Week #11

The SUPER WEEKEND of racing came to a close today with the State Qualifier featuring a 48 moto event including two for Striders and another six for Opens. With 130 Connecticut riders in the house going for their state plate, another 49 from Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and even Maryland, were here going for those Double District points and ALSO DOUBLE TRACK POINTS!

This race was preceded by the Gold Cup Regional Championship DK Qualifier on Saturday where there were 294 total entries and 64 motos. It was quite a weekend of racing.

Before we started yesterday, 6 year old Novice rider Brady Kennedy was named as our Rider Of The Week for his big win last week. He named his brother Caden as his favorite riders after telling us his home town was “Connecticut”. (He is from Wallingford).

Six striders kicked us off with Molly Hile, Cayden Melillo, Hayley Blackburn, Parker Kennedy, Payton Bardunais and Brandi Wilkinson providing the short-legged pedaless action.

Open class winners today were as follows: Ayden Wolanski in the 6 & Under group, Logan Shelly in the 9-10 Mixed Open, Mike Strandberg in the 11-12 Mixed Open, Jason O’Hearn in the 15-16 Mixed Open, Trevor Cooper in the 9-10 Open and Nick Cote’ in the 13-14 Open.

Cruisers started the day off and in the Girls Cruiser class for 26-30 year olds, it was Avery Badendyck nailing down the days first perfect in this total points race. Amanda Orlandi inherited the second place overall finish with Gina Layman just touching the gate. Amanda now moves ahead of Rebecca Marchildon for second place in the Quest for the best Girls Cruiser title with the lead still held onto by Gina Layman. Remember, that in any of these Quests, you must get 10 races in at Foothills to qualify for a year end award.

In the 9 year old Cruiser class it was again a total point’s race with three ages combined into one three rider showdown. 8 year old National Rider Mason Bruns got the job down. Second place went to 9 year old Jaden Asklar while 7 year old Mason Jacquier was third.

It was four riders going for three main event spots in the 10 year old Cruiser class. Landon Shelly, from Brewster New York put in a great effort but missed the cut to the main event. Mike Bohlke nailed down the win with Kyle Kuehn second and Logan Shelly a third.

It was also four riders registered in the 13 year old Cruiser class with Jagur Layman (Colby Direct Delivery) being the odd man out. With an opportunity to increase the cruiser points lead in the “Quest”, Dave Albert lost that chance when Jacob Bacis earned the win. Albert (The Beast) was second while Alex Kuehn was third.

With a limited number of riders opting for Cruiser racing, the 15 year old division was also a total points race made up of one 15 year old and two 14 year olds. Nick Cote’ aced the perfect with Jon Moura and Matt Higgs second and third.

In the 26-30 year old Cruiser class Ryan Bogli, only one point behind Dave Albert in the “Quest” also had the same opportunity that Albert had to make up some ground being only one point behind. With Albert’s second place finish earlier, Ryan could not top the efforts of Chris Therriault who was today’s total point’s winner. Ryan salvaged a second with Mike Von Wahlde third. Ryan actually loses two points because of rider points and now trails Albert by a mere 3 points.

In 41-45 Cruiser action, Jeff Badendyck and Mike Savage really put on a great race. Jeff edge Mike for the win. Garrick Yanosky finished third. Mike Nahom missed the transfer. Mike took a digger earlier in the day in practice.

With 43 Novice riders participating, it was a good sign that maybe the rider numbers will be on the increase. Time will tell. In the 5 & under group, 4 year old Logan Cawley took a tough tumble in turn three and sat out the rest of the day. The main event went to Ronan Carboni in his first trip to Foothills. We hope this Seymour rider returns soon. He held off the charge from Matt Horjatschon while Kayla barker (Brian Neff P.E.) was third.

The lineup in the 6 year old bracket was 7 riders strong. Chris Jenkins, all the way from Portland Ct., missed the transfer despite a good try. Mary Sloan nailed down her most impressive win of the year with a first place finish and earning tons of points. Mary is a former Rider-Of-The-Week and has been someone to watch. Brady Kennedy, after being named Rider-Of-The-Week for last week’s efforts was second. Third went to Beckett Asklar.

In the 7 year old 6 rider Novice class, Libby Hile just missed the transfer into the Main event. Brady Carlson, Mac Zdziarski and Kevin Kelleher rounded out the top three.

The 8 year old novice grouping was made up of 6 riders trying hard to get into the main event. RJ Reale was first to transfer and proved that it helps to be well rested as he nailed the main event win. Caden Kennedy held off Samantha Sperrazza for the second spot.

Surprisingly only three riders were here in the 9 year old Novice class so it was a total points event. Jacques Roy was unbeatable all day being perfect in all three rounds. Brooke Klemonski was second with Jana Wilkinson third.

There were six riders in the 11 year old novice class and our new “Phenom” Baley William Levine continues his impressive march through the Novice class with his fourth Foothills win in a row. Xander Lancey was second with third going to Alex Orlov.

In the 14 year old Novice class it was heart break for Benjamine Niez-Charest as he just missed making the transfer into the three rider main event. Ethan Escobar won it with Mike Wilkinson and Zach Steiner second and third. Mike is now only 2 points behind Andrew Beach for the “Quest” in the Novice class.

In most total point’s races today, the winner was the same rider in each round of motos. That was certainly the case in both the 19-27 year old Novice class and the 41-45 year old bracket. Dave Norris in the 19-27 group and Derek Stevens in the 41-45 group turned the trick. Derek did it on a borrowed bike.

In the Intermediate classes first up was the 6 year old division. “The Pit Bull” Robbie Solsbury, earned a nice win in this 3 rider main event just beating New Yorks Austin Perillo. Ayden Wolanski was third. Chris Strandberg missed the cut.

In the 7 year old Inter class it would be “Expert Points” for everyone as 6 year old Expert Cole Melillo was in the mix. Cole definitely showed the difference between Expert and Intermediate proficiency levels as he easily got the job done. Koleton Kolodzieg was second with Shawn Biello settling for a third place finish. Noah Andersen continues to try hard in this higher class after recently earn his move up. Noah missed the main today but it won’t be long before he is the same force here as he was in Novice.

A nice turnout for the 8 year old Intermediate class with 6 riders registered. Riley Hile, after a month away from Foothills looked like he did when we last saw him on June 15th as he nailed the main win. “Hot Rod” Johnny Tomboly, after a terrible crash in round one, came back strong and showed us just how tough he is with a great second place finish. Trevor Held was third.

The impressive turnout of Intermediate riders continued with 6 riders in the 9 year old group. Jaden Asklar found a way around Aidan Biello in the third turn and held on for the main event win. Aidan was second with the third spot going to Trevor Nielson. Pierce Curtis, (Rain Systems sponsored), narrowly missed the cut.

Seven riders were registered in the 10 year old Intermediate gang. Alden Guzy, who has never been here before, failed to make it out of the motos. Rylan Carlson and Logan Shelly were the first to transfer from the first round and it was Rylan and Logan first and second in the main event. Third went to Kyle Lyman. Henry Dzwonkowski, in his first visit here in over a year, missed the main event transfer.

Mike Strandberg was perfect in the 12 year old Intermediate total point’s race. Sean Strate enjoyed a perfect second with Andrew Thomson third.

In 13 year old Intermediate action, it was a Vermont rider dominating this group. Burton Campney was awesome as he shut down the competition. Also from the Green Mountain state it was Jamie “Jaws” Jawarski finishing second with the third spot going to Eli Nahom. It was a tough day for Noah Klemonski who missed the transfer.

The 15 year old Intermediate class featured 5 riders it was another win for a rider from Vermont. This time it was Brett Lapointe-Sorel during the dirty deed with an easy win. Lewis Cianfarani held onto the second spot by finishing just ahead of Nate Terra. It was good to see Nate starting to get comfortable racing in the Intermediate class after his recent move up.

Total Points perfects in the next three classes with Mike Periro sweeping the 17-18 Intermediate group; Josh Sandford doing the same in the 28-35 Intermediate group and Callie Atchison polishing off the 8 year old Girls group.

In 14 year old girl’s action, the Quest for the track championship was on the line with Kyle Milton, three time Track champion, and 11 year old Ashley Jasensky, the current point’s leader in the mix of 7 riders. Going into this race Ashley held onto a 125 point lead but, this being a double-points event, anything could happen. This was a tough situation for Ashley as only she and Avery Badendyck were the only two 11 year olds registered and the USABMX race program combines up when this occurs. The mix was five 14 year old and two 11 year olds. Disaster struck Ashley as she crashed in the first round and it was obvious that the effects of that were present the rest of the day. With Kyly transferring out of the motos in round one, it came down to the third round with Ashley, Helen Elizondo and Avery Badendyck battling for the last two transfer spots. Avery had a comfortable lead at the half way point with Helen in second. As they entered turn three it appeared that Ashley had a chance to power around the outside but as she went high in the turn, she hit the brakes for fear of running out of track and all chances to transfer were gone. In the main event Kyly finished first earning 214 points. Second place went to Mackenzie Atchison with the third spot going to Kayla Robinson. Ashley could only sit and watch as Kyly now leads in the Quest by 75 points. A swing of 200 points!

In the 17-20 Girls class, it was a battle of former track champions as Alexis Doty (2010 Champion) and Angela Therriault (2008 Champion) each one a round of motos in the first two. The deciding round three went to Lexi with Angela second and Jayna Roy third.

Mason Jacquier, the youngest rider in the 8 year old Expert class, missed transferring out of his motos. Trevor Cooper, showing some amazing skills this year, won todays main event. Mason Bruns, who rides for London Wilmont’s FBN/C-Yaa frames national team, was second and Aiden Badendyck, after a wreck earlier in the day, was third.

The 9 year old Expert class was a total point’s event. Garret Cooper took no prisoners with a perfect sore. Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) was second with Matt Bacis third.

Kyle Kuehn, who we haven’t seen a whole lot of this year, tried valiantly but missed the transfer out of his motos in the10 year old Expert class. Mike Bohlke earned a nice win with Andrew Hurst second and Nick Strandberg third.

In the Quest for the male track championship, Jerry Taylor had a lead over Fin Milton by 54 points going into today. Jerry left on Saturday for Ohio Dreams so this was an opportunity for fin to really take control. In the 12 year old Expert class there were four riders going for it. Fin, Alex Kuehn, Vic Alves and Jacob Bacis. With visions of first place points in his head, Fin Milton was flying but “Thunder Midget” Alex Kuehn was a little faster this day. Alex Won it with Fin second and Jacob third. Still, it’s a 168 point swing for Fin and he takes over the Quest lead by 114 points.

In 13 year old Expert action, another FBN/C-Yaa Frames National Rider, Alex Poole, got the best of the 4 others in this class with a solid performance in the main event. “The Beast” Dave Albert nailed down second place while Ethan Russell-Ward was third. It was a good effort by Jagur Layman to come back from a nasty crash earlier to make the main event.

In the 14 Expert class Justin Boissoneault and Jon Moura would traded second place finishes in this total points event. Perfect was Nick Cote’. Boissoneault ended up second overall with Moura third.

Six riders strong was the 15 year old Expert class. Danny Gruber, who we haven’t seen in awhile, aced the win in this group with an impressive entry list. Scotty Thomson was not that far behind in second while finishing third was Matt Higgs.

The last Total Points race was the 16 year old Expert class and it was Casey Tanner, Chris Therriault and Trevor fox all day long.

Sound the bell cause school is in session was the battle cry in the 19-27 year old Expert class. The teacher, of this class was Josh Wedge who was unstoppable as he nailed the win in this 3 rider main event after Ryan Bogli missed the transfer. Chris Pannullo was second and Chris Pfeffer was third.

The last class of the weekend was the 41-45 Expert class. With 7 riders entered, it was going to be a tough rider to make the main event. “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli was edged out of the last transfer spot by Mike Sigrist. In the main it was the Point-Pleasant” colors of Ben Atchison going to the winners circle. The second spot went to James Lebelle while third went to Make Savage.


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