Week #17

The day broke with gloomy skies after an overnight soaking rain. With mist in the air it was determined that the track surface was easily salvageable so we decided to race. So combining the facts regarding the weather, the National Event in Ontario, where some of our regulars were at, and a fall series race in Bethel, this race was certainly not to the moto counts that we have enjoyed most of the regular season.

60 riders were in attendance resulting in 15 motos of class competition, one 4 rider Strider moto and 3 Opens where 14 of those 60 also competed. 19 motos resulted in a short day full of some hot action.

Before we started, we played catch-up with Riders-Of-The-Week, at least we tried to. For August 17, we still are trying to present the award to Caden Kennedy, who was not here again this week. For August 24th, we named Leithen McMillan as the recipient. He was not here either so those two awards will be saved for them. For last week, it was Mac Zdziarski, 7 year old Novice rider who named Wyatt Brazie as his favorite rider.

With 4 year old John Dravis; 3 year old Jaxson Grover and Haley Blackburn and 1 year old Savanah Grover competing in some Strider action, the fun started early.

Winners in the three Open classes were Owen Annonson in the 7-8 mixed open; Ashley “Smashley” Jasensky im 11-12 mixed open; and Ethan Begnoche in the 11-12 Open.

Class racing began with the 3 rider 13 year old Cruiser class. It was 3 riders of 3 different ages racing in a Total Points situation. Andrew Hurst, riding out of Monson Massachusetts, showed that skill not age is the determining factor as he, being the youngest of the three, still aced a perfect sweep of all three rounds. Jagur Layman kept the heat turned up with a solid second while Mickey Gladu, pedaling a very heavy looking mountain bike, was third.

In the 41-45 Cruiser class there were four pretty determined riders providing some big-wheel excitement. With Gina Layman (Bud’s CafĂ© LLC) just touching the gate as her shoulder is still on the mend (we hope), this would be a three rider shootout between 20 year old Ryan Bogli; 48 year old Fred Roy and 47 year old former world champion Mike Savage. In our “Quest for the Best” Cruiser Class Champion competition, Dave Albert leads Ryan Bogli by a mere 45 points. This was a big race for Bogli as Dave Albert was competing in Ontario and not in the house. In the main event Bogli and Savage were side by side entering the first turn and Ryan managed to power his way to the lead up the second straight. With the “Legend” all over his rear wheel the rest of the way around, Ryan, feeling the hot breath of Savage on his back, managed to hold him off for a very impressive win. Mike was second with Fred Roy third. Ryan takes over the Cruiser points lead by 59 points with one week to go.

There were two Novice motos with the first being the 4 rider race in the 7 year old division. After Mac Zdziarski was named Rider-Of-The-Week, he showed us it was no fluke as he made it 3 weeks in a row with the win. Cadighan Gladu, in only his second week here, made his first main and finished second. Third went to Landon Hanson. Kayla Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) just missed making the transfer into the main.

In 9 year old Novice action, Riley Gladu, after finishing second last week, missed qualifying for the main this week despite a great try. Jacques Roy held off Asher Smith and Jacob Hladik for the win. This was mix of 8 and 9 year old riders and that 1 year difference does make a difference in Novice racing. Both Riley and Jacob were the two 8 year olds in this mix.

With 28 Intermediate riders registered today, this was the biggest proficiency classes in the house. Starting in the 6 year old mix this was a very interesting Total Points even. The line-up was two 6 year olds (Riley Hurst and Dan Smith) and one 5 year old (Aiden Grover). So in round one little 5 year old Aiden Grover pulls off the win! Hmmm was this a fluke? Round two it was Aiden again. No fluke at all as round three and Aiden completed the sweep. Finishing second was Riley while Dan finished third.

The 7 year old Intermediate class was also a Total Points race and also a Grover enjoying a sweep of the motos. This time it was Charlie Grover. Noah Andersen really looked good and powered his way to a solid second while Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) finished third.

In the 8 year old Intermediate class there were four riders competing. One interesting development was that one of them (Liam Keatley) forgot his shoes and was wearing Flip-Flops. He was able to borrow a pair of shoes and finish second. That was quite a “feet”. So while “Flipper” was finishing behind our winner, R.J. Reale, Owen Annonson would finish third. Marissa Lyman tried hard and just missed the transfer to the main.

The 10 year old class for Intermediates featured a free ride to the main event for three of them as Trevor Nielson was just touching the gate, getting his 9th race in at our track this year. One more race and he qualifies for our year end awards. Trevor has a broken left wrist suffered for a fall off a scooter. Go figure. This main event win belonged to Evan Glenwright-Roberts, who we haven’t seen since mid June. He held off Kyle Lyman, who was really looking strong as was our third place finisher Ken Cebik, who was visiting us for the first time.

It was a good turnout in the 11 year old class as 5 riders were going for it. 2 of the 5 were Experts (10 years old Andrew Hurst and Garret Cooper) so the four 11 year old Intermediates would all earn Expert points by making the main. Unfortunately Mason Blackburn would be the one rider who didn’t qualify. This was a big race for Garret Cooper as he is leading his brother Trevor by only 1 point in the Quest for the Track Championship. With Trevor in the staging area he got to see what his brother was doing on the track. From the start it was all Andrew Hurst in only his fourth visit here from Rhode Island as he continued to prove that the little Ocean State produces some pretty hot riders. Garret tried hard but could not find a way around Andrew and settled for second earning a total of 85 points. Third went to Baley William Levine.

The 13 year old Intermediate class featured some tight competition between three riders including one girl who have the Female track championship sewed up. Ashley Jasensky was competing with Jacob Stevens and novice rider Kirsten McDonnell. Ashley won the first round so it looked like a perfect would be coming here way soon. But round two Jacob Stevens passed her on the second straight and Ashley shut it down and turned on the cruise control finishing third behind Kirsten. Round three she stayed on the jammie but finished second behind Jacob so, when the points were totaled, it was Jacob First, Ashley second and Kirsten third.

Jake Layman, Lewis Cianfarani and Justin Mark made up the field in the 15 year old Intermediate shoot-out even though Justin is a Novice. Justin would finish third but earn “Intermediate points” which was still worth more than a win in the Novice class. Jake won round 1 with Lewis winning round two. Tied going into the tie-breaking third round, it was Jake making it 2 of 3 for the overall win.

The last Intermediate class was titled 18-35 Intermediate where, in reality, it was a Total Points race made up of 29 year old Intermediate Chris Morris and two Experts, (15 year old Ethan Begnoche and 18 year old Chris Pfeffer). Pfeffer won the first round but did not return for round two or three. Chris has some allergy problems and felt it was best to sit them out. This gave the overall win to Ethan and a big point’s day for Chris Morris who would finish second.

Three Expert main events closed out the second to last week of 2014 racing at Foothills. The first was the 9 year old class where the door was open for Trevor Cooper to take over the lead for the run at the Track Championship after his brother put 85 points in the bank with a second place finish a few mains earlier. With him in the main was Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) and Aidan Biello. Kyle McDonnell had to watch from the sidelines as he just missed qualifying. It was Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) the rider who was on fire and looked super-charged. His sponsor’s wife was in the house and cheering him on. It sure worked as he held off a tremendous effort and last straight sprint form Trevor. The margin of victory for Dylan was no more than 3 inches. Aiden would finish third. So Trevor earns 84 points and actually loses 1 point to Garret for the Championship race. Garret now has a 2 point lead with one week to go. Never in our 20 year history, has the race for the track championship been so close.

With 4 riders vying in the 13 year old Expert class one had to be dropped and after the three qualifying rounds Josh Faunce was the hard luck guy. Josh recently earned his move-up to the Expert class and will soon be a front runner here like he was in the lower proficiency classes. “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor, with hardly any practice today nailed the win. Second went to Matt Rowe with Jagur Layman third.

Finish out the day was the 46 & over Expert class made up of 4 Experts and one Novice (Craig Begnoche). Craig got to watch the main from the side lines as four experts would be show-casing some wicked skills. Mike Savage, Mike Sigrist, Fred Roy and Charlie Grover provided a pretty impressive lineup. At the stripe it would be Mike Savage showing he can still get it done after over 35 years of racing and won this main event. Mike Sigrist, who has about as many years experience as Savage was second with Fred Roy, the proverbial retiree, third.

So that’s it. It was a small race but full of great racing action and story lines.

Hope to see you all next week for the season finale. So long for now.


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