Week # 2

It’s the second week and we experienced problems like it was week #1. Like all tracks these days, we use a laptop to create the motos. As riders visit Foothills, the data base grows from week to week. This week our primary computer experienced the Blue-Screen-Screen-Of-Death a number of times after a memory upgrade during the week. We went to our back-up computer. The data base of riders who were here last week was not in the backup computer so more time was required to load everyone who was there today even if they raced last week. Compounding the problem, this backup computer was not configured with the proper printer driver to communicate with the printer used to print moto sheets. Normally we could go online and download the proper driver however, for reasons unknown, we could not connect to the internet. With reluctance, we resorted to hand writing the 32 moto sheets causing the delay. We apologize once again and have put things into play that should prevent this fluke from ever occurring again.

So it was about 1:10 when we finally dropped the gate.
Even this being Mother’s day the turnout was decent. The total entry list was 125 Riders with 4 being Striders and another 23 jumping in the open classes.

In Strider action James Slavin, Molly Hile, Willow Hicks and Haley Blackburn kick the day off with providing some fun to watch excitement.

Winners in the Open Classes included Zander Hicks in 11-12 Open, Tyler Bailey in 7-8 Open, Nate Caron in the 11-12 Open class and Anthony Lucchesi in the 15-16 Open group.

Starting with the Cruisers Cody Belfer, from New Jersey, Looked like he would ace a perfect in the 8 year old total points shootout after he won round one and round two. IN the third round it was Mason Jacquier winning but overall it was Cody 1st, Mason second and Zach Tuohy finishing third.

It was also total points action in the 13 year old bracket with Alex Kuehn and Dave “The Beast” Albert trading wins in the first two rounds. The tie-breaking third round went to Albert giving him the overall win. Alex was second with Derek Fantano, after a broken chain sealed his fate, would settle for third.

The 17-20 gang was also going for total points and it was Jacob Oliver finishing first overall with two moto wins, Jake Wallack (New Hampshire) Moved up to the second spot by winning round three while Ryan Bogli would finish third.

In the 41-45 three rider group it was Fred Roy nailing down a perfect day with three moto wins, A trimmed down Bob Delamare (Rhode Island), was a solid second with Gina Layman third.

24 Novice riders were split into 5 groups with the first being the 6 year old class. Elizabeth Von Wahlde transferred out of round one. Round two qualifiers were Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) and Mary Sloan and round three saw Landon Hansen and Ayden Hermanson making the cut. Kayla Barker was the rider who didn’t make it but she will soon enough. In the Main event it was Cole Barker getting the job done. Elizabeth Von Wahlde second with the third spot going to Mary Sloan.

The 7 year old Novice class was made up of 7 riders vying for the 6 positions making up the starting grid for the Main event. Owen Annonson and Noah Anderson from round one. Brady Carlson and Andrew beach from round two and Kevin Kelleher and Maurice Brazie from round three made up the Main event lineup. Libby Hile tried hard but just couldn’t qualify for the Main. Owen Annonson won the main with second going to Andrew Beach.

Leah Fox, looking stronger this week, just missed making the three rider 9 year old Novice Main event. Brooke Klemonski easily got the job down with Richard Castaldi second and Jana Wilkinson third.
Kirsten McDonald put in a great effort but just missed making the 11 year old Novice Main. Derek Wood put his bike in the winner’s circle with Alex Orlov and Jack Van Horn rounding out the top three.

Nate Terra won the total points 14 Novice class with a win in each of the three rounds. That was a nice comeback after he wrecked last week. Michael Wilkinson held off Ethan Escobar for the second spot.

In Intermediate action, we started with the 8 year old division. “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly had a tough day and missed the cut. Kyle McDonald put the Main in his personal win-column. Cole Melillo was second while Riley Hile settled into the third spot. Good news for everyone as all would earn "expert" points as there was one expert ranked rider in the mix.

5 riders made up the field for the 9 year old Intermediate class. Ethan Hine had an off day and missed the cut. Aidan Biello and Dylan Barker (Brian Neff p.E.) finished first and second with Zander Hicks finishing third.

The 10 year old group featured 4 riders going for those 3 coveted main event positions. Mason Blackburn was the rider just missing the transfer this week. Rylan Carlson made it two weeks in a row with his win. Tom Lucchesi was second and the third spot was earned by Kyle Lyman.

It was Total points racing for the 12 year old Intermediate gang and Austyn Denette aced a perfect with three wins. Jorn Layman and J.T. Kelleher were second and third in all three rounds.

We had 9 girls racing this week split into three groups of Total Points action. In 9 year old racing it was Danica Bailey winning all three round with Azra Milton and Marissa Lyman second and third.

The 14 year old class saw reining track champion coming back from last weeks crash to ace a perfect today. Ashley Jasensky and Haley Denette were second and third.

In 17-20 year old action, Brianna Delamare made her annual trek to Foothills from Rhode Island and won all three rounds. Jayna Roy and Michaela Groves battled hard for the second spot with Michaela just edging Jayna for the second spot. It was good to see Michaela back racing after a year off.

It was a great turnout for experts with 32 of these experienced riders in the house. The main event lineup in the 8 year old class saw Cody Belfer, Tyler Bailey and Mason Jacquier going for some glory. Trevor Cooper just missed the cut. Tyler Bailey, another Rhode Island rider, won the main event. The second spot was earned by Cody Belfer with Mason Jacquier third.

Robbie Webb won all three round in his 10 yr old Expert total points grouping. Garret Cooper was second all day long with Derek Fantano third.

It was the same in the 11 yr old Expert class with Matt Webb duplicating the efforts of his little brother Robbie. Matt won all three rounds with Fin Milton a close second and Cameron Albaugh third.

The 12 year old Expert Main event looked like it was going to be very very close. Joe Martin and Nate Caron were really going at it down the first straight. In turn one Joe got on the inside and passed Nate. As they sped up the second straight it was handle bar to handle bar into the big double. Joe went down in flames allowing Nate to have the rest of the lead spot all to himself. At the stripe it was Nate, Alex Kuehn and “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor. Joe would eventually get up and finish out the main. He sure showed how tough he is.

Dave “The Beast” Albert won all three rounds of 13 yr old Expert action. He was able to hold off second place finisher Zac Albaugh and third place finisher Noah Klemonski.

In the 14 Expert class Jacob Oliver was on his way to a total points perfect after winning the first two rounds. Dean Zebian, finally got the track dialed in and he ruined Jakes perfect with a third round win. Overall it was Jake, Dean and Justin Boissonneault.

In 15 year old Expert action “Double D” Dylan Denette missed the cut. Kryptonite’s Anthony Lucchesi won the main with Biker’s Edge Ethan Begnoche second and Scott Thomson third.

The strange day for experts continued as yet another good rider failed to make the transfer in the Main event. This time it was Chris Pfeffer forced to watch from the sideline. Chris Pannullo, reining track champion, put another win in the record books. Jake Wallack was second with Trevor fox finishing third.

The next to last class of the day was the 19-27 Expert three rider shoot-out. Josh Wedge looked to be in a class by himself as he easily captured the win in all three rounds of this total points class. Ryan Bogli was second with Dave Norris third.

Finally it was 46 & over Expert time with Fred Roy, Craig Begnoche (Novice) and Steve Scibelli grouped together. “Red Hot” Roy aced the perfect with “Stone Cold” Scibelli second and “Ice Cold” Begnoche third.

That’s it everyone and thanks for sticking it out today. Next week its our annual Bob Warnicke race. This is a USABMX Double points event with a $20 entry fee and certificates as awards as mandated by USABMX.

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