Week #12

This week there was a conflicting State Qualifier at Wakefield Massachusetts so we figured that there would not be too many Bay Staters here. Well, we still pulled in 30 from up there with another 9 from New York. Still, all in all with 1 Strider Moto and 3 Open motos, 22 total motos is not too bad considering the state of BMX racing these days.

It was a perfect on-time start today but just before we got going we honored our Rider-Of-The-Week who was RJ Reale. This 8 year old novice is from Trumbull named Josh Wedge as his favorite rider.

Our three Striders got us going as 3 Year old Parker Kennedy, 3 year old Haley Blackburn and 4 year old Molly Hile provided some short legged action.

Winners in the Open classes were Aydan Wolanski in the 6 & Under Mixed Open; Dakota Viel in the 9-10 Mixed Open and Ethan Begnoche in the 15-16 Open.

The first Cruiser class featured the current point’s leader, Dave “The Beast” Albert, extending his lead over Ryan Bogli by another 39 points with a big win in this 4 rider class. Jagur Layman (Colby Direct Delivery) was second and the third spot went to Aiden Badendyck.

The biggest Cruiser class was the one labeled 41-45 cruisers but, in reality, the range was from 19-47. Ryan Bogli, trailing Dave Albert by only 3 points before this event, watched Dave win his main from the starting gate. As this main event got underway it was clear that 45 year old Jeff Badendyck would take no prisoners nor show any degree of mercy. He blasted out of the gate and never looked back. Second went to 47 years old Mike Savage (Former World Champion) while third would go to Kryptonite’s Ryan Bogli.

In the Novice ranks there were four riders registered in the 5 & under grouping. At only 3 years old, it was an impressive effort from Ben Von Wahlde but he could not keep up with the three 5 year olds. Riley Hurst, one of the riders from the Massachusetts invasion, nailed down the win. Second went to Landon Hansen while Kayla Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) finished third.

In the 6 year old Novice class Mary Sloan continued her march towards a proficiency upgrade as she waited until the third round to earn the transfer in the main event and then won it! Brady Kennedy was a solid second while Beckett Asklar edged out Nate Jasmin for the third spot. The “Magic Man”, Mike Schaller gave it a good effort but missed the last transfer spot. Mary passed Andrew Beach for the top spot in the Novice points chase but we are rooting for her, and any rider, to focus on earning proficiency upgrades.

It was also a five rider shootout for 4 main event positions in the 7 year old Novice class. Cole Barker was first to transfer and he made the rest work for him as he aced the main event. Andrew Beach (Valley Bolt & Screw) held off third place finisher Kevin Kelleher for the second spot.

Only three riders in the 8 year old Novice class so it was a “total points” race. Reigning Rider-Of-The-Week RJ Reale nailed a perfect with Caden Kennedy second and Samantha Sperrazza third.

In the 7 year old Intermediate class it was Noah Andersen winning his first Intermediate main event. A great task as he missed the transfer the last three weeks. Shawn Biello was second while Elizabeth Von Wahlde was third.

“Total points” action for the 8 year old Intermediate gang and it would be Riley Hile scoring a perfect. Kayden Smith and Owen Annonson were second and third in every round of motos.

It was a good turnout in the 9 year old Intermediate class with 5 riders going for the gold. Leah Fox smiled all the way around even though she missed the cut. She obviously is having fun. Jaden Asklar scored the win with Aidan Biello second and Trevor Nielson third.

In the 10 year old Intermediate class it was not only his first time clipped in, but his first time racing as a 10 year old for “Fierce” Pierce Curtis (Rain systems). Happy Birthday Pierce! The win today went to Kyle Lyman with Alden Guzy and Mason Blackburn finishing second and third.

In the 11 year old Intermediate class it would be “expert” points for everyone as one expert, Andrew Hurst, was in the mix. Andrew, as expected, won the main event. Baley Levine was second while third went to Kai Escobar. It was a tough day for JT Kelleher as he missed the cut.

One of the biggest classes of the day was the 6 riders 15 Intermediate class which actually had two Novice riders in the mix. For any Novice rider making the main it would be Intermediate points. Unfortunately, Ethan Escobar, 14 year old Novice did not make it so he gets only “rider points”. (1 point for each rider for a total of 6). Lewis Cianfarani nailed the main event win with Jake Layman, racing here for the first time this year after recuperating from a nasty shoulder injury, was impressive with a second place finish. Third place was earned by Devin Carty.

All eyes were on the 11 year old Girls class. Last week, Ashley Jasensky had a sizable lead on the Quest for the female track championship only to crash and give up a whopping 125 point cushion. Trailing three-time track champion Kyly Milton by 75 points going into today, Ashley nailed down a big win scoring 104 points. With Kyly not racing this week, Ashley regains the top spot with a lead of 29 points. In today’s main event Avery Badendyck was second and Haley Denette was third.

In the Quest for the Male Track Championship, Fin Milton held a 19 point lead over Trevor Cooper. Garret Cooper was 62 points behind. Everything can change in a week and, with Fin Milton not racing this week, the chase really got shaken up.

In the 9 year old Expert class there were 4 riders going for the win. With Aiden Badendyck not making the cut, it left a three-rider shoot out for a very important win. 9 year old Expert Garret Cooper won the main with 9 year old Expert Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) second and 8 year old Expert Trevor Cooper third. The Quest now see Trevor moving to the top with a mere 3 point lead over brother Garret while fin drops to third 45 points behind.

The 13 year old Expert class was another group of 6 riders mixed with Experts and two Intermediates. The Intermediates would earn “expert points” if they made the main event. One did as Josh Faunce was in and Dakota Viel was out. “The Beast” Dave Albert made it a double win for him today after winning his Cruiser class earlier. Second place went to “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor while third went to Matt Rowe. Jerry had to be tired after a very long bus trip back from Ohio Dreams last night.

The “Mod Squad”, 16 Expert, saw Ethan Begnoche get the job done. Trevor fox was second while “Double D” Dylan Denette was third after edging out Alexus Doty for the final transfer spot in to the main event.

Experts, Intermediates and Novices were mixed together into what was titled 19-27 year old Experts. Dave Norris, the only Novice was eliminated in the qualifying rounds. Winning this main was Chris Pannullo while he held off the efforts of Josh Sandford. Chris Pfeffer was third.

Finishing out the day was the three rider 46 & over Expert class. It was the same order in all three rounds; Jeff Badendyck, Mike Savage and Mike Von Wahlde.

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