Week #5

With a National event within driving distance some of our “regulars were off to Maryland for the East Coast Nationals. Sometimes while the cat’s away the mice will play. The invasion from Massachusetts was super impressive and appreciated with 41 Bay State riders in the house. Combined with 50 Connecticut riders, one from New York and another from Vermont, the turn out, at least by 2014 standards, was not too bad. Counting the 5 Open motos the count was 28.

One rider, Jonah Graves, was pulled from the moto sheets as he was injured in practice. Jonah suffered two arm fractures and is now recovering and in fairly good spirits. We all wish him well and that he comes back next year.

Before we started “The Gong Show” Noah Bell was named as our “Rider-Of-The-Week” for his efforts last week. When asked who his favorite rider was, this 6 year old hot-rod” responded with “Matt from Whip City”. All I know is Matt is another 6 year old.

In the Open classes our winners were Kyle McDonnell in the 7-8 mixed open; Rylan Carlson in the 9-10 mixed open; Ashley Jasensky in the 11-12 mixed open, Gunar Vansteenbergen in the 15-16 mixed open and Scotty Thomson in the 17-20 open.

In the 6 year old novice class it would be a full gate of 8 riders battling in the motos for the 7 spots in the main event starting grid. Dan Smith and Noah Bell from round one; Mary Sloan and Leithen McMillan from round two and Owen Kumeiga, Landon Hansen and Kayla Barker from round three, lined up across the starting hill for the main event. Elena Curtis would be the rider who didn’t make the cut despite a strong effort. Noah Bell made his Foothills debut one week ago by winning the main event and the “Rider of the Week” designation. Showing it was no fluke he captured the Main today as well. Danny Smith battled hard and earned a solid second while Mary Sloan continued to impress us with a nice third.

It was another strong turnout in the 7 year old novice class as they also had 8 riders registered. A new rider for us was Max Maroni from Middletown. He tried very hard and just missed making today’s main event. Noah Anderson and Owen Annonson were the first to qualify. Brady Carlson and Max Zdziarski made it from round two. The third round saw Kevin Kelleher, Andrew Beach and Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) make the cut. In the main event it was Noah Anderson edging out Owen Annonson for the win while Brady Carlson would earn a third.

In the 8 year old novice class, Rich Castaldi (Ted and Nancy sponsored), earned his second win of the year in this 5 rider shootout. Southbury’s Ryder Vansteenbergin showed some skill with a nice second place finish and Asher Smith would finish third. Vinny Orlandi put in a valiant effort but missed the cut. His day will come if he stays with it.

It was a strange occurrence in the 5 rider 11 year old novice class. With 5 riders registered it would be four riders transfering out of the motos. Kai Escobar transferred from round one. Alex Orlov from round two leaving three riders battleing for two positions in the third round. But then only Sasha Kulo showed up for that round giving her the spot unchallenged. Chase Chabot and Mason Vansteenbergin were nowhere to be found. So what should have been a 4 rider main became a 3 rider main. Kai won it. Alex was second and Sasha third.

The only novice class racing for “Total Points” was the 13 year old grouping. Ethan Escobar aced a “perfect” with three wins, Max Chabot was second and Kirsten McDonnell finished third. It was the same finishing order in all three rounds of action.

Four glory seekers turned out in the 17-18 novice class and Evan Benis, making the trek all the way from Enfield, would go home empty handed as he missed the cut. The order they qualified out of the motos would be the order of finish in the main event. John McKay was first, Kyle Cortis second and Dakota Cortis third.

In Intermediate style racing the 7 year old class started us off. Nate Giroux was the first to transfer out of the motos as we took one rider from each round. Shawn Biello was next from round two and Logan Corrales edged Koleton Kolodziej for the last spot in the main in round three. Using that as the scenario that would suggest that Nate was favored to win the main, it would not happen as Shawn Biello would put his bike into the winners circle. Nate settled for second and it was Logan finishing third.

The 8 year old Intermediate class was the first of many total points races that would feature flat-footed ties going into the third round. Kyle McDonnell and Fisher Stites traded moto wins in the first two rounds. Kyle would win the deciding third round keeping Fisher behind him. Josh Faunce would keep his Evolution X colors behind these two riders.

It was a nice turnout with 6 riders registered in the 9 year old Intermediate class. Brian Neff, Professional Engineer, sponsors the entire Barker family for the year here at Foothills. That’s pretty impressive support. One of his riders, Dylan Barker, has been so much fun to watch as his skills have developed since we first saw him in 2012. Today he aced his first win of 2014 here at Foothills. Aidan Biello sure made Dylan work hard as he finished a close second while third went to Trevor Nielson.

“Total Points Racing” for the 12 year old class as there were only three riders in the house. One of the three thrown into the mix was 11 years old and it would make a difference. Round one saw Austyn Denette put one in the win column. Round two it was Josh Faunce doing the same. These two 12 year olds battled for supremacy in round three with Austyn going home with a hard earned victory. Josh was second and J.T. Kelleher, the only 11 year old Intermediate today, was third.

In the 14 year old Intermediate class it was Jordan Benis and Gunar Vansteenbergin swapping moto wins in the first two rounds setting up a classic shootout for the win in round three. Gunar won the tie-breaker and Josh Perrier beat Jordan for second in that last round. The official order once the points were tallied was Gunar, Jordan and Josh 1-2-3.

Corey Heath aced a “perfect” in the three rider 15 year old Intermediate class as he led the way in all three rounds of this total points class. A perfect second went to Matt Kolodziej while Joel Collins settled for third.

Cody “Crash” Marchildon did the same in the 19-27 Intermediate total points shootout. Dave Norris was second and Dan Cortis settled into the third spot.

In the 12 year old Girls class it was great to see some unfamiliar faces here for the first time in 2014. Our one regulars, home-grown long haired rocket would show them how it’s done. Ashley Jasensky, finally grouped with riders her own age earned her first win of the year in impressive fashion. Ashley has been noticeably more aggressive this year and it paid off yesterday. Haley Denette was second while Bella Delorenzo was third. Kaylynn Cortis tried so hard but just missed the cut as Bella earned the last transfer spot into the main.

In limited Cruiser action, 19 year old Ryan Bogli, grouped with 7 year old Brady Carlson and 12 year old Jacob Bacis easily won what was described as 17-20 Cruiser. Jacob was second with Brady third.

In 26-30 “Big-Wheel” action “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli crossed the stripe first in all three rounds of total points racing. Rebecca Marchildon and Amanda Orlandi were second and third.

Finishing up with the Experts, there were 3 registered in the 9 year old class. The Cooper boys, Trevor and Garret would trade moto wins setting up a family shootout for bragging rights at the dinner table. Matt Bacis had the best seat as he finished third behind these brothers. The third round saw “little Bro” Trevor beat his brother for the win.

In 12 expert racing it was odd man out for Jacob Bacis. This Kryptonite rock star really put in a good effort but just could not get by Joe Martin for the last spot in the 3-rider main event. Our point’s leader for the Track Championship title maintains his lead by winning this main event. Fin Milton, who crashed through the second turn fence in practice, was second while Joe Martin was third.

The 4 qualifying positions in the main event were determined early in the first round when reining 3-time female track champion Kyly Milton would crash hard on the first jump. She would not return and eventually would take the ambulance ride to the hospital as a precaution. I’m happy to report that she is suffering from some bumps and bruises but no broken bones and expected back soon. In the main event it was Dean Zebian capturing the win. Justin Boissonneault was second and third went to Matt Rowe.

“The Wild-Bunch”, 15 experts, saw Scotty Thomson and “Double D” Dylan Denette share moto wins in the first two rounds of total points racing. Scotty won the deciding third round grabbing the overall win. Dylan was second with former track champion Lexi Doty finishing third.

In the 19-27 expert class it was Chris Pfeffer winning rounds 1 and 2 of total points racing. It looked like an easy overall win was in the cards. Sometimes the BMX gods are not kind and that was the case today for Chris as he became sick and was power hurling. Tyler Cortis, who finished second behind Chris in those first two motos would inherit the overall as Chris could not start and default to a third place finish in that final round. Overall it was Tyler on top with Chris salvaging a second and Ryan Bogli was third.

In the last race of the day it was a 3-rider shootout in the 28-35 Expert class. After a long absence it was great to see Tony Kumeiga back at Foothills. Tony would ace a “perfect” with Jeff Orlandi hanging onto second despite finishing third in round three. “Stone Cold” Scibelli was third.

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