Week #18

So with the final day for the 2014 season here, mother nature shared with us one of the most beautiful days possible for early fall. With a whisper of color in the leaves, the skies were dark blue and the temperature hit the 80 degree mark. Even with a fall series race down in Bethel, we still managed to pull in 100 riders not including the 5 striders. Of those 100, 26 of them chose to jump into our free open classes making this a real Fall-Spectacular with 32 motos.

Before we started Jacob Hladik was named the Rider-Of-The-Week for his racing over the last couple of races. He struggled to come up with a rider that he would call his favorite and settled in on simply a rider who beats him. Sounds like that could just be recent award winner Mac Zdziarski.

After the motos were run, and some were very exciting and important to our “Quest For The Best competition, we took a 15 minute break where the 2014 staff of the Litchfield County BMX Group inc. was recognized for their dedication to the BMX program in Alvord Park, now completing it's 20th season of racing.

So here we go, for the last time for 8 months; first up was the strider competition. We took the five riders and split them into two groups. In group one it was 3 year olds Haley Blackburn and Jaxson Grover mixed in with 4 year old Molly Hile. No tears today as all had a great time.

In group two it was 2 year old Brandi Wilkinson and 1 year old Savannah Grover, with binky in place, showing us some great action.

9 riders entered the 7-8 year old mixed open class and Owen Annonson and Johnny Tomboly were the stars of that full-gate main event. Owen just beat “Hot-Rod” at the stripe. The four rider 9-10 mixed open was won by Dom Chaput; in 15-16 mixed open action Avery Badendyck was our winner; in the 9-10 open class Robbie Webb turned in the win and the 15-16 open class win went to Anthony Lucchesi.

So with the Cruiser class title still on the line this last week, All Ryan Bogli really needed to do was show up as he had a commanding 59 point lead over “The Beast” Dave Albert after  Dave competed up in Canada last week while Ryan stayed here and earned enough Foothills points to propel him to the points lead. With Albert not here this week either, the title would belong to Ryan.

With 16 Cruisers here it was a good mix of ages and they were split into 3 groups. The first was 9 year olds and Aiden Badendyck was the one rider not making the three-rider main event. Tyler Bailey pushed his NAG 3 machine to the winners circle with John Austin second and Mason Jacquier third.

The three-rider total point’s 12 year old Cruiser class saw Andrew Hurst and Landon Pease trade moto wins in this all Massachusetts event. Landon won the third round and the overall win with Andrew second and Mickey Gladu, riding a mountain bike, third.

In the five-rider shootout titled 41-45 Cruiser, there was a wide mix of ages as is the norm in USABMX Cruiser combining rules. In reality this group had male and female riders ranging from 13 years old through 52. The win would go to Ryan Bogli officially making him our 2014 Cruiser class track champion. Second today went to Renaldo Pistolessi with Jagur Layman (Colby Direct Delivery) finishing third.

In the Novice classes, the 5 and under was a total points event with Landon Hanson, not only sweeping the motos, he would be named Rider-Of-The-Week for this race. Landon named Mason Jacquier his favorite rider. Second place today went to Kayla Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) with third going to Ryder Duplessi in his first BMX race ever!

In the closest finish of the day the large 7 year old Novice class was sure exciting. There were 9 riders entered so they were split into two groups and, after the qualifying dust was settled, Cadighan Gladu was the one rider who would be eliminated in the moto rounds. One of the best moves came in the second round when Elena Curtis dove to the inside of Kolby Cutler to take over that position down in turn one.

Elena Curtis dives to the inside of Kolby Cutler providing some handllebar to handlebar excitement.

You could hear moms gasp in the big crowd of fans behind turn two. In the main event it was a classic two-rider breakaway with Andrew Beach (Valley Bolt and Screw) and Noah Bell really going for the win. As they came out of the final turn it was side-by-side action right to the stripe. From the tower we had to wait for the official decision on who won and it would be Noah. Andrew was second with Jayden Rego third. Jayden was making his first trip here from Rhode Island. Andrew Beach is Foothills 2014 Novice class champion.

The 8 year old Novice class only had three riders and this total point’s event would be swept by Mac Zdziarski. Jake Hladik earned second place honors with third going to Riley Gladu.

The last Novice class was for the 15 year old group and it was great to see 5 riders in the house. Justin Mark would hold off Mike Wilkinson for the win. Mike only needs one more for his earned move-up but it didn’t happen this day. Third went to Emily Fullerton.

The Intermediate classes started with the 7 year olds. Six riders were vying for the 5 main event positions and Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) was odd man out this day. Noah Andersen had himself some kind of day and he would not be denied in the main event. Noah won today and it was his first Intermediate win since mid July. Shawn Biello was second, becoming our 2014 Intermediate Class Champion and Charlie Grover finished third.

In 8 year old Intermediate action, Johnny Tomboly and Riley Hile were tied going into round three of this total point’s race. Riley would win the decisive third round for the overall win. “Hot-Rod” was second and Owen Annonson was third.

In 9 year old Intermediate action, Trevor Nielson was just touching the gate still nursing his broken wrist suffered from a scooter accident last week. This allowed the other four riders to have a free pass to the main event. Jesse Salva, whose last appearance at Foothills was back in June when he didn’t make the main event, not only made it but he won it this time! Jacob Faunce was a close second with Jana Wilkinson third.

In 10 year old action, there were four riders and Dominic Chaput turned in the win. Kyle Lyman was able to hold off Ethan Hine for second. Pierce Curtis (Rain Systems) appeared to have fun in spite of missing the cut.

Baley Levine continued his march through the Intermediate ranks with another win today in the 11 year old bracket. He was perfect in this total point’s race with Jorn Layman (Bud’s Café) second and Mason Blackburn third.

In the 12 year old Intermediate class it was a mix of three riders of three different proficiencies. 12 year old Intermediate, “The Shadow” Austyn Denette was our winner. 12 year old Girl Ashley Jasensky was second and 12 year old Novice Kirsten McDonnell was third. As Ashley crossed the finish line she became the 2014 Foothills BMX Female Track Champion. Congratulations to “Smashley”.

It would be the same deal in the next two classes. Chris Pfeffer swept the 10-27 Intermediate class with fellow expert Trevor Fox second and Emily Bliss (21 year old Novice) third. Because of this strange mix of riders (two experts and a girl), Emily still earns “Girl points” for her third place finish.
In 11 year old Girl racing, Avery Badendyck won this total point’s event with a perfect score. Haley Denette was a perfect second with third going to Marissa Lyman.

It was a great turnout of Expert riders today with 47 of them registered for today’s action.
The 9 year old group had 5 riders in it. Three of the five have National expert racing experience and it showed today. Aidan Biello, just joining the Expert ranks, had to watch from the sidelines as these more experienced riders went at it in the main. Tyler Bailey, who rides for the Alltow Wrecking Crew national Team, won today’s main on his NAG 10 mount. Robbie Webb (District 4) was second and Johathan Austin third.

In the 8 year old class and the 11 year old class, a male track champion would emerge. 10 year old Garret Cooper leads his 8 year old brother by a mere two points going into today. In the first round of motos Trevor transferred into his main event. Garret would not. In round two Garret would go down in flames on the third straight leaving round three as his last chance to keep his title hopes alive. He won that round and was now in the main event. The 8 year old main saw Trevor jump to the front and hold off Kyle McDonnell and Mason Jacquier for the win. He had done all that he could forcing the need for Garret to win his main to win the Track Championship. Garret's main was loaded with some very good national riders and Matt Webb (District 2) would be too much and Matt won the main, Cameron Albaugh was second with Garret Cooper third. Trevor Cooper becomes the new Foothills BMX Male Track Champion.  Congratulations to both Trevor and garret for a wonderful Qeust to be the best this season. The race has never been closer.

The 13 year old Expert class was another 5-rider shootout. Unfortunately Josh Faunce was the only 12 year old racing and he could not overcome that age difference and had to watch from the sidelines as Nate Caron got the job done. Matt Rowe was second with Jagur Layman (Colby Direct Delivery) third.

With 9 riders put into the 15 year old Expert class (including an Intermediate and a couple of 14 year olds) this would require two groups to whittle the field down to the final 8 riders. Jake Layman, the only Intermediate in the bunch gave it his all but missed qualifying against the higher ranked riders. Anthony Lucchesi made it look easy with Jacob Oliver second and Ethan Begnoche third.

Charlie Grover and “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli waged a really good battle in the 3-rider 28-25 Expert class with Grover winning all three rounds of total points racing but it was not easy as Scibelli made him work for it. Jennifer Wood finished third in all rounds but her skills are noticeably getting honed.
The last main event of 2014 was the 41-45 Expert main. London Wilmont, rarely seen at Foothills, shwed us he has lost nothing over the years and won the main despite some heavy competition from Jeff Badendyck. Jeff kept the heat on for a solid second while Craig Begnoche finished third.

So the curtain closes on 2014. From the entire staff at The Litchfield County BMX Group Inc., we thank you so much for making this year, one that will be remembered for a long time. Our Awards outing is on October 18th at 11:00 a.m. Hopefully we will see you there. So long.

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