Week #13

A National Event in Akron Ohio would draw away some of our Expert riders but all in all it was a pretty nice turnout on a day with temps near the 90 degree mark. 126 entries including the 17 riders in the Opens and the 4 Strider Riders.

Before we got underway Pippa Sweet was named our rider of the week and she named Emme Magliato as her favorite rider.

The Striders were lined up and ready to go as we gave a last call for Parker Kennedy. Seems the Kennedy clan suffered a automobile breakdown on RT 8 and could not make it in time to race. So we ran with three Striders and Ryder Richardson, Hayley Blackburn and Savannah Grover put on a good show. Ryder was seen poaching practice with the big bikes but no one seemed to mind as he kept up pretty well.

Winner in the Open classes were Owen Heart in 6 & Under; Kane McMillan in 9-10 Mixed; Connor Nelson in 15-16 Mixed and Chase Burgess in 9-10.
The first point class races was for the t6hree riders in the 9 year old Cruiser class. Mason Jacquier easily got the perfect score with Jared Small and Mary Sloan finishing second and third.

It was also a total point’s event in the 13 year old cruiser class and “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor won round one with Mason Blackburn winning round two. The final round saw Jerry back on top with Logan Demerski sneaking in for second place overall for the day as Mason would drop back to third in this evenly matched class.

Next up was the 5 rider 21-25 Cruiser group and through the battle-rounds it would be the only female in the competition who missed qualifying. Kaylynn Cortis gave it a good shot but just missed. In the main it was the pride of the standard Northeast Army, Corbin Lavertu getting the job done. Custom Cycles Jacob Bacis made him work for it with a solid second place finish while third went to “The Ludacliff” Cliff Benoit for Overhaul Racing.

In 46-50 year old Cruiser competition it would be a three-rider total points shootout. “The Governor” Pat McDonnell winning round one but that would be the only round at the point for him as Fred Roy won the next two for the overall title. Pat was second while “Barefoot” Stu McCready was third.

The 6 year old Novice class was the biggest class of the day with 9 riders going for the late season glory. With Ursa Juodisius being the rider eliminated in the motos, it’s important to understand that she is only 3 years old! Wow, is she going to be a good one down the road a bit. In today’s main event this would be a hard one to win. Hard for anybody other than Jayden Kent that is. Jayden threaded the needle as the tight group entered turn number 1 and came out of the turn in the top spot. Oskar Kalnenieks went right out there with him but could never really catch Jayden. At the stripe it would be Jayden, Oskar and Keira Jacquier for third.

With only three riders in the house for the 8 year old Novice grouping, this would be for total points (it was actually two 7 year olds and one 8 year old). When these two 7 year olds riders met two weeks ago in the double-pointer, it was Reese Hageman winning two of three motos for the huge overall win.

Some say revenge is sweet and it sure was for the “Lil Ripper” this week. Putting the last Foothills race out of her mind, Elena Curtis focused hard this time and her 9th career win would not be denied as she swept the motos for the overall victory. Reese worked very hard and had some chances to pass but Elena held him off. He settled for second place with the third spot going to Riley Richardson from Vermont.

The 9 year old Novice class featured 6 riders vying for the 5 positions available in the main event starting grid. With the Kennedy family unable to make it due to car trouble on RT 8, Caden Kennedy, on the moto sheets but not here virtually gave the group a free ride into the main event.

Samantha Sperrazza was the first to transfer out of the motos and got to sit in the shade until the main event. The rest must have helped because she was unpassable in the main and coasted to her first Foothills victory. Jonah Graves was second with the third spot going to Maddy Philbrick.

In 11 year old Novice action it was another group of 6 riders. Deven Lombardo just missed qualifying despite a great effort. “Hammerin” Cameron Cofer led the pack all the way around with Nate Small in tow. Nate challenged but Cameron was too much and rode to victory. Jake Nichols really had it going until he went down in flames on the third straight in a heartbreaking crash. At the stripe it was Cameron 1st, Nate second and Shyanne Cortis third.

The 7 year old Intermediate class was a mix of 6 and 7 year old Intermediates and one 6 year old Expert. With an Expert in the group all would earn Expert points. Aiden Grover, the Expert, won the 5 rider main event. Owen Hart, riding out of Vermont, was a solid second in his first trip here and Leithen “Rocky” McMillan was third.

The big classes continued this time with the 8 year old Intermediate gang. Six riders strong and Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) would suffer the heartbreak of missing the transfer into this main event. So our announcer totally erred with this call as Nate Giroux sped to victory he announced that it was Nate’s 20th win and welcomed him to the Expert ranks. Nope, not the case but Nate sure rode like it. Nate did win and his 20th will come soon enough. Second place went to Matt Small while third went to Brandon Houle.

In 9 year old Intermediate action, “Hot Rod” Johnny Tomboly was feeling the hot humid air and missed qualifying for today’s final. There was a lot on the line for Zach Tuohy in this one and maybe RJ Reale sent the first shot across his bow with a win in the first qualifying moto. But today’s main saw both Zach and RJ starting side by side in gates 5 and 6. With Zach that one gate to the preferred inside, he got the hole shot and carried the momentum all the way to victory. This was win #20 for Zach and he has earned the move up to the Expert class. Well Done Zach! Rj was a close second with Kane McMillan third.

6 riders battled fiercely in the 11 year old Intermediate class. In the third round, where two of the final three riders would transfer, it looked like Logan Demerski was well in control when disaster struck. While leading he simply self-destructed and crashed while in the lead. Both Adin Philbrick and Jacob Faunce rode by him and captured the last two spot. That agony of defeat was felt by everyone watching. In the main it would be Haden Provencal today’s winner with Mason Blackburn second and Kyle Lyman third.

Back to total points racing with the 12 year old Intermediate class. “The Natural”, Baley Levine, easily won all three rounds with JT Kelleher second and Connor Nelson third.

The 16 Intermediate class was also total points racing and Dusty Harrington won round one. Round two went to Lewis Cianfarani as did round 3. Lew was our overall winner with Dustin second and Dakota Cortis third.

The last Intermediate class was the 4 rider 36-40 group. This group actually had two Novice riders in the mix and one of them would be eliminated in the motos. Abe Hansen gave it a great tried but did not transfer out of the motos. In the 3-rider main it was Craig Begnoche holding off Cliff Benoit for the win. Third went to Matt Giroux.

There were four female classes today which is a good sign that maybe more girls are starting to race. In the 7 year old Girls class it was Pippa Sweet winning her 4th consecutive Foothills single point race. Mary Sloan was second while Saule Juodisius was third. Kyrie Coddington-Sweet crashed in the first round and sat out the rest of the day.

The 12 year old Girls class was total points with three different Girls of 3 different ages in the mix. 12 year old Ashley Jasensky finished 1st. 9 year old Marissa Lyman was second and 11 year old Genevieve Asselin was third. Marissa Lyman still enjoys a 200 point lead over Ashley for the female track championship.

The 15-16 year old Girls class was the same thing with three girls of three different ages. 14 year old Ashley sselin won it with 16 year old Hailee Lemke second and 13 year old Kirsten McDonnell third.

The last Female class was for 31 & over Women. Also had three different ages in this total points race. The youngest of the bunch was 19 year old Jayna Roy and she made easy work of second place finisher Jen Wood and third place finisher Karen Glenwright. Karen wrecked in round one but was none the worse for the wear, just a little dusty.

In the 8 year old Expert total points race it was Mason Jacquier with a perfect. Shawn Biello and Noah Anderson were pretty evenly matched and fought hard for the second spot and it came down to round three to determine who would finish second overall. That would be Noah in a close one.

The 9 year old Expert class saw Jared Small miss the cut in his first Foothills ride as an Expert. Jared won the 9 year old Intermediate class last week to earn the move up and now is paying his dues a bit. He will get there quickly. Trevor Cooper, only ahead of Alex Kuehn by 3 points in the quest for the Track Championship, really padded his lead as Alex was not here today. Trevor won today and that 3 point lead is now 106. Chase Burgess was second and Kyle McDonnell was third.

The 10 year old Expert class was a total points event with three evenly matched riders. Not one moto finished in the same order. At the end of the day it was Garret Cooper 1st, Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) second and Jaden Asklar third. It was great to see Garret finally off the Lyme Disease medication and back on top.

In 13 year old Expert action it was again total points. This time however it was “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor sweeping every moto. Kai Escobar was second and Josh Faunce was third.

The last total points race was the 14 year old Expert group. Matt Rowe swept the rounds easily. Jacob Bacis and Gage Levine were second and third in every round.

Finally the last race of the day was the 28-35 Expert class. Steve Scibelli was stone cold and missed the cut. Tyler Cortis and Corbin Lavertu really went hard and was a classic two rider shoot out. Tyler would prevail and win this hot event. Corbin was second and Fred Roy finished third.

The day ended solemnly as Charlie Grover bailed hard on the turn four asphalt. He got up after a few minutes and appeared in better condition than his newly professionally painted helmet probably was.

So week #14 is in the books and only 5 races remain on the schedule. Remember it takes 10 races to qualify for our year end awards. See you next week.

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