Week #13

So here we are at week #13 and finally, we are not competing against a big race nearby for riders. The group of riders from Massachusetts has had a significant impact on our rider count all year long. This week was certainly no different. With 34 motos (including Opens) the total entry list was 148. 55 were from Massachusetts; 5 from New York; 3 from Rhode Island and 1 from New Hampshire. 84 were from Connecticut.

The Rider of the Week award went to 6 year old Novice racer Jayden Kent. Jayden is from Winsted and, after yesterdays win, has rattled off 5 main event wins in a row. He could not come up with anyone who he would rate as his favorite rider.

Our winners in the Open classes were Noah Bell in 7-8 Mixed; Jared Small in 9-10 Mixed; Nolan Cardwell in 11-12 Mixed; Robbie Webb in 9-10 Open; Matt Webb in 11-12 Open and the 15-16 Open went to Scotty Thomson.

Finally Moto #7 was the start of the point classes and the 15-16 year old Girls Cruiser class was first up. 16 Year old Emily Fullerton, who has not raced Cruiser at all this year at Foothills, had no trouble staying in front of second place finisher 12 year old Avery Badendyck. It was great to see Avery back on our local scene after suffering a shoulder injury so many weeks ago. Third place went to Gina Layman, well over 16 years old.

The 11 year old Cruiser competition was between three riders in a total point’s shootout. Andrew Hurst enjoyed his second Cruiser win of the 2015 season at Foothills holding off Sam DeGrange. Sam sits atop the Leaderboard for the Cruiser championship by only 48 points going into today. Third went to Kyle Kuehn.

Alex Kuehn made it 9 out of 10 wins in 13 year old cruiser class with today’s victory. Jumpin Jerry Taylor was second with Landon Pease finishing third. Nick Vazzano missed the cut but still appeared to be having a good time. Alex, who trailed Sam by only 48 points in the Cruiser championship chase going into today, now trails by only 27 points.

In 14 year old Cruiser action, “The Beast” Dave Albert, who once was a regular here, today made only his third Cruiser appearance but it was a good one as he swept the motos in this total point’s race. Jacob Bacis held of Dom Rossi for the second spot.

In 26-30 Cruiser racing it was also a sweep. This time it was Corbin Lavertu turning the deed. John Ouellette, at 43 years old was definitely the oldest in this three-rider shootout, but he managed to out race Dan Cortis to salvage a solid second place finish.

The last Cruiser class of the day was the 46-50 group featuring 5 riders. Stu McCready, at 54 years young, was the oldest and probably the rustiest as his comeback continues. He didn’t transfer into todays main but gave it his best. Fred Roy would make it 6 wins out of 7 Main events with todays addition to the win column. Jeff Badendyck sure made Fred work hard as he was on his rear wheel all the way around but settled for second place. Third went to The Govenor” Pat McDonnell. (Why the heck was I calling him “The President” when he wasn’t even on the ballot?)

It was a good turnout of young guns in the 6 year old Novice class with 7 riders going for the main event win. With the hottest Novice rider at Foothills in this mix, the favorite had to be Jayden Kent. He had nailed down four consecutive Main Event wins going into this one. He was in the first group to qualify and in the main event he wouldn’t be denied. Jayden led coast to coast for win Number 5 showing why he was our choice as Rider of the Week last week. Oskar Kalnenieks earned a second place trophy with an impressive effort today. Ollie Cleary was third. Ursa Juodisius, in her first time here missed the transfer but this 3 year old with be outstanding in the future.

It was total points racing for the 3 riders in the 10 year old Novice grouping even though only one rider was 10 years old. Sasha Kulo, all the way from Weston Ct., was the only 10 year old and she took advantage of it with a sweep of all motos. The two 9 year olds battled hard for second place and Jonah Graves, after not racing in a long time due to a practice crash in which he broke his arm, held off Ian Asselin for that spot.

In 11 year old Novice action the disappointment continued for Deven Lombardo. Deven made his first appearance last week and just missed the transfer and the same thing happened again this week as Shyanne Cortis edged him for the last spot available on the main event starting grid featuring 6 riders. Deven is paying his dues and will be reaping rewards soon if he stays with it. Cameron Cofer scored the victory with Nate Small second and Shyann Cortis, after nearly not qualifying, was third.

The last Novice grouping was titled “14 Novice” This would be a total points race made up of a 14 year old, a 13 year old and a 12 year old. The “Domenator” Dom Rossi was the only 14 year old and he easily swept the motos. Tyler Bonney, in only his second race ever, was solid with a second place finish and Nick Vizzano was third.

The second biggest group of the day was the 8 year old Intermediate gang with 8 riders. Only 7 can make the main and it was heartbreak city for Cole Barker as he was odd man out. The good news for everyone else is that 6 year old Expert Aiden Grover was in this mix causing everyone who made the main to earn Expert points. With that said, let’s put 108 points in the tally for today’s winner Nate Giroux. Matt Small was second with 88 points and 68 valuable points would go to Aiden Grover.

In 9 year old Intermediate action it was 4 riders going for 3 positions. Gary Winters, in his first race as an Intermediate after moving up last week, felt the added pressure of tougher competition and missed the transfer out of the motos. It would be an impressive 20th win for Jared Small and he would become the newest Expert in the country, at least for that moment. Congratulations on a great move up win. “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly and Kane McMillan were second and third.

The 11 year old Intermediate class Jacob Faunce, only in his second Foothills ride this year would miss the cut despite a great try. Kyle Lyman, sitting solidly in the third spot for the Intermediate class championship chase, won today’s main event. Rylan Carlson was second with Nolan Cardwell third.

It would be total points racing in the next four groups and the first of these was the 12 year old Intermediate gang. “The Natural” Baley Levine held off JT Kelleher while Jt did the same to Jorn Layman.

In 16 Intermediate action it was Devin Carty earning his second Foothills win this season. It was an epic battle in the final round for second place between Dakota Cortis and Jake Layman. Jake dove to the extreme inside in turn 3 but had to slam on the binders to avoid a massive T-Bone crash. No harm no fouls and Dakota remained our second place finisher and all in one piece.

Next up was the 7 year old girls class and Pippa Sweet made it 3 wins in her last 3 appearances here. Saule Judisius was second with 5 year old Kyrie Coddington-Sweet third.

In11 year old Girls racing it was three different age groups here also. 11 year old Genevieve Asselin was our winner. 10 year old Azra Milton second and 9 year old Marissa Lyman third.

In 15-16 Girls action it would be a 13 year old who was eliminated in the motos. With no one her age to race, Kirsten McDonnell would have to sit out today’s main event as she missed qualifying against the older girls. Former Track Champion Kyle Milton held off a determined Emily Fullerton for today’s win. Emily was a close second with Ashley Asselin third.

Noah Andersen, obviously feeling much better this week, aced a “perfect in the 8 year old Expert total point’s race. Noah missed the cut last week so this victory was sweet. Shawn Biello and Robbie Solsbury were second and third.

The biggest class of the day was the 10 year old Expert class with 9 riders. Trevor Cooper and Kyle McDonnell wee the only 9 year olds and Trevor happens to be at the top of the Leaderboard for the Male Track Championship point’s chase. Trevor did manage a third place finish today while Kyle missed the transfer. Robbie Webb was todays winner with Sam DeGrange second. So Trevor’s 48 point lead might change depending on what Alex Kuehn would do in an upcoming Main event.

In 12 year old Expert action Ashley Jasensky and Avery Badendyck were the two girls who jumped into this mix of hot rods. Ashley would not transfer out as she was simply getting gate practice it appeared. Avery had a 5th place finish in this 5 rider main. The winner was Matt Webb with Fin Milton second and Kai Escobar third.

So here comes a chance for Alex Kuehn to close that 48 point gap in the track championship points chase after Trevor Cooper finished third in his class earlier. Alex is in the 13 year old Expert class and he would win this four rider grouping for 104 points Alex now trails Trevor by a mere 3 points! Landon Pease was second today with “Jumpin Jerry” Taylor third.
The 14 Expert class had 5 riders going for those 4 coveted positions in the main event. Through the battle rounds all survived except Ke Andre Godbolt. He would have to sit out this main event. Matt Rowe was dominant and he nailed the win. “The Beast” Dave Albert made it a two-rider break away but he just could not find a way around Matt. Jagur Layman was third.

One class I’ve always loved to watch is what I named so many years ago “The Mod squad”. These are 16 year old Experts. Anthony Lucchesi, who we haven’t seen since week #2, put his racing machine in the winner’s circle. Ethan Begnoche chased him the entire distance and only mistake by Anthony and the results would have been different but that mistake never came. Ethan was second with third going to Scotty Thomson.

The Total Points race for the 19-27 year old Experts saw Corbin Lavertu win two out of three motos for the overall win. Jayna Roy was second with Ty Cortis third.

The next group was the 28-35 Expert class. Jen Wood, somehow thrown into this mix would not transfer out but she probably had the best view of the guys in front of her as anybody. Charlie Grover won it in a brand new professionally painted helmet. Maybe the coolest brain bucket in all of BMX. Matt Giroux was second after “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli took a digger just past turn two.

Finally the last Main event of the day was the 46 & Over Expert class where Zach VanWinkle missed the transfer. Big Jeff Badendyck managed to stay in front of Fred Roy for this win. Craig Begnoche was third.

So another week in the books. Thanks everyone for coming out. Please remember that to earn a year end award you must race at least 10 races in that particular class. (i.e 20" or Cruiser). You cannot count both but 10 in each earns yourself two year end awards.

See you next week.


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