Week #8 Olympic Day race

Being a non-race day for us meaning that our normal day for racing at Foothills is on Sundays, we have noticed that this Olympic Day race has become more popular after we made it a regular Foothills BMX points race. We’ve gone from only 6 motos in 2013 to 23 motos this year.

Because Foothills has no lights, it was important to start on time and incorporate a two moto transfer system ensuring we could be done and packed away before darkness settled in.

Two of the motos were striders with 4 year olds Savanah Wood and Haley Blackburn going at it in one moto while 3 year old Dave Shaffer and 2 year old Mason Murphy battled in the second moto. It was a fun way to start the night off.

In the first point’s class, four 11 year old Cruisers were battling for the three starting spots in tonight’s main event. On paper I figured that the one 8 year old would struggle trying to keep up with the three 11 year old riders. I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Mason Jacquier would be the first one to transfer into the main and he was the 8 year old. So maybe it was a fluke? Rylan Carlson, despite a great try, missed transferring out of the motos. When the gate dropped in the main the battle quickly shaped up for second spot on the podium as our leader just simply took off. At the stripe it was the 8 year old Mason Jacquier capturing the win. Kyle Kuehn was second while third went to Mason Blackburn.

In the 13 year old Cruiser class it was a total points event as only 3 riders were in the house. It would prove to be a classic shootout. Jumpin Jerry Taylor would win round one while “The Thunder Midget” Alex Kuehn, would do the same in round two. Kuehn would win the tie-breaking third round with Taylor second and “Lil Nicky” Vazzano third.

There were 5 riders in tonight’s 41-45 Cruiser class providing some great competition. In the ‘Battle rounds” Kevin Sharpe would be the odd man out. Kevin, once one of the most dominant riders in the Northeast, rarely rides now and this night was his first time out this year and he was riding in two classes. The old-school skills were obvious and he certainly had no problem getting a good snap out of the gate. Kevin’s problems appeared to be recapturing some lost stamina. If he ever regains that, the sky is the limit. In the main event it would be Fred Roy getting the job done. Rick Marceau was a close second while John Ouellette was third.

In the 6 year old Novice class, there was a 3 year old rider registered. It appeared that little Matt Daniels had second thoughts once he got in the gate and decided not tonight. That left only 6 year old Keira Jacquier and 5 year old Guy Julian to vie for some total points racing. Keira would use her advanced age to help her in winning all three rounds.

The 8 year old Novice grouping, the underdog had to be 7 year old “Lil Ripper” Elena Curtis. With the other 3 riders all being 8 year old boys, she would edge out Viktor Karotkin for the last available spot in the main event shootout. Even though she would finish the main in third, it’s clear that she can compete with the best of the novice class. Jon Schaffer easily won this main event while Andrew Beach kept the heat turned up high but would settle for second place.

In the 11 year old Novice class we enjoyed the addition of a new rider. Barkhamsted new comer Noah Iacino would not make tonight’s main but we sure hope he enjoyed this experience enough to come back soon. Recent Rider-Of-The-Week, Gary Winters, would be our 11 year old Novice champion this night. Sophia Machnik earned a solid second while third went to Andrew Behrendt.

It was a total point’s battle in the 13 year old Novice class with Connor Nelson earning a sweep of all three rounds. Nick Vazzano was second with Wyatt Kittelsen third.

Total points racing continued in the 15 year old bracket for the Novice riders. Dan Heideger had the perfect night going into round three but Brandon Daniels would ruin it with a win in the third round. But even though he lost the third round battle he would win the war have the fewest points in the class. Second was Daniels while third place went to “The Dominator” Dom Daniels.

Yet another total points race this time in the 46 & over Novice class. Stephen Machnik aced the perfect with a sweep of all three rounds. Rob Daniels and Alysia Daniels were second and third.

The largest class of the night was the seven rider 8 year old Intermediate class. Unfortunately one of those riders was only 7 years old and it would be Ben Machnik the rider not qualifying for tonight’s main event. The main event saw Noah Andersen win his 19th Intermediate race putting him one should of turning Expert. Brandon Houle, while on his way to an upgrade in ranking himself was second. The third spot went to Shawn Biello.

Back to total point’s action, this time in the 10 year old Intermediate class. This was mix of different ages and proficiency levels. 8 year old Expert rider Mason Jacquier, after winning his cruiser class, came back and doubled by wining this class as well. 10 year old Intermediate racer “Fierce Pierce” Curtis earned a nice second place award while third on the podium would go to 9 year old Kayden Smith. The good news is that all riders earned “Expert points”.

The 11 year old Intermediate battle for supremacy would see Mason Blackburn get eliminated in the battle rounds. Rylan Carlon, who failed to make the main event in his Cruiser class, would come back strong and win tonight’s 11 year old main event. Kyle Lyman salvaged second place with Nick Cernak finishing third.

Jorn Layman would just miss qualifying for the 12 year old Intermediate main event. Baley Levine, after suffering some busted knuckles in a Kingston New York racing crash, is back and wasted no time in winning this main event. JT Kelleher was a pretty close second with third going to Zack Cernak.

The 16 year old Intermediate class was interesting as one young person was hanging out in the announcer’s tower chatting with our race announcer. Suddenly a moto was run that included his name. It was a big “Oops” for new rider Chris Tompkins as he totally missed his moto. He did show for round two but missed the transfer into the main event. Justin Mark was hard to catch and no one could but Lewis Cianfarani sure worked hard trying. The top three were Mark, Cianfarani and Jake Layman.

The Girls class was totally a mixed bag of ages with 12 year old Ashley Jasensky easily winning all three rounds. Azra Milton was second overall with Marissa Lyman finishing third. Ashley now regains the points lead in the race for the female Track Championship.

In 31 & over Women’s action it would be 19 year old Jayna Roy winning this total point’s race. Gina Layman was second with Jen Wood third.

As usual the race day finished up with some hot and heavy Experts action. The 10 year old group saw Aidan Biello narrowly missing the transfer into the main event. Robbie Webb would stay in front of hard charging Garret cooper all the way around the 1200 foot course with Trevor Cooper finishing third behind them.

Matt Webb had no problem winning all three rounds of 12 year old Expert total point’s action. Fin Milton, after not racing in nearly a year, was second with Kai Escobar third.

The 14 year old Expert class was also a total point’s event and it was Alex Kuehn winning two of three motos for the overall title. Jagur Layman sure made him work for it and finished a close second with Jerry Taylor in position number three.

Then Begnoche, Corbin Lavertu and “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli finished 1-2-3 in all three rounds of 28-25 Expert total points action.

The last class of the night was the 46 & over Expert group. Kevin Sharpe was the rider missing the transfer to the main. Fred Roy “doubled “tonight with a Cruiser win and this Expert win. Rick Marceau settled for a second place finish with third going to John Ouellette.

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