Week #13

So with 13 weeks in the books, today’s numbers were still strong by 2014 Standards. 31 motos made up of 2 strider motos, 5 Open Classes, 5 Cruisers, 4 Novices, 8 Intermediates and 7 Expert motos.

Before we started, Andrew Beach, whose only win this year was the Olympic day race, was named our Rider Of The Week based on his 5 second place finishes this year including Week #12. He named Daniel Smith as his favorite rider.

We started the day off with the striders and it was great to see 5 of them in the house. We split them into two motos with the first being two 3 year olds and one 4 year old. Willow Hicks (4 Years Old) was our top pedal less coaster with Jaxson Grover and Hayley Blackburn in tow.

Next was moto two and it was amazing. 2 year old Brandi Wilkinson would do battle with 1 year old Savanah Grover. Savanah had her binky in her mouth and her bottle was near-by but she jumped on her mount and provided some fun for herself and the fans cheering them on.

Next up were the open classes and those winners were Johnny Tomboly in the 7-8 year old mixed open; Ethan Hine in the 9-10 mixed open; Craig Begnoche in the 31 and a lot over mixed open; Trevor Cooper in the 11-12 open and Ethan Begnoche in the 15-16 year old open.

In Cruiser action the 8 year old division was a total point’s event with only 3 riders entered. Mason Jacquier was the top gun in this shootout with Aiden Badendyck and FBN’s Mason Bruns finishing second and third.

The 11 year old Cruiser class was also a total point’s race and Round one went to Avery Badendyck. Round two saw Aiden Mapel finish on top.  The tie-breaking third round would go to Avery for the overall win. Aiden was second while third went to Jorn Layman.

Next up was the 13 year old cruiser group and another total point’s race. Not being here but once this season (Week #2), Nate Caron was unbeatable and won all three rounds. Dave “The Beast” Albert was second and Jagur Layman was third. Dave, who held onto a narrow 42 point lead for the year end cruiser track title, would gain 83 points on Ryan Bogli who chose to go to New York’s Citi field and watch the Mets suffer their 10th shut out of the season, probably wished he stayed back here. Way to go San Francisco Giants!

Again total points were the scenario in the 26-30 cruiser action. Chris Therriault (GHP) was perfect with Josh Caron and Stone Cold Steve Scibelli second and third.

The last cruiser class was the 41-45 year old division with 4 rider entered. Gina Layman (Bud’s Café), who can only touch the gate, only gets 4 rider points for today’s efforts. Jeff Badendyck won the main event with Brian Denton second while Marcia Caron (Powers Bike Shop) was third.

In Novice action there were three riders in the 6 year old grouping. Mary Sloan nailed down her 6th Foothills win by beating Landon Hansen and Kayla Barker (Brian Neff P.E.). Kayla fell pretty hard in the first turn in round one and it was obvious this tough little lady was feeling the effects of a fall on the asphalt the rest of the day.

The 7 year old gang was made up of 5 riders. After moto round battles the last rider standing with no transfer spot left was Kolby Cutler. Kolby is from Massachusetts and this was his first trip here. We hope we see this future star again soon. The main event saw an amazing thing happen. After being named Rider-Of-The-Week, Andrew Beach enjoyed a fantastic day with qualifying out of round one and winning the main event. Brady Carlson was a close second and Noah Bell was third. As mentioned earlier, Andrew has only one win this season here but, when someone is named ROTW, it seems like magic happens. Nice win Drew!

Jana Wilkinson just missed making the transfer into the 9 year old novice main event that saw Aiden Drenen, who hadn’t been here since the end of June, capture the win. RJ Reale had to settle for second with Jacob Hladik finishing 3rd.

In the 14 year old novice class Ethan Escobar would ace a perfect for his 10th novice win. Congratulations to Ethan on earning his Intermediate ranking with this win. Mike Wilkinson was second with the third spot going to Kirsten McDonnell.

The biggest proficiency classes were the Intermediate riders which is normal this far into the season. 5 riders started us off in the 7 year old class. Unfortunately Aiden Grover, the only 5 year old Intermediate here today, was thrown in with these 7 year old riders and he did not make the cut. Shawn Biello was first to transfer into the main and he made it stick with a nice win in his preparation for his first National event next week in Pottstown Pa. Noah Andersen was second while third went to Charles Grover.

Owen Annonson, trying very hard, just missed the last qualifying position for the 4-rider 8 year old Intermediate main event. Trevor Held, in only his second visit here this year, nailed the win. “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly was second. The third spot went to Kayden Smith. Kayden will be on an airplane heading for his home in Florida on Monday morning. Hopefully we will see him again next summer.

The 9 year old Intermediate class was an unfortunate class this day. One of the best Intermediate riders around, Tyler Ellertson, was injured. As he was trying to get past Zander Hicks and Aidan Biello, he lost it on the first jump on the second straight and went down hard on his left wrist. He was taken to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital and then transferred to children’s Hospital in Hartford where he underwent surgery Sunday night. We all wish him the best. Aidan Biello was the overall winner with Zander second.

It was a full gate of 8 riders going for some 10 year old Intermediate glory. With two experts in this mix (Garret Cooper and Dylan Barker), all riders will earn expert points. Garret Cooper, training his brother by only three points in the Quest for the track championship, took over the point lead, at least momentarily, with this win worth 108 points. Second went to Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) and third went to Rylan Carlson.

The 11 year old Intermediate class, Jorn Layman, despite a valiant effort, could not find a way to transfer into the 5 rider main event. JT Kelleher earned his first win of the year after not making the main event at our last race. Talk about stepping up! Baley Levine, in his first Foothills race as an Intermediate, was a solid second with third going to Aiden Mapel.

The 13 year old Intermediate grouping was made up of only one 13 year old and two 12 year olds. Austyn Denette (12 yr old) won the class with Jacob Stephens (13) second and Sean Strate third.

In 15 year old action, Emily Fullerton didn’t make the transfer from the motos. Lewis Cianfarani, Devin Carty and Jake Layman were the official order of finish.

Josh Sanford was the winner of the 3 rider 19-27 Intermediate class. Angela Therriault was second and first time rider Andres Naranje was third.

Moving into the Expert classes we started with the 5 riders registered in the 8 year old class. Aiden Badendyck, despite a determined effort, failed to transfer out of the motos. Trevor Cooper, now chasing his brother for the track championship, won the main event which was worth 105 points. After 13 weeks, the Quest for the title is now a flatfooted tie between Garret and Trevor Cooper. Finishing second in this main event was Mason Jacquier while third went to Mason Bruns.

Ashley Jasensky and Avery Badendyck, in reality two 11 year old girls, were put in a class with Jumpin Jerry Taylor (12 year old Expert). Jerry won it easily and Ashley managed to stay in front of Avery in round two and three of this total points race for a second place finish. Ashley add another 103 points to her 29 point lead for the female track championship title.

In the 13 year old expert class it was another rider form the Layman Racing Stables who did not make the transfer. This time it was Jagur (Colby direct Delivery) who was odd man out. Nate Caron nailed down the win. “The Beast” Dave Albert was second with Alex Poole finishing third.

The “Wild-Bunch” (15 year old experts) was a class of 6 riders. “Double D” Dylan Denette, was the hard luck guy in this class as he missed the cut. Anthony Lucchesi continues his march to greatness with another impressive win. This will be the last time that we see Anthony for awhile as he has won an invitation to the Olympic Training center in Chula Vista California and will be there until August 24th. This is a training program put on by USA Cycling. It is a chance for Anthony to train with others in this junior development program. I have been to the training center and it is a facility that is second to none. Congratulations to Anthony. Second place today went to Josh Caron while the third spot went to Scotty Thomson.

Casey Tanner, Chris Therriault and Alexus Doty made up the line-up for the “Mod Squad” (16 year old experts). Casey, Chris and Alexus was the finishing order in all three rounds.

Teammates Chris Pannullo and Chris Pfeffer teamed up on Trevor Fox in the 17-18 year old expert class. Reining track champion Chris Pannullo earned the win. Chris Pfeffer was second with Trevor third.

Last but not least was the 28-35 expert grouping. Jenn Wood (31 year old novice) drew duty that was simply too tough and she watched the main event from the bleachers. Jeff Badendyck took the win. Charlie Grove second with third going to Stone Cold Steve Scibelli.

We are all holding our breath waiting for word on Tyler Ellertson.

Complete finish report