Week #4

So week # 4 and the first of our affects from a nearby National event were felt. This week USABMX held “The Limestone City Nationals at Kingston BMX in Ontario Canada, where a number of our regular riders and volunteers were at. It was great to see some new volunteers answer the call and my special thanks to Annie Kelleher for grabbing the microphone for the first time. She did a wonderful job in her calling of two rounds of motos.

This was a “Total Points” race and it sure caused some confusion on both the rider’s part and even our part. We really messed up two classes and I will get into that a little more deeper in this report.

The day started of about 10 minutes late due to a repost but no one seemed to mind. Alex Orlov was named our Rider of The Week for his efforts last week. This 11 year old Novice named Josh Wedge as his favorite rider.

The rider count was 84 plus 4 striders. Of those 84, 22 chose to participate in four Open classes bringing the moto count to 27. Not bad by 2014 standards. Thanks again to our out-of-state supporters with 20 entries from Massachusetts and 3 from New York.

The four striders were Molly Hile (4 yrs old); Parker Kennedy (3 yrs old); Hayley Blackburn (3 yrs old) and Brandi Wilkinson (2 yrs old). They started are day off and were really fun to watch.

The winners in the Open classes were Kyle McDonnell in the 7-8 mixed Open; Rylan Carlson in the 11-12 Mixed Open; Mackenzie Atchison in the 13-14 Mixed Open and Jeremy Estrella in the 13-14 Open class.

There were only two Cruiser classes today. The first featured the return of 3-time Track Champion Christy Kestler. Christy hadn’t been on a race bike for 5 years but you would never know it. She won all three rounds of the 26-30 Girls Cruiser class. Bud’s Cafe sponsored Gina Layman was second while Rebecca Marchildon enjoyed a third.

The second Cruiser class was the 5 rider 12 year old division. Ryan Bogli’s two of three moto wins gave him enough to win the overall battle for first place. Chris Therriault would earn second place while third went to Alex Kuehn.

Before I move into the Novice classes, I’m going to try and explain this total points system, especially when there are more than 8 riders registered in a specific class. In total points racing there still is a “transfer system” in place of sorts. Let’s use a five rider novice class as the first example. Let’s say a rider finished first, first and second in the motos. He has 4 total points. The next closest rider finished second, second and first for 5 total points. The rider with the lowest total points, in this case 4, is declared the overall winner for the day. Those “moto points” do not count for anything other than determining your finishing position for the day. For his performance he receives 25 points plus 5 rider’s points just like he won a main event in the Transfer system. The last place rider receives only 5 rider points, just like if it were the transfer system and he didn’t make the cut to the main.

In a class that has more than 8 riders registered, let’s use 10 as an example; the computer will randomly split them into two groups of five riders. Each group will run three rounds of motos. The top 4 in each group, meaning riders with the lowest “moto points”, transfer onto an 8 rider main event. The winner of this Novice main would receive 25 points for the win plus 10 rider points.

This is where we messed up yesterday. Starting with the 6 year old Novice class which featured 10 riders, we did exactly what we should have after the motos and that was to determine who the riders were to transfer into the main event based on their finishes. Where we messed up was we should have done this after the third round of motos not the second round of motos. This class should have run three rounds and then 8 riders to the main event. We ran two rounds and then the 8 rider main event.

Compounding our mistake was that we awarded trophies based on total points for the three laps they ran rather than how they finished in the last lap (Main event).  It affected a couple of riders from 5th place down. The trophies are the same size and if those two rider would like a replacement plate for them, that can easily be done. To clarify the race report that goes to the USABMX office, we listed the riders finishing order from round two into a imaginary round three and used the last round run as the Main event. We felt that was the fairest thing to do.

So at the end of the day it was Danny Smith winning this confusion filled class with Noah Bell nailing down second place. Third went to Chris Jenkins.

We did the same exact thing in the 7 year old Novice class where 11 riders were registered. Owen Annonson was first with Liam Keatley second and finishing third was Noah Anderson.

We cannot apologize enough for our mistake with these two classes. Maybe the best way to look at it was that we did exactly what we should have had it been a two moto system in place for the day instead of a three moto system.

In the 8 yr old Novice class it was three riders vying for the top spot. Asher Smith would win the first round but Caden Kennedy would win the second round. It was a close battle to the end in round three but this tie breaker would go to Caden. Asher was right there for second while Jacob Hladik finished third.

It was a clean sweep in the 9 yr old Novice class for Jacques Roy. He won all three rounds. The second spot was close as Jana Wilkinson, who went down in flames in round one, finished second in the second round. In the first round it was Leah Fox who inherited the second spot. At the end of the day it would be Jacques, Jana and Leah as the official order of finish.

In 7 yr old Intermediate action it was great to see Robbie Soslbury back for only the second time since last June. Robbie looked great and won the first two rounds of the three rider shootout giving him the overall win. Nate Giroux was second while the third spot went to Callie Atchison.

Kyle McDonnell was dominating in the three rider 8 yr old Intermediate class. It was the same order of finish in all three rounds. Kyle McDonnell, Riley Hile and Zack Tuohy.

In the 9 yr old Intermediate group it was Trevor cooper and Aidan Biello trading moto wins in the first two rounds. For the overall finishing order it would be Trevor the most consistent. Aidan’s two 3rd place finishes sealed his fate and he would finish third. Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) was the second place finisher overall.

In 10 yr old Intermediate action it was a second place round one start for Rylan Carlson as Garret Cooper claimed moto one. Rylan came back and won the next two for the overall top spot. Garret was third after being edged out of second by Mason Blackburn. All receive "Expert Points" for this grouping.

Jorn Layman (Bud’s Café LLC) aced a perfect in the three rider 11 year old Intermediate class. Alex Orlov hung on for a third just edging out Kirsten McDonnell. Because Jorn was an Expert, all receive "Expert Points".

5 riders were in the house for the 14 yr old Intermediate group. Dean Zebian was perfect in all three rounds as he obviously enjoyed the added track time provided by total points racing. Josh Perrier, in only his second time here, was second and Tim Baker was third. I don’t think Tim has ever been here before. He looks very good.

Cody “Crash” Marchildon won the three rider shootout in the 19-27 Intermediate class. Angela Theriault held off Tyler Montgomery for the second spot.

Kyly Milton was unbeatable in the 14 yr old Girls call. Mackenzie Atchison was second and Ashley Jasensky was today’s third place finisher.

It was a good turnout in the 12 yr old Expert class with 5 of these highly skilled riders going for some Sunday afternoon glory. Round one saw Alex Kuehn edge out “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor for the win. In round two it was just the opposite as Jerry returned the favor. In round three the battle was on until Alex popped his chain and he could only watch in frustration as Jerry faded in the distance. Overall it was Jerry Taylor first, Alex Kuehn still managed second overall with Jagur Layman (Colby Direct Delivery) third.

In 13 yr old Expert action it was a four rider starting grid for three rounds of hot racing action. Ethan Russell-Ward looked like a perfect was in the works after two rounds of wins. In round three Matt Rowe managed to stay in front of Ethan but it would be Ethan claiming the overall prize. Matt was second with Tommy Gladstone third.

In 15 yr old Expert racing it was another five rider shootout for supremacy. Jeremy Estrella’s two moto wins was good enough for him to claim the top spot. Scotty Thomson was a solid second with Justin Boissonneault hanging tough for third.

The “Mod Squad” 16 yr old Experts, featured three of the best going at it. Chris Therriault won moto 1; Josh Blanquart won moto 2. Therriault would win the third and deciding round keeping Blanquart in second. Trevor Fox was third.

The last group of the day was the 19-27 yr old class. Billy Ripley was back. Billy was a regular here at Foothills back in the day of the big money opens. Billy was generous today as he was just getting some track time and would back off just enough to allow Chris Pfeffer to enjoy a perfect day with three wins. Billy was second with Ryan Bogli third.

Complete finish report