Week #7

So the buzz all week around the track has been the East coast National at Chesapeake BMX down in Maryland. It seemed like everyone was going. A significant portion of our staff of volunteers was going leaving us just a skeletal crew to run the race. We were prepared for probably the smallest race of the year and around 10:30 in the morning it sure looked like that would be the case.

By the time Registration closed it seemed the parking lot was pretty full. Posting the motos revealed 106 entries into the point classes. Of those 29 chose to participate in 6 Open motos providing a moto count of 32 if we include the two Strider riders!

So this was certainly going to be a very good day after all. Of the 106 riders, 53 were from out of state with 41 Baystaters coming out, 7 from the Ocean State and another 5 riding out of the Empire State. We are humbled at the spreading popularity of our track.

We chose 9 year old Gary Winters as or Rider-Of-The-Week for his nice win last Sunday. He revealed that Charlie Grover was his favorite rider.
“Racin” Mason Murphy and Savannah Grover provided some Strider action to warm up the crowd.

The 6 Open classes were run first and winners were as follows: Shawn Biello in 7-8 mixed open; Jared Small in 9-10 mixed open; Nolan Cardwell in 11-12 mixed open; Jacob Stephens in 31 & over mixed open; Aidan Biello in 9-10 open and Brennan Struthers in the 26-30 open class.

The first point class to run was the 13 year old Cruiser class. This was a four rider grouping with two 13 year olds and two 11 year olds in the mix. 11 year old Rylan Carlson really tried but could not find a way around 11 year old Andrew Hurst for the last qualifying spot in the main event. Sporting the Custom Cycle colors it was Jacob Bacis claiming victory with “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor second. Andrew Hurst was third.

The 31-35 Cruiser class ended up being a two rider breakaway in the 4 rider main event. Chris Therriault and Brennan Struthers battled the entire distance with Therriault crossing the stripe first. Struthers was second with Ryan Bogli third. Cliff Benoit was the one rider missing the transfer but not without a great try.

It would be a 5 rider shootout in the 41-45 Cruiser class also with Gina Layman the only female in the mix. With more surgery on the horizon for Gina she took it easy as she watched everyone in front of her qualify. In the main event it was “The Governor” Pat McDonnell looking like he was running for re-election as he got the job done. John Ouellette was second while John Buttwell, who shows improvement each week third.

7 riders strong was the size of the 5 & under Novice class. 3 year old Gage Oxford, in his first visit ever here at Foothills, missed qualifying for the main event but sure showed some good skills as the youngest rider with pedals today. In the main event it would be Ollie Cleary returning to his winning ways after a minor setback last week. Owen Oxford, Older brother of Gage, nailed down an impressive second place finish while third went to Nash Byrne.

With only 3 riders in the 6 year old grouping this would be the first of 11 Total Points races. Jaden Kent, in his first race ever, set the pace with his 30 day license by winning two of the three rounds and claiming first place overall. Second went to Dylan Cardwell while Liliana Asselin was third.

The 9 year old Novice class was also a Total Points situation and something happened there that is very rare. After two rounds all three riders had a total of 4 points. It was a flat-footed tie between all three going into the final round. Gary Winters came through with the win; Brandon McKinney was second and third went to Andrew Beach.

Shamus Crane gave a great effort in the four rider 11 year old Novice class but would be edged out by Adin Philbrick for the last qualifying position in the third round. Adin would then surprise some people by winning the main event. Nathan Small enjoyed a solid second place finish while third would go to Jake Nichols.

It would come down to the third round of motos in the 13 year old Novice class as both Tyler LeBlanc and Connor Nelson each won a round in this Total Points event. Connor would win round three for the overall championship with Tyler second. These were the only two riders remaining after the first round when the worst crash of the day occurred. Connor was leading going into turn one when he lost control and crashed right in front of Kirsten McDonnell. Kirsten had nowhere to go except to slam into the wreckage in front of her. She went down very hard. After a few moments she was able to get up and ride the rest of the way but chose to sit out the remainder of the day. Word was by day’s end she was feeling better.

Kirsten Goes down hard.

Nate Barnes had no problem sweeping the motos in the 28-35 Novice Total Points class. Matt Giroux was second with Abe Hansen third.

It was consistency in the 6 year old Intermediate Total Points race as all three rounds featured the exact same results. Aiden Grover, Landen Oxford and Landon Hanson 1-2-3.

The biggest class of the day was the 9 rider 8 year old Intermediate group. Cole Barker (Sponsored weekly by Brian Neff P.E.) missed making the transfer into the Main Event despite a real good try. The winner of this Main would never have been predicted when looking at the lineup on paper. There was one 7 year old rider in the main amongst seven 8 year olds. Compounding the odds was that the 7 year old had never raced here before. Well it would be 7 year old Matt Small showing them all how to do it as he put himself into the winners circle. Shawn Biello was second while Nate Giroux was third.

The Small family domination continued in the next class as Jared Small won the 9 year old Intermediate class. Kayden Smith edged RJ Reale for the second spot. Jacob Faunce gave it a good try but just missed qualifying.

In 11 year old Intermediate Total Points action it would be Nolan Cardwell and Rylan Carlson tied going into round three. Nolan would win the tie-breaking round with Rylan second and Kyle Lyman was our third place finisher.

In 12 year old Intermediate action it was Baley Levine just touching the gate as he was recently injured. That left a free trip to the main event for Andrew Hurst, JT Kelleher and Jorn Layman. JT would capture the checkered flag with Andrew second and Jorn third.

13 year old Ashley Asselin, mixed with 14 year old boys, missed transferring into the main event. I will never understand the logic in the USABMX combining but who am I to try and figure it out? At any rate it would be Jacob Stephens our winner, Gage Levine second and Tim Baker third. Gage will receive Intermediate points as a Novice as he was combined with a higher proficiency rider.

Lewis Cianfarani aced a perfect in the 16 year old Intermediate Total Points race. Jake Layman earned a perfect second with third going to Chris Tomkins. Again, being combined with a higher proficiency rider, Chris will receive Intermediate points even though he is a Novice.

Scotty Thomson did the same in the 19-27 Intermediate class. Scotty was the only Expert in this Total Points race so all riders earn Expert points. Brian Ortiz and Shawn Mack, both Intermediates, were second and third.

The 12 year old Girls class was made up of three riders aged 9, 11 and 12. Reining Track champion Ashley Jasensky (12 years old) easily won the first two rounds but then, in round three let both riders go by her and battle for the top spot. 11 year old Genevieve Asselin finished first with 9 year old Marissa Lyman second. Marissa Lyman no has a 3 point lead in the race for the female Track Championship.

In the 26-30 year old Women’s Total Points race it was the same order of finish all three rounds. ¬†Angela Therriault was first, Jen Sullivan second with Katheryn Mack third.

Aidan Biello must have worn himself out winning the open class as he just missed qualifying in for the 10 year old Expert main event. Garret Cooper, while Sam DeGrange was away at the race in Maryland, gained 105 points on Sam in the Track Championship battle and takes over the lead with today’s win. Second place went to Trevor Cooper while Dylan Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) was third.

In 13 Expert action it would be a Total Points situation and Jerry Taylor and Jacob Bacis would trade moto wins in the first two rounds. Bacis would win the deciding round three with Taylor second overall and Josh Faunce third.
“The Machine” Dean Zebian had no trouble in the 15 Expert Total Points race with a sweep. Ben Bachand was second in front of Josh Perrier.

Ryan Bogli missed the transfer into the 19-27 year old Expert main event as he continues to get back into racing shape. Chris Therriault held of a charge by Chris Pfeffer for today’s main event win. Pfeffer was second with Corbin Lavertu third.

The last class of the day was the 28-35 Expert grouping which included 2 Intermediate riders who will earn Expert points. Brennan Struthers got the job done just in front of second place finisher Charlie Grover while third went to John Ouellette.

Thanks so much for your continued support and also welcome to the numerous riders who made their first trip to Foothills today. We hope we see you all again soon.


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