Race #9

So this week was bound to be a low rider turnout with both Massachusetts and New York holding State Qualifiers on our race day. Without the striders and the Open motos the rider count was only 60 riders split into just 16 motos. But, the racing was certainly as hot as the 84 degree temperature.

Before we started, three riders were presented Certificates of Achievement in recognition of their recent move ups to the Intermediate level. These were riders who had earned the move up at our track. On June 8th it was Noah Andersen racing his last race as a Novice. Last week we had two riders turn the deed; Owen Annonson and Nathanial Terra earned their move ups. Nate was also named Rider-Of-The-Week for last week. Mike Wilkinson was also selected Rider-Of-The-Week for his efforts on Thursday night. Mike will receive his reward when he next attends a race here. Nate selected Ethan Begnoche as his favorite rider.

Parker Kennedy and Hayley Blackburn got the day started with their rendition of “Striders-On-Fire”. Always fun to cheer them on and witness the sportsmanship at the finish line.

Our Open winners today were “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly in the eight rider 7-8 Mixed Open; Norm Gauvin in the 21-25 Mixed Open and Robbie Webb in the 9-10 Open grouping.

With only 3 riders in the 5 & under Novice class it was a clean sweep of the motos for Matt Horjatschon. Kayla Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) and Landon Hansen traded second place finishes but Kayla would be declared the overall second place finisher based on total points.

It was also a “Total Points” race in the 6 year old Novice class with Brady Kennedy winning round one. Round two would go to Mary Sloan forcing a real classic shootout for the day’s title. Round three saw Brady get the good start and hold off Mary for the overall win. Mary totaled enough points to stay in front of an improving Elena Curtis, who finished third.

It was a decent turnout for the 7 year old Novice class as 6 riders were in the house going hard for the 5 qualifying positions in the main event. Liam Keatley would be the first to qualify out of round one. A scary moment occurred when Noah Bell hit the turn one deck really hard. Noah laid there for a few moments but then showed just how tough they make riders in the Bay State as he picked himself up and walked off the track. Round two it was Cole Barker and Andrew Beach transferring out of the moto directly to the starting grid in the main event. Round three was a battle between Noah Bell, Kevin Kelleher and the “Magic Man” Mike Schaller. Mike, despite a great try, just missed making the main. Liam Keatley, well rested, came out and blew away the competition with a nice win. Battered and bruised Noah Bell, amazingly nailed down a solid second place finish while third went to Kevin Kelleher.

It would be a five rider show-down in the 8 year old Novice class. Danbury’s Samantha Sperrazza, in her first ever visit here, missed making the main but not through lack of effort. She is going to be a good one. Aidan Drenen put his machine in the winner’s circle. Caden Kennedy earned an impressive second place finish while third went to Litchfield’s Jacob Hladik.

In the 28-35 class it was great to have a couple of new riders with us from Rhode Island. Welcome to Norm Gauvin and Shawn “Big-Mac” Mack. Dave Norris didn’t waste any time in grabbing the main event lead and earning the top spot on the podium. Mack was second while Gauvin was third. Good try by Thursdays winner Jen Wood but she missed the cut today.

Moving onto the Intermediate ranks we started with the 7 year old division. Noah Andersen lost the third round battle with his best friend Owen Annonson for the last transfer spot to the main and had to sit and cheer his friend on. The main event win went to Shawn Biello but Owen Annonson, riding as an Intermediate for the first time, really kept the heat turned up proving he is not going to pay many dues before he becomes competitive in the higher proficiency class. Shawn had to use some sweet passing skills to earn this win. Owen scored a nice second place finish while Robbie Solsbury was third.

The biggest turnout in the Intermediate classes was the 9 year old group. “Fierce” Pierce Curtis just missed the third round transfer by about a bikes length. He is definitely starting to regain the skills that we all admired just a short time ago. Aidan Biello duplicated the win that his little brother Shawn enjoyed in the previous main as he was today’s champion. Kayden Smith was second while third across the finish stripe was Johnny “Hot-Rod” Tomboly.

In the 11 year old Intermediate class, a new “phenom” has arisen. We first saw Baley William Levine on Thursday at the Olympic race when he impressed us all with riding skills that were exceptional for a Novice rider. He did the same today winning this 4 rider main event. What’s even more impressive is that he was the only Novice rider in the group. JT Kelleher was right there in the second spot with Kyle Lyman finishing third. It was heart-breaking to see Mason Blackburn ride off into the afternoon sun after not making today’s main. This was only the second time this year that Mason missed the cut.

The rest of the Intermediate classes would be “Total Points” races. Matt Webb aced a “Perfect in the 12 year old division with Fin Milton second and the only Intermediate in the group, Austyn Denette third. The good news for Austyn is that Expert Points are awarded. Matt and Fin are both Experts. Fin does gain some ground on Jerry Taylor for the Track championship quest as Jerry was at a state qualifier elsewhere.

The 14 year old class also featured a “prefect” and this time it was Jagur Layman (Colby Direct Delivery) who pulled it off. Haley Denette was really looking good but fell heavily on the third straight in round one and sat out the rest of the day. We certainly hope she is OK. Marissa Lyman was today’s second place finisher.

In 9 year old Expert action Robbie Webb, preparing for his first visit to South Park next week, nailed down the main event win. Trevor Cooper was second with Garret Cooper finishing third.

Casey Tanner got the best of Trevor fox and Alexus Doty in the 16 year old Expert grouping with a perfect score of 3.

Chris Pannullo did the same in the 17-18 year old class keeping Bikers Edge team mate Chris Pfeffer behind him as well as Jayna Roy.

Moto 19 saw our certified coach Josh Wegde score a three round total points sweep over second place finisher Josh Sandford and third place finisher Mike Sigrist.

Remember, we ARE racing next Sunday July 6th. See you there.

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