Week #6

Today was our fourth annual Daniel J. Plaskett memorial Race and the weather could not have been better.

Dan was the son of Roger and Donna Plaskett and was taken at the age of 35 in 2010 by a genetic disease called Adrenomyeloneuropathy or AMN. Each year Roger selects a rider whom he deems the best suited to receive the Annual DJP memorial Trophy. Rog selected 17 year old Trevor Fox as this year’s recipient.  Trevor has been a regular at Foothills since he was a six year old. Rog said that Trevor was the perfect example of a rider that felt as Dan felt regarding BMX racing. Dan always felt that the  sport of BMX was one in which you don’t necessarily have to be a constant winner to have fun. We are all proud of this year’s choice of Trevor Fox.


Trevor Fox and
Rog Plaskett

Before we got underway today 6 year old Novice rider Mary Sloan was selected as our Rider-Of-The-Week for her efforts last week. Angela Therriault brought Mary to the announcing tower to receive her trophy. After naming Bethel Supercross as her favorite track, she responded with “Chris Therriault” as her favorite rider.

With 7 Strider riders in the house and 106 riders in class, 113 total entries was a very nice turnout. Add to that the 27 riders who chose to race in Open classes as well, a moto count of 35 is the foundation for a fun day.

Bmx is a sport where many friendships are spawned and it was great to see an old friend and former BMX volunteer Charlie Kestler at the track. I personally hadn’t seen Charlie is a number of years and and enjoyed his company in the tower during the break.

The Striders were split into two groups with the first group being the 4 year olds and the second group was all 3 year olds. Strider racing is a great was to start the day and yesterday was no exception.

In the Open classes our winners were Kyle McDonnell; Ethan Hine; Jason Gladstone; Trevor Fox; Matt Webb and Anthony Lucchesi.

Cruiser were the first points classes of the day and it was “Total Points” racing for the 3 rider 8 year old division. Mason Jacquier (Standard Northeast Factory) aced a perfect with a win in each round. Aiden Badendyck had to settle for second place while Zack Tuohy finished third.

In 12 year old Cruiser action 4 riders battled hard for the 3 main event spots. Eugene Edwards was the hard-luck rider who missed the cut. This was Eugene’s first trip here and we hope this New York rider comes back soon. Alex Kuehn won the main event keeping Kryptonite’s Jacob Bacis behind him with Jagur Layman third.

In the 17-20 Cruiser class it was also a “Total Points” race. In round one both Dave Albert and Ryan Bogli dove into turn one side by side. Ryan was on the outside and almost ran into the first turn fence. He had to slam on the binders, losing all of his momentum and any chance for the win. Chris Therriault would go on to win that round and the two following rounds for the overall. Dave Albert was second overall after Ryan didn’t show for round three.

The last Cruiser class was for the 41-45 gang and this was again a class going for “Total Points”. With an injured Gina Layman (Bud’s Café LLC) just touching the gate, it was a two-rider shootout between Jeff Badendyck and Mikhail Frolov, who calls North Miami Beach his home. Jeff would stay in front of Mikhail all three rounds for the overall win.

With 29 Novice riders participating today the first grouping was for the 5 & under class. Kayla Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) was the rider who missed the transfer into the main despite a great effort. Aiden Grover, made the long rider for Rhode Island a little more enjoyable with a first place trophy in his lap on the way home. Landon Hanson was second and Logan Cawley finished third.

It was a full gate of 8 riders going for some Sunday afternoon glory in the 6 year old Novice class. After the qualifying rounds, Ayden Hermanson would be the rider not making the transfer. It was a classic 3 rider battle for the win as Dan Smith, Leithen McMillan and Mary Sloan were all going for the first place trophy and points. Leithen would wreck with Mary just avoiding him. Dan Smith was our winner with Mary second and Brady Kennedy third. It was a heartbreaking 7th place finish for Leithen but I predict when he comes back he will be even faster.

It was a nice turnout in the 7 year old class with 6 novice riders entered. Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) made the tough day continue for the Barker family as he, like Kayla previously, missed the transfer. Brady Carlson would hold off a late charge from Charlie Grover for the win. Charlie was second with Andrew Beach (Valley Bolt and Screw) finishing third.

In 8 year old Novice racing it was disappointment for New York’s Anislee Bardunias as she just missed making the main in the third round. “Rapid Rich” Castaldi (Sponsored by Nana and Pop) used his sponsors cheers to propel him to the main event win. Caden Kennedy and Jakob Edwards were second and third.

Only three 10 year old Novices were here so these guys would be vying for the win via “Total Points” racing. Victor Frolov had little trouble beating Jacques Roy this day as Jacques settled into the second spot pretty easily as third place finisher Jana Wilkinson seem very unhappy today and just rode the track with no racing effort.  Maybe she was not feeling well as she just wasn’t herself this day.

The last of the Novice action was in the 12 year old class. This Total Points race would go to Kai Escobar who won all three rounds. Kirsten McDonnell and Alex Orlov were second and third after having their own battles in the motos for the second spot.

The 7 year old Intermediate class was interesting and would come down to the third round to determine the overall winner in this Total Points battle. In round one Koleton Kolodzeij won with Shawn Biello finishing third behind Noah Andersen. Shawn came back with a win in round two while Koleton finished second just in front of Noah. So Koleton had a one point lead on Shawn going into the third round. Shawn finished first in that last round with Koleton second causing a flat footed tie for the top spot as both had 5 points. With the third round being considered the ty-breaking round by USABMX rules, the overall win and 53 Intermediate points went to Shawn.

4 riders fought for the three main event positions in the 8 year old Intermediate class. Kayden Smith was odd man out just missing the cut. Intermediate points leader Kyle McDonnell, flying his Evolution X colors proudly won the main event. Riley Hile was second and third went to “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly.

The second full gate of the day occurred in the 9 year old Intermediate class. Pierce Curtis (Rain Systems) just missed making the transfer. Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) finally put a Barker Family rider in the winner’s circle with an impressive main event win. Aiden Biello enjoyed a solid second place finish while third went to Ethan Hine.

In 10 year old Intermediate action it was “Total Points racing. In round one Zander Potter and Ryan Carlson had a classic battle for the top spot with Zander winning it. In the two subsequent rounds Rylan Carlson was nowhere to be found and took two DNS’s. Zander was the overall winner with Mason Blackburn grabbing the second spot.

In 11 year old Intermediate racing Ashley Jasensky, because she had no girls her own age, whould be put in this very competitive boy’s class. Ashley probably would have won the class had it not been for the presence of Florida’s Iakov Frolov who would work hard and eventually get around her. Ashley did finish second while third went to the efforts of Tommy Lucchesi. Jorn Laymen tried but just missed the transfer into the main.

4 riders were registered in the 15 year old Intermediate class. Justin Mark, in his first visit to foothills from Enfield, missed the transfer to the main. Andrew Thibodeau, also from Enfield did capture the main event. Matt Kolodziej was second with Mike Wilkinson third.

It would be “Expert Points” for all in the 36-40 Intermediate class as one rider was an expert. Charlie Grover won the class (Intermediate) with Cliff Benoit second and “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli third. Jennifer Wood drew some tough duty with these guys and missed the cut.

Jeff Badendyck aced a perfect in the 3 rider 46 & over Intermediate class. Jason Gladstone was a close second while Craig Begnoche settled into the third spot.

Kyly Milton, still feeling the effects of her crash last week, could only touch the gate for third place points today in the 17-20 Girls class. This keeps her within striking distance for a repeat as female track champion. This three rider lineup was impressive as all three ladies were either reigning or former Foothills Track Champions. Angela Therriault (2008 Champion) and Alexus Doty (2010 Champion) were left to do battle and it was very good close quarters racing. Angela would win two of three rounds for the overall win.

In Expert action the 6 year old division, Cole Melillo showed us how impressive a NAG 6 ranking can be as he easily won the class. Austin Perillo finished second in front of CT State Champion Ayden Wolanski.

Trevor Cooper enjoyed a perfect three round score in the 8 year old Expert class. Mason Jacquier and Aiden Badendyck were second and third.

Robbie Webb did the same in 9 Expert action with Matt Bacis and Garret Cooper second and third.

Matt Webb, coming off his impressive first National win in Maryland last week, got the job down today in the 11 year old Expert “Total Points” shootout. Fin Milton wa second with NBX’s Cameron Albaugh third.

The 12 year old Expert class had 4 entries. Jagur Layman (Colby Direct Delevery) could not find a transfer into the 3 rider main event despite a good try. Alex Kuehn would edge “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor for the win. Jacob Bacis was third.

It was also 4 riders going for the gold in the 13 year old Expert class. With what was determined as a rules violation resulting in a DQ, the three rider main was up for grabs. Dave “The Beast” Albert would earn the win. Matt Rowe a nice second place finish and third went to Zack Albaugh.

The “Wild Bunch” 15 Experts, only had 3 riders entered so the Total Points results were the same in all three rounds. Anthony Lucchesi was first, Justin Boissonneault second and Ethan Begnoche third. Ethan, broken collarbone, is just touching the gate for a few more weeks.

The last main of the day was the “Chain Gang” 17-18 experts. Reigning Track Champion Chris Pannullo beat Chris Therriault for the win. Trevor Fox, who earned the transfer in an exciting shootout with Chris Pfeffer, would finish third.

As this announcer signed off after thanking the crowd for their continued support, Scott Cawley repeated something that he did at Dan Plasketts funeral. Just as it was unexpected 4 years ago, it was again today.  The beautiful bag pipe sounds echoed throughout the facility as Scott piped “Amazing Grace”. Scott was a friend of Dans and I can’t think of a more appropriate end to a sad and emotional day remembering Dan Plaskett. Thank you Scott!


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