Tonight we held our third annual Olympic Celebration night and it was a decent turnout for this USABMX mandated free race. Some new riders did sign up to give our sport a chance.

Our two regular Strider riders were here and its always fun to cheer on Hayley Blackburn and Brandi Wilkinson.

In 6 year old Novice action Emmit Soboslai signed up but decided not to give it a shot just yet. He sat out all three rounds of total point’s action. Seth Glenwright-Roberts nailed a “perfect” with Elena Curtis keeping the pressure on him with a close second place finish.

It was total points racing also for the 7 year old Novice class. Andrew Beach got the job done with another “perfect”. Kevin Kelleher was second and Mike Schaller was third. This was only Mikes second time here and, if he becomes a regular; he should develop into a solid BMXican.

There were 5 riders registered in the 9 year old Novice class and it was sure interesting racing with some jubilation and some heartbreak. With Jana Wilkinson transferring out of the first round of motos and Jon Young doing the same in round two; there were still 3 riders left going for the two transfer spots left in round three. Leah Fox and new trial rider Xavier Soboslai were battling hard not realizing that all they had to do was stay in the top two positions to transfer into the main event. Another new trial-rider was Olivia Jalbert and she was running nearly a whole straight behind the two leaders who would surely transfer. As Leah and Xavier reached the fourth turn, the desire to win got the best of them and they crashed into each other. They were obviously unhurt but struggling to untangle the wreckage when Olivia pedaled by them both. As Olivia reached the final turn, it was Xavier managing to get back on his bike first. Leah was right behind him but it was Xavier preventing Leah form making her first main of the year. Jana Wilkinson won the main event, Jonathan was second with Xavier third.

In the 11 year old Novice class, it was all new trial-Riders. Baley William Levine was awesome and looked like he had been racing for some time. This boy has some skills! Cullen Swanson was second with Tyler Tucci third. Tyler was a little tentative after an early crash but also looked like he could be a good one. We hope we see them all again soon.

The 14 year old Novice class featured 3 new riders and one experienced rider (Mike Wilkinson). Mike had no problem winning the main event with Dan Heideger and Owen Jalbert second and third. Good effort by Brandon Beland who missed the transfer.

Next up was the “Legend of Doom”. The 36-40 year old Novice class. Kevin Soboslai transferred out of round 1 in this four rider shootout. Mike Wilkinson, after watching his two kids doing well obviously thought he would show them how he could match their skill sets. He looked great for two straights. He then did a perfect belly-flop off the big jump coming out of turn two and was not seen on a bike again this night. In round two it was Jennifer Wood, sporting a hot-looking new uniform, the only rider out there as Lisa Karotkin was a no-show. The main event was only Jennifer and Kevin going for the Olympic Night glory. As they sped into turn two Kevin flattened out the bump in the asphalt with a horrendous wreck. Leaving some skin DNA from his shoulder and arm on the track, it was the breath that got knocked out of him that kept him down for a few minutes. When asked later if he heard what was going on around him he responded that he could hear anything as the birds and bells were too loud. Jennifer Wood won her first main event in this Survivor Series race.

In 7 year old Intermediate action Shawn Biello would win this total points battle. Noah Andersen and Owen Annonsen, who recently moved up into the Intermediate class, both were very competitive and kept the heat turned up on Shawn in all three rounds. Owen, had he not suffered a flat tire in the second round, may have won it. When the points were tallied is was Shawn first, Owen second and Noah third.

‘Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly held off Jacob Faunce and Kayden Smith in 8 year old Intermediate total point’s action.

In the 10 year old Intermediate class it was heartbreak again for Pierce Curtis and his fans as he just missed making the 3 rider main event. Pierce continues to improve after putting some medical issues behind him and has a lot of people rooting for him. Robbie Webb, the only Expert ranked rider in this class was first with Evan Glenwright-Roberts second and Mason Blackburn third.

In 12 year old Intermediate action it was J.T. Kelleher suffering a fall that would keep him out of tonight’s main event. JT was unhurt. Matt Webb repeated what his younger brother had done in the previous main by winning it leading from start to finish. Second place went to Josh Faunce with Ashley Jasensky third.

Justin Mark tried hard but just missed the cut in the 15 Intermediate class which was won by “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor. Tommy Gladstone was second while third went to Lewis Cianfarani.

It was great to see Josh Sanford making a return to BMX with a nice win in the 19-27 Intermediate class. Trevor Fox and a still recovering Ethan Begnoche were second and third.

The last main event of the night was the 46 & over Expert class. Mike Savage, a veteran of 34 years of racing, continues to outrace father time as he held off a younger “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli and Charlie Grover.


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