Week #7

It was another perfect weather day for the first race after the “official start of summer”. With 90 riders entered in various classes and 25 of them also electing to run in an “Open Class”, 31 motos was the count for today’s action.

Before we started Aiden Grover, 4 year old Novice rider was named our Rider of the Week for his efforts last week. Aiden was not here today and he will receive his award the next time we see him.

A cool thing that we’ve just initiated is a presentation of an Achievement Award to a rider who moves up in proficiency by attaining his move-up win at Foothills. Today we made two presentations; the first went to Dan Smith for his advancement to the Intermediate class and then Dylan Barker for his advancement to the Expert class. Congratulations to both of these riders.

We started the day watching a couple of striders do their thing. 3 year old Haley Blackburn and 2 year old Brandi Wilkinson were emulating their older racing siblings as they scooted around the track.

Our Open class winners were as follows: Kyle McDonnell won the 7-8 Mixed Open; Ethan Hine won the 9-10 Mixed Open; Hannah Blanquart won the 15-16 Mixed Open; Ribbie Webb won the 9-10 Open and Jeremy Estrella won the 13-14 Open.

In the three Cruiser classes it would be Total Points racing for all three groups.

In the 12 year old class Jacob Bacis had no problems in scoring a perfect with wins in all three rounds. 7 year old Mason Jacquier was second with Zach Tuohy third.

In the 13 year old Cruiser class it was a shootout between three 13 year old racers. Going into this action we knew, as did Ryan Bogli who was the current Cruiser point’s leader before today’s race, that if Albert were to come in first in this three rider race he would score 103 points for the day. Bogli’s lead was 102 points in the race to be the top Cruiser for the season. Ryan suffered a leg and hip injury over the last few days and could only watch from the sidelines as “The Beast” got the job done with the win and moved one point ahead of Ryan for the Cruiser title. Max Rose finished second with Jagur Layman (Colby Direct Delivery) third.

In the 26-30 class “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli won all three rounds with Cliff Benoit second while Gina Layman, who is scheduled for some surgical repairs on Wednesday, could only touch the gate for third. We all wish Gina the best.

In the 6 year old Novice class Mary Sloan got her first win of the year in this 5 rider shootout. Owen Kumeiga, in only his second time here looked as good as his dad does with a solid second while a great move in the main event earned Elena Curtis a nice third place finish. It was a good try by Landon Hansen but he just missed transferring out of the motos.

The 7 year old Novice class only had three riders so it was “Total Points” type of racing to crown a winner. Owen Annonson aced his perfect with Andrew Beach second and Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) third.

It was also “Total Points” racing in the 8 year old Novice group with “Rapid Rich” Castaldi (Nana and Pop) scoring the win. R.J. Reale was second and finished third was Asher Smith.

The 9 year old Novice class featured 5 riders working hard in the motos for 4 transfer positions. Leah Fox just missed the cut. The 4 rider main saw Ben Christensen, in his first visit from Rhode Island, get the job done. Kudos to Ben not only for the win, but for the best number plate! Jana Wilkinson, in a much better frame of mind this week, looked great and nailed down a second place finish while third went to Jacques Roy.

Kai Escobar won the 11 year old Novice “Total Points” shootout. Dom Chaput, another rider out of Rhode Island, was second with third going to Jack VanHorn.

In the 14 year old Novice class it was a huge win for Nate Terra. Nate’s win was his 10th and now will be racing in the Intermediate class when we next see him. We all feel that he is certainly ready for the stiffer competition.  Mike Wilkinson continues his noticeable improvement with a solid second while Kirsten McDonnell was third. Ethan Escobar was the odd man out as he just missed the last transfer spot.

In the 7 year old Intermediate class Dan Smith, fighting a belly full of nerves, missed making the cut in his first Intermediate race after earning the move-up last week. It will be fun watching him regain his confidence and become the same force in the intermediate ranks that he was in the novice ranks. Today’s win went to Shawn Biello. Second went to Noah Andersen while the third spot belonged to Danny Myers.

The 8 year old Intermediate class saw our Points leader Kyle mcDonnell mainain his lead with yet another impressive win. "Hot-Rod" Johnny Tombole scored a solid second while the third spot went to Kayden Smith.

It was 4 riders registered in the 9 year old Intermediate class and you gotta feel for “Fierce Pierce” Curtis. Pierce has been battling headaches and just can’t muster up the energy to get back in the same form that we were used to seeing. Hopefully, this will soon be behind him as will a number of riders once he finds his groove again. In today’s main it was Aidan Biello, Tyler Ellertson and Ethan Hine finishing 1-2-3.

In the 11 year old Intermediate class, Jorn Layman (Bud’s Café LLC) and Mason Blackburn gave it their best efforts but still couldn’t find a way to catch and pass Kyle Lyman. Kyle won the overall “Total Points” race while Jorn edged out Mason for the second spot.

The 14 year on Intermediate class also featured “Total Points action and Josh Perrier was today’s top gun. Kohl Lunardini, part of the Massachusetts Invasion was second with Grayson Funk finishing third. The entire group was made up of Bay-Staters.

In the 15 year old Intermediate class it was Lewis Cianfarani scoring the win as he managed to keep Justin Mark and Joel Collins behind him as they raced across the stripe in all three rounds of “Total Points’ Action.

The last of the Intermediate classes was the 46 & Over group. However, there was a 37 year old Expert in the three rider group and Jeff Brun, another from the Ocean State, easily got the job done. Also scoring Expert points today was second place finisher Craig Begnoche and third place racer Cliff Benoit.

The Girls class features a point’s battle that couldn’t be closer for the Female Track Championship. Kyly Milton, after yesterday’s win, is within one point of Ashley Jasensky, who finished third yesterday after being grouped with both Kyly and Hannah Blanquart, both of whom are at least two years older. Hannah Blanquart was second in this 14 year old Girls class. (Actually had one 14 year old, one 13 year old and one 11 year old).

Trevor Cooper moved into third spot on the race for the Track Championship with his “Total Points” win today in the 8 year old Expert class. Mason Jacquier edged out Fisher Stites for the second spot.

In the 9 year old Expert group of four it was a great try by Matt Bacis but this Kryptonite Rock-Star just missed the transfer. In the main event shootout it would be Robbie Webb showing the way, Garret Cooper was second and Dylan Barker, looking good in his first ever Expert competition, took third.

In 12 year old Expert action it would be a classic showdown between two riders going for the Track Championship. In this four rider class were “Jumpin Jerry” Taylor and Fin Milton. Milton earned a hard fought win but it would be Jacob Bacis sneaking into the second spot forcing Taylor back to third. Fin closes the gap by 40 points and it now is only 13 points. With a Massachusetts state team race next Sunday, it appears the lead will change. We shall see.

In the 13 year old Expert class there were 5 riders involved in this battle for some Sunday Afternoon glory. Max Rose just missed the transfer. Alex Pooole was today’s winner with “The Beast” Dave Albert a pretty close second. Jagur Layman (Colby Direct Delivery) was third.

In 15 year old Expert action, it was great to see Ethan Begnoche back on his bike after suffering a broken collarbone a few weeks back. Ethan is no where’s near fully recovered and missed the transfer into the main. Jeremy Estrella earned the victory with Justin Boissonneault in tow. Dean Zebian finished third.

The “Mod-Squad” 16 year old Experts, featured a three rider show down between riders from Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Jake Wallack (aaa-yup) won it with Trevor Fox second and Aimee Funk third.

Josh Wedge showed no mercy in the 19-27 Expert class with a win in all three rounds of “Total Points” racing. Chris Pfeffer was second with Jayna Roy third.

The last main of the day was the 28-35 class and Tony Kimiega aced a perfect. Stone cold Steve Scibelli was second with Jennifer Wood third.

It was nice to have a couple of visitors in the tower during the break today. Singe A Pro Max Egdorf and Danielle Jolicouer stopped by to say hello.

We have put a lot of focus on our “Quest for the Best” chase for the top point earners in each of the proficiency classes. We feel it’s added another element of fun to the season however, we also feel that doing the best that you can do is the most important thing. Novices and Intermediates should continue to race their hardest and try to earn their move-ups to the next level. That is more important then being number one in the lower classes.

This Thursday night is our Olympic day race. It’s free to everyone. Registration is from 5:30 – 6:30 with racing ASAP. Its also a points race. Just sayin!

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