Week #15

Knowing that a ton of our riders come from out of state, this day would likely be a very small turnout. The reason is, Whip City holding their “Fair Race” at the same time as our regular race; The Rhode Island State Championship race is today as well as a Gold Cup Qualifier in Rotterdam New York. There simply is not enough riders in the area to go around.

So as predicted, with only 11 entries from out of state, we settled in at only 13 motos made up from 55 entries.

Before the day got underway, 6 year old Novice rider Oskar Kalnenieks was named our rider of the week for his performance last week. Oskar is a kid that is not intimidated by the microphone and this Vernon CT. rider had no problem talking during his interview. After informing us that his favorite track was “Totally Falcon” he named Ollie Cleary as his favorite rider.

We ran three Open classes today and the winners were “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly in 9-10 Open; Adin Philbrick in 11-12 Mixed Open and Matt Webb in the 9-10 Open class.

The 26-30 Cruiser class had three riders in it ranging from age 14 to age 42. 22 year old Dan Cortis nailed the victory in all three rounds with 14 year old Kaylynn Cortis second and 42 year old Bill Carlson, making his BMX debut third.

In 6 year old Novice action, Lilana Asselin, despite a few hours of practice on Saturday, just missed the transfer out of her motos. Jayden Kent would put win #9 in the record books with Oskar Kalnenieks second and the Brian Neff sponsored Kayla Barker third.

There were 5 riders registered in the 9 year old Novice class and through the battle round motos it would be Ian Asselin missing the cut joining his sister on the main event sidelines. Isabella Nelson, after a 5th place finish last week, quickly put that experience behind her and came back to win today. Owen Bower hung tough with a solid second place effort while third went to Jonah Graves.

It was Total Points racing in the 11 year old Novice class and Jake Nichols swept his way to victory winning all three rounds. Shyanne Cortis finished second while Deven Lombardo was third.

The 8 year old Intermediate class was a frustrating experience for one rider. With three 8 year olds going for the three transfer spots, 6 year old Landon Hansen, in this grouping, had little chance and he missed the transfer. The main event win went to Brady Carlson with Mac Zdziarski second and Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) third.

The 10 year old Intermediate class was a combination of multiple ages and proficiencies. 10 year old Girl rider Azra Milton was eliminated in the motos. 10 year old Intermediate rider Trevor Nelson earned a nice victory with 8 year old Expert rider Shawn Biello second and 9 year old Intermediate rider Johnny Tomboly third. Johnny took a hard tumble on the turn one asphalt in the first round and learned the hard way that gloves really are a pretty good idea.

The 11 year old Intermediate class was Total Points racing but the excitement happened down in turn #1 during the second round. Rylan Carlson and Genevieve Asselin got so close in turn one their handlebars locked together. They made it out of the turn but could not shake away from each other. As they hit the next obstacle coming out of the turn Vieve went down while Rylan went off the track. Rylan was able to continue on but Vieve would take a few minutes to regroup before she got back on her mount and finished the round. Overall for the day it was Hayden Provencal first, Rylan second and Vieve third.

It was another Total Points event in the 16 Intermediate class and with Dakota Cortis winning two of three rounds he would be declared today’s winner. Ashley Asselin, despite a third place finish in round one, would come back and salvage a nice second place finish with third going to Kyly Milton.

It was not a bad line-up in the 10 year old Expert class. Dylan Barker, despite a great try, missed the cut. Dylan is supported each week with a sponsorship from Professional Engineer Brian Neff. Robbie Webb got the job done in today’s main event with Trevor Cooper passing Aidan Biello on the last straight to salvage a second place finish. Aidan was third. Trevor extends his points lead in the Quest for the track championship with only 4 races to go.

The last class of the day was the 12 year old Expert class. Matt Webb continued the Triple W’s (Webb Winning Ways) with yet another victory. Fin Milton looks to be getting his skills back each week with a solid second, very competitive second place finish. Third went to 12 year old Intermediate Adin Philbrick. Novice rider Connor Nelson missed the cut.

So week #15 goes into the books as the dog days of summer are winding down. Please remember that you need to race 10 of our race days for each class to qualify for a year end award in that particular class. See you next week

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