Race #10

Here we are one week away from our Super weekend of racing featuring our Gold Cup Championship Qualifier. Even with the Stars n Stripes National at South Park this weekend, we expected a good turnout as riders, who don’t usually frequent foothills, would come out to get familiar with the track. That was certainly the case today. With 114 riders in the house, the breakdown was 61 from Connecticut; 45 from Massachusetts; 4 from Rhode Island and 1 from Vermont. With a bunch of them jumping into 5 Open classes the moto count was 32 including 4 Striders. Not bad for South Park Weekend.

Mike Wilkinson was racing today so he was awarded his Rider-Of-The-Week award from the Olympic Night race. Mike, even after being prompted heavily, could not name anyone as his favorite rider.

For last week’s race it was Baley William Levine who was named Rider-Of-The-Week and he was able to identify Mason Balckburn as his favorite rider.

With four Striders in the house it was fun watching Willow Hicks, Haley Blackburn, Brandi Wilkinson and Parker Kennedy show us how its done.

Open class winner today were as follows: Johnny Tomboly in 7-8 Mixed Open; Grayson Funk in 13-14 Mixed Open; Corey Heath in 17-20 Mixed Open; Trevor Cooper in 9-10 Mixed Open and Jeremy Estrella in 15-16 Mixed Open.

In the 26-30 year old cruiser class, A rare appearance by Factory Free Agent rider Jena Sagendorf. Jena had no problem winning this 3 rider main event. Essie Martone was second in front of Rebecca Marchildon.

In the 21-25 Cruiser class it was Derek Stevens holding off a hard-charge from “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli. A good effort by the Colby Direct Delivery sponsored Jagur Layman who finished third.

The first “Total Points” race of the day was in the 41-45 year old Cruiser class and it was John Oulette scoring the perfect three out of three. Overall second place went to Alan Perry while third went to Kevin Marchildon.

It was a great turnout in the younger Novice classes starting with a full gate of 6 year olds. With Brady Kennedy and Leithen McMillan transferring out of the first round, and Madison Skog and Mary Sloan from round two, there were three spots left open for the 7 rider main event in round three. With Elena Curtis, showing much improved skills of late, in command for a transfer spot, she looked great going into turn three and then it was disaster. She fell on the asphalt and all hopes were dashed in an instant. Showing great toughness she quickly jumped back on her bike and proudly finished the lap. Her heartbreak was a sharp contrast to the jubilation felt by Brady Kennedy who won the main event, making it 2 weeks in a row for him. Mary Sloan nailed down second place with a hard earned third place going to Madison Skog.

It was 6 registered 7 year olds going for some Sunday glory and Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) looked great after being the first to qualify for the main. Cole started the season with two consecutive wins but has not visited the winners circle in his six tries since. In the main it was Cole all the way for the win. Ryan Boyd, riding out of Vermont, was a solid second and Andrew Beach finished third. Andrew’s lead for the overall Novice title is down to a mere 14 points over Mike Wilkinson.

The 8 year old Novice group also had 6 riders and RJ Reale was the first successful qualifier making the cut from round one. Any time that happens the first one in is usually the favorite to win the main. In the whacky world of BMX you never know what will happen and in the main, TJ Skog nailed down the win in his first time here ever! RJ settled for the second spot while Caden Kennedy was third.

In the 9 year old Novice bracket it was Total Points racing and Jana Wilkinson was a happy racer as she earned a perfect with three wins. Sasha Kulo and Leah Fox were second and third in all three rounds.

Same type of deal in the 12 year old Novice bracket with Baley Levine, Zack Steiner and Kirsten McDonnell finishing 1-2-3 in every round.
Mike Wilkinson closed the gap slightly in the Novice point’s race with his Total Points win today. Benjamine Niez-Charest and Ethan Escobar were second and third. Mike is only 14 points behind Andrew Beach.

The Cortis brothers ganged up on Riley Steiner in the 16 year old Novice class. This Total Points race was won by Kyle Cortis in spite of brother Dakota winning round three. Dokota finished second overall with Riley third.

Jen Wood didn’t make the cut yesterday in the 28-35 Novice grouping. Dave Norris, only 19 year old, took no prisoners in capturing the main event. Matt Giroux was second with Chris Champagne going home with a third.

In the Intermediate class for 7 year olds Nate Giroux was first to qualify from the first round of motos. Round two went to Shawn Biello. Last to transfer was Koleton Kolodzeig who edged out Noah Andersen for that coveted spot. Noah recently moved up to the Intermediate class and will soon be earning spots on the podium. Today’s main went to Shawn Biello keeping him only 10 points behind bother Aidan for the Quest for the Best Intermediate. The “Boys of Summer” are dominating but which will be the first to turn Expert? That’s the real quest and definitely more important. Second place went to Nate while Koleton salvaged third.

7 riders strong was the grid in the 9 year old Intermediate group. Johnny Tomboly and Kayden Smith were two 8 year olds thrown into this mix. As previously mentioned Aidan Biello hung onto his points lead with another big win. Zander Hicks hung tough with a solid second and “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly was third. Great try this week from Kayden Smith who just missed the transfer. On a side note, “Fierce” Pierce Curtis, (Rain Systems) as mentioned in previous reports, continues to work his way back and had no problem making his main today. Sixth place is a good benchmark to move forward with. Nice job Pierce!

The 10 year old Intermediate class was made up of three evenly matched riders. This was a Total Points race and Rylan Carlson and Kyle Lyman would trade wins in the first two round. Mason Blackburn was in the mix as well with a second place finish in round two. The deciding third round ended with Rylan first, Kyle second and Mason third. Totaling the score, that’s exactly how they finished for the day.

There were five 11 year old Intermediates laying down some serious rubber with Jorn Layman (Bud’s café LLC) looking very strong winning round one and then the Main event. Kai Escobar was second with Travis Cortis third. The agony of defeat was not felt any worse then what JT Kelleher felt in this class. JT was solidly in the lead in round 3 (the last transfer round) when he entered the final turn and he simply exploded. Gasping to catch his breath, he could only watch as both Travis and Andrew Kemp zoomed by to grab the two remaining spots in the main. We hope JT is Ok as he did walk off under his own power.

In the 13 year old intermediate class it was Tim Baker not the “Main Maker” this day as he was eliminated in the motos despite a valiant effort. Grayson Funk captured the checkered flag with Cole Hathaway second and “The Shadow” Austyn Denette third.

In 15 year old Intermediate action Nate Terra continues to pay his Intermediate dues after moving up a couple of weeks ago. Nate did the same thing in the Novice class and, if he doesn’t get discouraged, will be a force in the Intermediate class soon enough. Nate didn’t make the cut today. Corey Heath dominated this class and easily won the main event. Josh Perrier nailed down second place with Lewis Cianfarani third.

In the Girls class Ashley Jasensky earned some serious points (103) to extend her lead over Kyly Milton for the track championship. Ashley won the 11 year old Girls Total Points race with Azra Milton second and Marissa Lyman third. Ashley gained 40 points and now leads by 125 points with plenty of season left.

In the 17-20 year old class for Girls it was Aimee Funk not transferring. Factory Free Agent Jena Sagendorf grabbed today’s win with Angela Therriault not far behind. Third went to Jayna Roy.

In the 9 year old Expert class Sam DeGrange got the job done making it look easy. Always a tough competitor, Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) earned the second spot with Trevor Cooper finishing third. Kyle McDonnell, Making his Expert debut here at Foothills after his big win in Trumbull a week ago, just missed today’s transfer.

It was show-down time for the Quest for the Male Track Championship with both “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor and “Flyin” Fin Milton in the house and in the same moto. This 12 year old Expert Total Points race was a classic. Fin won round one with Jerry taking round two. Jerry held a 34 point lead going into today’s action so round three would provide a 40 point swing one way or another. As they battled all the way around it was Jerry holding off Fin for the win. Fin and Cameron Albaugh were second and third. Jerry now leads by 54.

The 13 Expert class had four riders vying for three starting spots in the main. With Ethan Russell-Ward and Matt Rowe watch from the bench after already qualifying, it was Jagur Layman (Bud’s Café LLC) and Zack Albaugh racing their hearts out in round three for the final transfer spot. At the stripe jagur was in and Zack was out. The Main event saw Matt Rowe keep his Evolution-X colors out front with the win. Ethan was second and Jagur third.

Dean Zebian and Griffin Lafluer each won a round of motos in the 15 year old Expert Total Points event. Kyly Milton elected to race the boys today and it cost her some points in the Quest as she finished third behind these two spit-fires. The deciding third round went to Dean for the overall win. Griffen finished second.

The “Wild Bunch”, 15 year old Experts, was another Total Points race. This time it was Jeremy Estrella acing a perfect score with three wins. “Double D” Dylan Denette was second and the third spot went to Matt Higgs. It was good to see Matt back after not seeing him since early May.

The 19-27 Expert class featured some classic hard core BMX racing with handlebar to handlebar, door handle banging and trading paint all included. Tyler cortis and Chris Pfeffer really put on a show. During the qualifying round Chris tried to set up a pass down in turn two but dove too far to the inside going in and had no room to finish the turn and bailed. During the Main event, Chris tried an inside line heading towards the announcers tower but the opening was too small and he backed off a hair. Entering turn 5, Tyler had the lead when Chris pulled out a “W.W.C.K.” move and got the pass down for the win. (W.W.C.K. stands for “Weed Whacking Cone Kicking). Tyler did finish second with Cody Marchildon third.

The final group of the day was 41-45 year old Expert. Jeffery Brun, proving that you don’t need to dress like the man to be the man won the main event for team flannel wear. Mike Sigrist was second with “Stone_Cold” Steve Scibelli third. Neil Lafluer, the only intermediate in this mix, missed the cut.

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