Week #10 Foothills at Falcon

So this week would be a mystery regarding what to expect for a rider count. Running our local race at Falcon BMX on a Friday night would certainly hurt some of the riders that we enjoy traveling from Massachusetts every Sunday but maybe we can take advantage of riders who traveled to Meriden to race tomorrows Gold Cup Race and would use our local race as an opportunity to get the Falcon track dialed in.

So including 2 groups of Striders and no Open classes, the moto count was decent with 27 motos and 106 riders.

Just as we had last Sunday in Torrington, the Strider rider count was 7. They were split into two groups with group 1 featuring 4 riders ranging from 4 to 5 years old. New York’s Elaina Byrne made it look easy as she put the rubber to the dirt and got a nice win. Parker Kennedy kept the heat turned up but settled for second with “The Comet” Haley Blackburn third. Savannah Wood was fourth.

In the second group there were 3 riders ranging from 2 to 3 years old. Addyson McQuaig, from Ontario Canada battled hard with Lyla Goralnik but led her across the stripe. 2 year old Savannah Grover was third.

In the point classes the 26-30 Cruiser class saw Brenda Knott, from Rhode Island, become the first rider to be eliminated in moto action. The three rider main event win went to Tiffany Huber (11 years old) with Gina Layman second and Jacqueline Wohrle (Pennsylvania) third.

The 11 year old Cruiser class was the first of numerous “Total Points” races. With a sweep of all three rounds it was Andrew Hurst capturing tonight’s win. Kyle Kuehn hung on for second just in front of a charging Mason Blackburn.

New Jersey’s Joey Malinowski was odd rider out in the 13 year old Cruiser class. Custom Cycle’s Jacob Bacis, looking so much improved this year, Got the job done. “The Thunder Midget”; Alex Kuehn, was second while finishing third was John Hall, yet another rider from New Jersey.

In the 41-45 Cruiser group, the ages ranged from 14 to 48. Eric Huber (Maryland) and John Oullette (Massachusetts), really raced each other clean but hard. John would put some moves on Eric and hang on for the win. Eric settled for second while Steven Klucik, who haven’t raced in a number of years until recently, was third.

The 5 & Under Novice class was loaded with 6 riders entered. Our winner proved that you can be a rock-star from Staten Island New York as Jake Terzo won tonight’s main event. Jake had never raced at Falcon prior. Nash Byrne solidified a solid second while Gage Goralnik grabbed the third spot.

The 6 year old group of Novices had only 3 riders so this would be a “Total Points” race. It was the same finishing order in all three rounds; Jayden Kent, Saule Juddisius, and Kayla Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) 1-2-3.

In the 7 year old Novice class it was also a “Total Points” adventure. “Lil Ripper” Elena Curtis would continually share the lead with Brady Carlson but Brady’s share was always at the end. Elena, no matter how hard she tried, could not keep the door closed in that final turn and she had to settle for second place. Third went to Brady Ronaldson.

With the Kennedy’s back in the house, the 9 year old Novice class had Brady’s older brother Caden in the mix in yet another “Total Points” race. Caden aced the “perfect” with Gary Winters and Owen Bower second and third in every round.

In 11 year old Novice action, Adin Philbrick continued his winning streak with another main event put in his win column. He led from start to finish. Jake Nichols was second as he was able to hold off the efforts of Anthony Nicolo. Race Greenawalt, despite a great try, missed qualifying for the main.

Gage Levine (14 year old Novice) was dominant in his main event. He would take the lead down the front straight and never look back. We need to see more of the Hot-Rod. “The Dominator”, Dom Rossi was second and really kept the heat turned up on Gage. Third went to Matt Nicolo.

In the Intermediate classes the Intermediate points lead could change hands tonight. J.T. Kelleher holds a slim 24 point lead over Shawn Biello. In Shawn’s class, 8 year old Intermediate, the opportunity would be there in a 3-rider main event. Shawn would be the first one to qualify out of the motos so he would be the favorite going in. “Chargin Charlie” Grover ran a flawless lap and would capture the main event win with Shawn in close pursuit. Third place went to Kevin Kelleher. Cole Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) gave it a good shot but missed transferring out of the motos. Shawn would now have to wait to see how J.T. would do in his 12 year old Intermediate class and hope that he wouldn’t win it.

Next in the gate was the 10 year old Intermediate main event. Trevor Nielson, who hasn’t made it up to Foothills yet this year, showed us why he loves the falcon track as this Cheshire native easily out raced the rest of the pack for a nice win. Matt Robinson nailed down a nice second place finish while third went to “Fierce Pierce” Curtis.

Mason Blackburn and Kyle Lyman were pretty evenly matched going into the 11 year old Intermediate Total Points race. Round one went to Kyle with Mason winning round two. It would come down to round three and Mason out raced Kyle for tonight’s overall 11 year old Intermediate crown. Third went to Liam Knott.

So with a chance to increase his points lead over Shawn Biello in the Intermediate Quest to be the best, J.T Kelleher lined up in the 12 year old Intermediate main event. This would be tough as lasdt week’s winner “The Natural” Baley Levine, was loaded in the shot-gun as well. Joey Malinowski, riding out of New Jersey was also there. The drag-race down the front straight was side by side action but Baley had the best line going into turn one and ended up with a slight lead. All the way around J.T. was all over him like white on rice but could not complete a pass. At the stripe it was Baley, J.T and Joey. With opportunity lost J.T. still maintains a 24 point lead over Shawn Biello.

The 14 year old Intermediate class saw a rider we haven’t seen in a while enjoying a trip to the Winners circle. Calling Bennington BMX his home track, Vermont’s “Quick Nick” Spurr pulled of a nice victory. Cody Fink, out of New York, was second while third went to Sean Wolf, from PA.

It was a mixed bag in a class called 28-35 Intermediate. It was a Total Points race with Local Rock-Star Chris Therriault (17 Expert), Jen Wood (32 year old Woman) and Nate Barnes (17 year old Novice) in the mix. Easily to win went to Chris with Nate second and Jen third. By rule, Nate will get points equal to those given at the next level up so its 43 points in his points total. (Intermediate equivalent).

The 41-45 year old Intermediate class was another class with mixed proficiencies in it. This time it was Novices, Intermediates and Experts going for some Friday night glory. The one Novice was a first time CT rider. This was Jamie McQuaig from Ontario Canada and he would miss the transfer into tonight’s main event. The battle for the win would be between the two Expert riders, Charlie Grover and John Ouellette. John, looking as smooth as always, managed to keep Charlie behind him for the win. Third went to Intermediate rider Mike Wohrle as do Expert points.

With the Girls up next the 7 year old group was first. Unfortunately, Kyrie Coddington-Sweet, at only 5 years old, was thrown in with three 7 year olds and she would not transfer to tonight’s main event. Pippa Sweet would earn her first Foothills win as she edged out local favorite Mary Sloan and visiting rider Cassidy Hall.

The so-called 12 year old Girls class was a Total Points race with 11 year old Tiffany Huber, 12 year old Ashley Jasensky and 9 year old Marissa Lyman racing each other. Tiffany would win the class with Ashley and Marissa second and third.

It would be “expert points” for both Intermediates Riley Hurst and Aiden Grover in the 7 year old Expert class as they were combined with Expert Robbie Solsbury in a Total Points shootout. As expected it would be Robbie sweeping the motos with Aiden and Riley finishing second and third.

More Total Points action in the 9 year old Expert class. Fisher Stites earned his first Foothills win of the year as he out rode reining track champ Trevor cooper and third place finisher Justin Merkle.

The 11 year old Expert class saw 5 riders going for the 4 main event spots. Brian Neff sponsored Dylan Barker would miss tonight’s transfer. Andrew Hurst would make it two weeks in a row winning this class in a really nice effort. Zander Potter battled him hard and earned second place with third going to Kyle Kuehn.

In 13 year old Expert action “The Thunder Midget” Alex Kuehn held off Jacob Bacis for the overall victory in this Total Points event. Gavin Fink finished third.

Justin Boissonneault would nail down his first 2015 Foothills win by sweeping the 15 Expert class Total Points motos. Jagur Layman and “Jaws” Vermont’s Jamie Jaworski, had a classic battle for the second spot which would go to Jagur.

The last class for the night was the 16 year old Expert class featuring 2 Experts and 2 Intermediates. Austin Knowlton just missed qualifying for the 3 rider main event. Lewis Cianfarani was the lone Intermediate rider and he gave it a great try and still earns “expert points’ despite a third place finish Scotty Thomson and Matt Higgs really went at it but Scotty would prevail with Higgs a close second.

We will be back to our normal schedule next Sunday at Foothills and we will run our Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Race that was rained out earlier this year.

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