Week #16

What a beautiful day for racing. Week #16 and the stretch run with only 2 races left after today. The turnout was good with 101 riders competing in 27 motos of class racing, another 5 in Striders and then the free Opens resulted in a moto count of 35.

We started off with the Striders and split the 5 of them into two groups. Group 1 was Haley Blackburn and Jaxson Grover, both 3 years old, and John Dravis who is 4 years old. The second group was made up of Brandi Wilkinson at 2 years old and Savanah Grover at only one year old. All five got the crowd going with some short legged action.

In the six Open classes, today’s winners were as follows: Mac Zdziarski in the 7-8 Mixed Open; Trevor Nielson in 9-10 Mixed Open; Jake Stephens in 13-14 Mixed Open; Justin Mark in the 17-20 Mixed Open; Robbie Webb in 9-10 Open and Anthony Luchessi in the 15-16 Open.

The first “Points Class” of the day was the 9 year old Cruiser division with four riders competing. Mason Jacquier, the youngest rider at 7 years old fell victim to the age game and missed the transfer into the three rider main event. Ty Bailey, in his first Cruiser race at Foothills, easily got the job done. Aiden Badendyck earned a solid second place finish while Mason Bruns was third.

In the 11 year old Cruiser class only 3 riders were competing making this the first of many “Total Points” races. Avery Badendyck earned today’s victory, Mike Bohlke was second and first time Foothills rider Mickey Gladu was third.

In the 17-20 year old Cruiser bracket, in reality it was a 12 year old, a 13 year old and a 20 year old. It’s significant however as the two riders who have a shot at the Foothills Cruiser Title were in this moto. 20 year old Ryan Bogli trailed 13 year old Dave Albert by 85 points going into today. This race would be a Total Points even so every moto was important. Bogli won round one with Albert finishing 3rd behind Alex Kuehn. Round two and Bogli flipped the gate! “The beast”, Dave Albert would win the moto. Bogli picked himself up and got on the gas and passed Kuehn before the finish line for second. In round three Bogli again came out on top resulting in an official finishing order for the day as Bogli, Kuehn and Albert. Dave’s lead has shrunk to 45 points with only two races left.

Next up was the 46-50 Cruiser class. Four riders going for a win with Marcia Caron thrown in with this group of very experienced riders including ¬†former world champion Mike Savage. Marcia had to sit and watch the main as she did not qualify. Jeff B adendyck continued his take-no-prisoners approach with his fifth Foothills Cruiser win this year. Savage was second with “Moose”, Bob Delamare third.

The 5 & Under Novice class was also a Total Points race with two 5 year olds and one four year old competing. The last time we saw 4 year old Clive Moscuzza was on May 15th when he failed to transfer into that day’s main event. Today he didn’t have to worry about transferring as it was Total Points racing but he would have if he had to. He aced a Perfect by winning all three rounds for the overall win. Landon Hanson was second with Kayla Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) third.

In the 6 year old Novice class it was a big day in the racing career of Mary Sloan. She won this Total Points even by winning two of three rounds with Leithan McMillan second and Elena Curtis third. This was Mary’s 10th win and she now moves up to the “Girls” Class. Congratulations to Mary Sloan!
With 6 riders entered in the 7 year old Novice class this would be a good battle. Cadighan Gladu, making his first time at Foothills, tried hard but missed qualifying for today’s main event. Mac Zdziarski has put together two great weeks here and captured today’s win. Tim Meagher, racing his first time here was second. Third was earned by Andrew Beach (Valley Bolt and Screw).

Total Points racing in the 8 year old Novice class resulted in a finishing order of Jacob Hladik, Riley Gladu and Rich Castaldi. This was the first win for Jake. Congrats.

Justin Mark made it two out of three moto wins in the 15 Novice Total Points race after Mike Wilkinson won the first round. Colin Bliss finished third overall behind Mark and Wilkinson.

It would be three ladies competing for the win in the 28-35 Total Points Novice race. Paige Denette would win the battle scoring a perfect. Jen Wood was second with Emily Bliss our third place finisher.

It was a good turnout in the 7 year old Intermediate class with Expert rider Matt Meagher in the mix. This means “Expert Points’ for all riders in the main event making the transfer all the more important for the points chasers. Bad luck for Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) as he was odd man out picking up only 6 rider points. Matt Meagher won the main. Shawn Biello finished with a hard earned second place while holding off a hard-charge from third place finisher Noah Andersen.

Total Points action for the 8 year old Intermediate class and the battles were classic. It was a different order of finish in all three rounds. Rounds one and two went to “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly with RJ Reale winning round three. When the dust finally settled it would be Tomboly, Reale and Zack Tuohy finishing first, second and third.

The 9 year old Intermediate class was made up of 3 Intermediates and two Novice riders. This means Intermediate points awarded to all who make the main. Unfortunately for Novice Jana Wilkinson, she would only get 5 rider points as she missed the transfer. It was a big win for Trevor Nielson as he edged out Jacob Faunce and Aidan Drenen.

With four riders vying for only three spots in the 10 year old Intermediate class, it’s always tough to see someone not make the transfer. In this case that someone was “Fierce” Pierce Curtis. Pierce has been battling some health issues and has really stuck with it through thick and thin. We admire his desire and continue to hope for nothing but the best for him. Pierce did have a nice win recently over in Rhode Island. Today it was Kyle Lyman claiming victory with Ethan Hine and Mason Blackburn second and third. Mason has competed in all 16 races here this year.

In 11 year old action for our Intermediates, it was Kai Escobar sweeping all motos in this Total Points event. Baley Levine and Tommy Luchessi finished second and third.

The 12 year old Intermediate class also was involved in a Total Points situation and “The Shadow” Austyn Dynette, racing as the only intermediate, won it with a moto-sweep. Ashley “Smashley” Jasensky, racing as the only Girl, was second increasing her lead in the quest for the female track championship. Kirsten McDonnell, racing as the only Novice rider in this mix finished third. Ashley also has raced every race this year.

A Perfect sweep though the motos for Ethan Escobar in the 15 year old intermediate Total Points race. Lewis Cianfarani was second with Hailee Lemke third.

It would be tough duty for 8 year old Marissa Lyman as she had to race two 11 year old Girls Avery Badendyck and Haley Denette in this Total Points shootout. Age does make a difference and this one would go down with Haley first, Avery second and Marissa third.

In the Expert class for 8 year olds Mason Bruns would nail down the win. Trevoir Cooper earned and important second place finish with Kyle McDonnell third. It was a great effort by 7 year old Mason Jacquier who just missed making the transfer. Trevor Cooper now trails in the quest for the Track Championship by only one point!

In 9 year old Expert action, Aidan Biello, just missed the transfer. Aiden just earned his move up recently and is paying his dues now. Tyler Bailey earned today’s win in only his second time here this season with Robbie Webb second and Dylan barker (Brian Neff P.E.) third.

In the 11 year old Expert class Matt Webb would hold off a great effort from Garret Cooper. Mike Bohlke would finish third. Garret maintains the lead in the quest for the championship by one point over his brother Trevor.

The largest class of the day was the 13 year old expert class with 7 riders entered. One of those riders was an Intermediate and it would be Jacob Stephens the Intermediate who did not make it. Nate Caron, in only his third race here this year, did the same thing he did the other two trips here by winning another one. “The Beast” Dave Albert was second with third going to Matt Rowe.

In 15 year old Expert action, Anthony Luchessi is back from his trip to the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista Ca., and immediately put his new found skill on display. It was a nice win for him beating Jacob Oliver and Dean Zebian.

The 17-18 Expert class had only two experts in it combined with 17 year old Intermediate Nick Brown. Nick would finish third in the Total Points shoot-out but does earn Expert points. Chris Pannullo beat fellow expert Chris Pfeffer for the win.

The 28-35 year old Expert gang featured four riders. “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli was odd man out despite a good effort. Josh Wedge continues his streak of winning whenever he wants to with another victory. Charlie Grover, first time we have seen him as an Expert, was second with Ryan Bogli third.

The next to final race of the day was the three rider Total Points race for 41-45 year old Experts. Jeff Badendyck, after a third place finish in round one, came back and won the next two giving him the overall win using the tie-breaker. Jeff Bruns settled for second place with Mike Sigrist third.

The last race was for the three riders in the 46 & over Expert class. Kinda crazy as three riders made up of thjree proficiencies. MIke Savage (expert) won it. Craig Begnoche (Novice) was second with Chris Bliss (Inter) third.


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