “The Beast” Dave Albert. Matt Rowe held off “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor for the second spot.

In 15 year old expert action it was the “Big Guy” Ethan Begnoche taking care of business and turning in a nice win. Dylan Denette and Dean Zebian were putting on a classic battle for the second spot when entering turn five Zebian came in way too hot and slammed on the brakes leaving a skid mark from bottom to the top of the turn before he crashed. Dylan “Double-D” stopped to make your Dean was ok and he was.

“The Mod-Squad” 16 year old experts were three riders strong. Casey Tanner “The fluorescent Flyer” was our winner. Alexus Doty, former track champion was second with 16 year old Intermediate Nick Brown third.

The last main event of the day belonged to the 19-27 gang and 19 year old Novice rider Dave Norris would be the rider not making the cut. Track Trainer Josh Wedge nailed down the win but Chris Pannullo, his student, is obviously learning his lessons well as he was a solid second with third going to Jeff Badendyck.

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