Week #16

So here’s another rare week where we are not competing with yet another weekend event. Last week I mentioned how a lot of our riders come from out of state and that was certainly evident today. Including the 2 racks of Striders and the 5 Open classes, the entry list totaled 137 riders. 40 were from Massachusetts, 13 from Rhode Island and another 3 from New York.
11 year old Novice Rider Jake Nichols was named our Rider Of The Week. He named Adin Philbrick as his favorite rider. He also said foothills BMX was his favorite track.

The 5 Striders were split into two groups. Moto 1 was the 4 and 5 year olds and the “Comet” Haley Blackburn racked up another dominant run. Tate McMillan made his Foothills debut as did Jolene “Triple Nickle” Cole.

In the 2 year old division, Nolan Barnett, also new to foothills (And almost new to the world) and Savannah Grover showed a lot of sole on the track.
In the 5 Open classes our winners were Kane McMillan in 9-10 mixed; Adin Philbrick in 11-12 Mixed; Mason Jacquier in 9-10 Open and Fin Milton in a class called 31 & over Open.

The Cruisers got the point classes started off and the first group would be for Total Points with three individuals going for it in the 26-30 Women’s Cruiser group that, in reality, included 7 year old Mary Sloan, 14 year old Kaylynn Cortis joining Gina Layman who also does not fall into the 26-30 Woman’s age bracket. Go figure? Anyway, Gina earned the 103 points for finishing first, Kaylynn was second with Mary third.

In the 5 rider 11 year old Cruiser class, and 8 year old and a 9 year old were in the mix with three 11 year old riders. 11 year old Andrew Hurst, who has won the class the last two times that he was here, posted another first place finish. The youngest riders, 8 year old Mason Jacquier, put up an amazing fight and finished second showing why that Standard Northeast Army is still a force to contend with. Third went to Kyle Kuehn in his last ride as an 11 year old. Kyle with celebrate his birthday on Monday. The hard luck guy was 9 year old Jared Small as he had to watch the Main event from the sidelines.

Speaking of Kuehns, Alex would dominate the next group in this Total Points race for 14 year old Cruisers. The “Thunder Midget”, even being the only 13 year old in this small group, still dominated with a perfect. “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor was second and “The Dominator” Dom Rossi was third. The win vaults Alex to the top of the leaderboard in the overall cruiser Points chase. With only three races remaining, Alex has a 85 point lead over Pat McDonnell.

It was a nice turnout in the 46-50 Cruiser class with 6 speed demons going for some bragging rights. Fred Roy and “The Governor” Pat McDonnell really went handlebar to handlebar in the main but Fred would prevail. Pat settled for second while the battle for third went to John Ouellette. There were some very attention moments in this tight mix of riders but all let out a big sigh of relief when it was over.
Barefoot” Stu McCready was probably happy that he missed the cut and could watch the action from up on the hill.

Slowing things down a bit the next group was the 5 & Under Novice class. It’s always tough to watch riders miss making the main event and even tougher when it happens to a rider who spent hours in the car coming here for the very first time. Such was the case for New York rider Audrina Catanzaro, from Millers Place New York, a small town located on the North Shore of Long Island. This 4 year old still had a smile on her face all day long. Jaden Barnet, on the other hand, also a first time visitor to Foothills traveling from Rhode Island, won today’s Main event. Scotty Cole, another first time rider from Rhode Island was second with third going to Jax Grover also from The Ocean State.

It would be 5 riders going for the 4 spots available in the 6 year old Novice Main event. Liliana Asselin just missed making the transfer out of the motos. Last week’s rider of the week, Oskar Kalnenieks, got the job done again today with a nice win. Ollie cleary earned a solid second place award while third would go to Kayla Barker (Brian Neff P.E.)

It was a full gate of 8 riders in the 9 year old Novice class, at least for the first round. As they sped up the second straight in round two, Jesse Forlenzo and Samantha Sperrazza got tangled up and wrecked pretty hard. Jesse would get up but it took Samantha a few moments before she would finish the lap. In the Main event, Jesse was leading and self-destructed for his second crash of the day and while he was in the lead. Jonah Graves would eventually capture the win. Isabella Nelson was second with Shawn Cole salvaging a third. Ian Asselin just missed qualifying.

It was another nice turnout of Novices this time in the 11 year old class with 6 riders strong. Savanna Cortis, making her BMX debut missed the transfer. Nathan Small put his racing machine in the winner’s circle holding off the reigning Rider of the week, Jake Nichols who would hang onto second place. It was a solid third for Shyanne Cortis.

Starting in the Intermediate classes the 6 year old group only had 3 riders so it would be a Total Points shoot-out. It appeared on paper that the big disadvantage would go to Justin Donahue as he was the only 5 year old competing against two 6 year olds. I’ve learned to never underestimate a Rhode Island rider and Justin came out and aced a perfect by winning every round! Landon Hansen and Breton Provencal settled for second and third.

It was also Total Points racing in the 7 year old Intermediate class and it looked good for 6 year old Expert Aiden Grover. He won the first two rounds and simply needed to finish 2nd or better to ensure today’s overall win.
Well, Riley Hurst, coming off consecutive second place finishes really turned up the heat and won round three. So he ends up with 5 points. “Rocky” McMillan snuck in for a second place round three finish forcing Aiden back to third. When the points were tallied, both Aiden and Riley had 5 points.
Per the rule book the third round serves as the tie breaker. Riley is today’s overall winner. Both Riley and Rocky earn Expert points.

The 9 year old group had 6 Intermediates going for it. Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) missed today’s transfer and had to watch the Main event for the sidelines. Kayden Smith made it look easy with an impressive effort today. He nailed down another win. Kane McMillan was second with third going to “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly.

The 11 year old Intermediate class saw a free ride into the Main event for 5 riders as “Fierce” Pierce Curtis, still not cleared to race after suffering a concussion in New York last week, could only touch the gate for rider points. Trevor Nielson, just 10 years old, proved again that age isn’t always the thing that matters. Pure skill overcomes all. Trevor was today’s winner by holding off the efforts of second place finisher Hayden Provencal and third place finisher Mason Blackburn.

JT Kelleher maintains his points lead in the Intermediate class as he was today’s winner in the Total Points race for 12 year olds. Adin Philbrick hung in for a second place finish with third going to Connor Nelson.

Azra Milton got the job done in the 10 year old Girls class but she was the only 10 year old in it. 9 year old Marissa Lyman was second with 7 year old Mary Sloan third.

In the 13 year old Girls class, reining Track Champion Ashley Jasensky, in her first race after turning 13, overpowered Kirsten McDonnell and Genevieve Asselin. Kirsten and Vieve would finish second and third.
Kyly Milton was back on top in the 15-16 Girls Total Points shoot-out. Ashely Asselin would win round two after a gutsy move in turn 3 where Kyly made an incredible save. Kyly would come back to win the third round for the overall title. Juliet Catazaro was third. All three riders were in a tight group as they crossed the stripe.

The 26-30 Women’s class saw a rare visit by Angela Therriault and she wasted no time in picking up where she left off at the Double Pointer back on Aug 2. Angela won this calss today and overcame the determined charge from Jayna Roy who finished second. Gina Layman was third after earning the last transfer spot from Kathryn Mack.

Finally we move into the Expert classes. The 8 year old division was Total Points and Mason Jacquier, who has become such a great rider, beat Noah Anderson and Robbie Solsbury. Noah was trying out a new gear setup today and the jury is still out decided how he liked it. He was second today with Robbie third.

It was also Total Points racing in the 9 year old class with Kyle McDonnell, Jared Small and Trevor Cooper going for some Expert glory. It would be Trevor winning it with Jared and Kyle second and third.

In 11 year old action Kyle Kuehn missed the cut. Must have been thinking about his birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday anyway Dudley. Andrew Hurst nailed this win but Garret Cooper made him work for it and finished second. Third went to Brian Neff P.E. sponsored Dylan Barker.

More Total Points action this time it was for the 12 year old Expert class. Fin Milton won round one and Baley Levine came back from a third place finish to win round two. Fin would capture round three for the overall win, but Kai Escobar’s three second place finishes would earn him second overall.

In 13 Expert action again, Total Points the theme of the day. With Shayne Catanzaro, an Intermediate rider in this mix and making his Foothills debut, he would finish in third place. Josh Faunce tried very hard but could not overcome the effort and skill level of Alex Kuehn. Alex was today’s winner.

On rider had to be eliminated in the 14 year old Expert class and it was Gage Levine. Matt Rowe looked super and was able to hold off “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor of the top spot. Jagur layman looked pretty awesome as well and hung close for third.

Up next was “The Mod Squad”, 16 year old Experts. Dakota Cortis, the only Intermediate in the mix, put up a valiant try but still missed the transfer. Scotty Thomson was too much for everyone and he went on to victory lane. “The Machine” Dean Zebian finished second. Ethan Begnoche held off Josh Perrier for third.

In the 28-35 year old class it would be Abe Hansen who was odd man out. Charlie Grover, after a bad crash here two weeks ago, came back and laid down some serious laps included the Main event. Charlie was our winner despite a great effort for Shawn Mack who finished second. Norm Gauvin settled into the third spot.

The last main event was the 46 & Over group. Alex Philbrick was today’s moto-filler and had to sit out the Main event. Fred Roy got the win in front of a fast charging John Ouellette who held off Craig Begnoche for the second spot.

Only 3 races left. See you next Sunday.

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