Week #9

Ok so it’s fourth of July weekend; The legendary Stars n Stripes National event is going on at South Park in PA., and Catamount BMX is holding a double header up in Vermont. So with all of that, what’s left for us? 125 entries split into 30 motos is pretty impressive to say the least. Thanks to the 56 entries from the Bay State. Thanks to the 9 entries from the Ocean State. Thanks to the 9 entries from the Empire State. The influx of out-of-state riders has really provided some decent numbers this year and some very competitive racing.

Connor Nelson, 12 year old Novice rider was honored as our rider of the week for his big win on Olympic night last June 25th, our last race. Connor named himself as his favorite rider.

The Strider contingent was the biggest of the year with seven of these short-legged rug-rats in the house. Group one was a two rider battle between Parker Kennedy and Abigail Babcock, both are 4 years old and had a great time.

The second group was a five rider sprint between Hailey Clough, Parker Moriarty, Graydan Lasher, Savannah Grover and Mason Murphy, all only 2 years old! There was a huge wreck in the first turn but all got up and rode off to loud cheers from the crowd.

There were 5 Open classes run and the winners in those non-point classes were Shawn Biello in 7-8 Mixed Open; Marissa Lyman in the 9-10 Mixed Open; Kyle Lyman in 11-12 Mixed Open, Will Scheinost in 31 & over Mixed Open and Aidan Biello turned the deed in 9-10 Open.

The first point class was the 11 year old Cruiser class and it was Nathaniel Lasher, making his first visit here not as memorable for him as he missed the transfer into the three rider main event. Mason Jacquier was awesome and, even though he’s only 8 years old, he beat a couple of 11 year olds for the win. Andrew Hurst was second with third going to Connor Noll.

Dan Cortis was odd man out in the 26-30 Cruiser class as he missed the cut. 13 year old Jacob Bacis (Custom Cycle) held off the efforts of 43 year old John Oullette and 41 year old Rob Solsbury.

The last of the Cruisers was the 46-50 bracket. This was a Total Points race and it was a clean sweep for “The Goverenor” Pat McDonnell. Charlie Farrell was second and “Barefoot Stu” McCready was third.

Only three 5 & under Novice riders entered today but new rider Atlas Lafromboise had a bad experience and sat out the day leaving just two riders vying for the win. All three rounds would go to Logan Moriarty with Jaxson Grover in hot pursuit.

The main event in the 6 year old Novice class was a heart-breaker. After Liliana Asselin just missed making the qualification for the three rider main, it was Jacob Allen dominating all the way around. All the way around until he hit the rhythm section that is. He got bucked off his racing machine and could only watch through his own dust cloud as Jayden Kent and Keira Jacquier rode past. Jayden would be first across the stripe. Jacob eventually got up and walked it off.

In the 7 year old Novice class there were four riders battling through the motos for the 3 starting positions in the main event. Brady Ronaldson tried so hard but missed qualifying and had to watch from the sidelines. Brady Kennedy grabbed the win with Owen Kumiega close behind for second while Brandon McKinney finished third.

It was a good turnout in the 9 year old Novice class with 6 riders going for some Sunday glory. Bethani Durocher, in her first race here, crashed in turn one during the first moto and that was it for her. It looked like maybe just some bruises but the confidence level fell off the charts. She would sit out the rest of the day giving all riders a free pass into the main event.
Caden Kennedy, did what his younger brother did in the previous main by easily winning it. Jacob Hladik kept the pressure on but would settle for second place with third going to Owen Golden, all the way from Rhode Island.

The biggest point’s class of the day was the 11 year old Novice group with 7 riders in the house. Courtney Parenzan, in her first ever trip here, missed making the transfer out of the motos. You can see her speeding around the track down in Trumbull every Tuesday night. Adin Philbrick has only been here once before and he did the same thing then as he did now. He went home a winner. Nathan Small was second with Jake Nichols finishing third.

The next two classes were Total Points races with only three riders in each grouping. Ke Andre Godbolt scored a “perfect” in the 14 Novice class by keeping Kirsten McDonnell and Connor Nelson behind him in all three rounds.

It was the same type of deal in the 6 year old Intermediate class with Aiden Grover also “perfect” with Riley Hurst and Justin Donahue second and third all day long.

Six riders were entered into the 8 year old Intermediate class. One of the six was only 7 years old and it would cost him a spot in the main event. Blake Babcock really tried to keep up but just couldn’t find a way around the older riders. In the main event Shawn Biello earned an important win as he gained 56 points on J.T. Kelleher in the Quest for the top Intermediate spot. Shawn is now within 24 points as J.T. is away on vacation. Matt Small was second with Brandon Houle hanging tough for a solid third place finish.

Kyle Lyman made it look easy in the 12 year old Intermediate class as he aced a “perfect” in this Total Points race. Rylan Carlson and Travis Cortis were second and third.

In the 14 year old Intermediate class, the tough day continued for the Babcock racing stables. This time it was Ben who missed the transfer out of the motos. “The Shadow”, Austyn Denette got the win with expert rider Jacob Bacis second and Devin Carty third. It’s “Expert” points for everyone thanks to Jacob being in the mix.

Brian Ortiz scored a “perfect” in the three rider 19-27 year old Intermediate class. Shawn Mack sure made him earn it though as he was right on him in all three rounds. Dakota Cortis would finish third.

The 28-35 Intermediate class was another Total Points race with the same results as all other Total Points race today. The same rider would win all three rounds of motos. This time it was Norm Gauvin turning the deed with Brian Babcock working hard to say in front of third place finisher Jen Wood.

Traveling for the first time from Blue Point New York, Craig Kellerman missed the cut in the 46 & over Intermediate class which featured one Expert rider ensuring all riders would receive “Expert” points. John Ouellette, certainly put the difference between Experts and Intermediates on display as he grabbed the main event win. “Chargin” Charlie Farrell was second with third going to Will Scheinost in his first trip back here in 3 years.

In the 12 year old Girls class, reining track champion Ashley “Smashley” Jasensky increased her lead in this year’s point’s chase with another win. “The Comet” Haley Denette was second with third going to Genevieve Asselin. It was great to see Genevieve back onn her bake after suffering a concussion a few weeks ago. Marissa Lyman’s hopes went down in flames as she crashed pretty hard in the main event and had to settle for fourth place.

In the 15-16 year old Girls class it was actually 16 year old Emily Fullerton racing against a 13 year old and a 14 year old. As unmatched as it was, Emily rides as good as any east coast girl and certainly gets her bike off the ground with the best of them. Emily won today with Kaylynn Cortis second and 13 year old Ashley Asselin third.

In the Expert classes the fist one out was the 8 year olds. After 7 year old Robbie Solsbury was eliminated in the qualifying rounds, it would be Mason Jacquier nailing down the win in the three rider shootout. Connor Noll was second with Brennan Lasher third.

With the Expert and Track Championship Points race comfortably sitting with Garret Cooper with a 104 point lead over his younger brother Trevor, who won it last year, Garret would take the day off due to sickness. This left the door wide open for Trevor to take over the lead. But having a great day was Kyle McDonnell who would not be denied the main event win. Kyle held off Trevor in a very close finish as they finished 1-2. Third went to Kayden Smith. So just as it was so close last year, The brothers Cooper are now within 30 points of each other for the Championship. Here we go again !!!

In 10 year old Expert action it would be Aidan Biello coming so close but no cigar in the qualifying rounds. Matt Bacis edged him out in round three for the last spot in the main. Matt would finish third in the main behind Andrew Hurst, today’s winner and Zander Potter who finished second. Zander led all the way until the last two feet!

Chris Pfeffer beat a couple of guys that we haven’t seen for awhile in the 19-27 Expert Total Points race. Todd Snow, riding as a member of the United States Air Force Reserve, was second while Drew Scheinost, riding as a member of the United States Marine Corp reserve was third.

Finally the 36-40 year old Expert class. This was the most exciting and closely contested total point’s race of the day. At times these guys were so close to each other it seemed you couldn’t slide a moto sheet between them. After three rounds both Tony Kumiega and Steve Boyle were tied with 5 points with Charlie Grover with 8 points. The third round is the tie-breaker so Tony was today’s winner as we all took a deep breath when that last moto was over with.

Please remember there is no racing at Foothills next Sunday. We will hold our race at Falcon BMX in Meriden on Friday night. Registration from 5:00 pm to 6:45 pm. Eastern Gold Cup regional Championship Race on Saturday and then a State Qualifier on Sunday, all at Falcon BMX.

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