Week #6

It was another beautiful weather day and another hot day of racing. 24 motos made up of 111 entries was the count today. Not bad considering there was a National Event in Canada and a Massachusetts State Qualifier in Billerica.

With Kevin Kelleher being named Rider of the Week after his big Novice win last week, he quickly named Josh Wedge as his favorite rider.

The two Striders started us off and both 4 year olds we fun to watch. Hayley Blackburn, after winning the first round, did a face plant in the second round allowing Payton Bardunias to enjoy the thrill of victory. Hayley came back and won round three.

There were 5 Open Classes and winners were Shawn Biello in the 7-8 Mixed Open; Ethan Hine in the 9-10 Mixed Open; Justin Mark in the 13-14 Mixed Open; Trevor cooper in the 9-10 Open and Justin Boissonneault in the 15-16 Open group.

As has become the norm, we started the point classes with Cruisers. First up was the 6-rider 11 year old Cruiser class. Under the USABMX rules, 7 year old Mary Sloan was inserted into this group of 10 and 11 year old riders. Unfortunately she was overmatched and missed making the transfer out of the motos. After learning that he was the current point’s leader in the chase for the Track Championship, 10 year old Sam Degrange added 106 points to the leader board with an impressive win. Andrew Hurst salvaged a second place finish while Kyle Kuehn was third.

The 17-20 Cruiser class saw Dom Rossi become the victim of the elimination rounds and had to sit out the 3-rider main event. Ryan Bigli returned for the first time this season after winning the Cruiser title last year but Chris Therriault would spoil his try for today’s win. Ryan was second with third going to “The leprechaun” Alex Kuehn.

The last Cruiser group was a 3-Rider mix with Rob Solsbury earning a perfect. John Buttwell was second all day long with Gina Layman third.

There were two classes that had 7 riders in it and the 5 & under old Novice group was the first to line up on the gate. Justin Donahue, in only his second time here, outraced the rest of the squad for the win. Kayla Barker (Brian Neff P.E.) was second and third went to Ollie Cleary.

In the 7 year old Novice 3-rider group, Elena Curtis nailed down the win in round one while Landon Hansen was third behind Jacob Allen. After Landon came back and won round two, the third round would decide the outcome and who went home with the first place trophy. Elena still had a one-point lead but finishing behind Landon would seal her fate and that’s exactly what happened. Landon won round three with Elena Second giving them both a total of 5 points. Round three is the tie-breaker so today’s winner was Landon.

In the early Open class races, Owen Bower fell pretty hard in turn three and it sure hindered his efforts the rest of the day as he missed qualifying for the 9 year old Novice main event. Gary Winters got the job done with Jacob Hladik on his rear wheel all the way around. Kolby Cutler was third.

It was another total point’s race situation in the 13 year old Novice class and Mason Vansteenbergen earned a sweep of the motos with 3 wins. Connor Nelson was second with “Quick” Nick Vazzano finishing in the third slot.

The 8 year old Intermediate class was interesting as Kevin Kelleher, riding his first race as an Intermediate ranked rider, virtually stole the last qualifying position in round three. As they came out of the final turn, Brady Carlson looked safe as the last rider in but, as they approached the stripe, it appeared Brady got off the gas and Kevin nipped him right at the stripe to qualify. In the main it was all Shawn Biello holding off a late charge by Noah Andersen with Noah Bell third. Noah would win the award for hardest number plate to read.

In 9 year old Intermediate action it was another 3-rider shoot out for total points. After Kayden Smith won the first two rounds beating out “Hot Rod” Johnny Tomboly, he took the chill pill in round three and let the riders battle for the top spot, at least for the moto win which went to Aidan Biello. Kayden may have lost that battle but his low score still put him in the top spot overall. Tomboly was second with Biello third.

The 10 year old Intermediate class finished in the same order in all three rounds of their total point’s race. It was Ethan Hine, Pierce Curtis and Azra Milton 1-2-3.

Rylan Carlson, despite a great try, missed the transfer to the 11 year old Intermediate main event. Zander Potter, making his first Rhode Island to Foothills trip this season got the win. Kyle Lyman was second and the third spot went to Mason Blackburn.

In the Girls class, there were only two each  7 and 9 year olds. With that said, Track Champion, 12 year old Ashley Jasensky elected to race in the boys expert class as she seeks tougher competition as she is striving to get even better, leaving the door open for Marissa Lyman to make up some ground in the Track Championship points chase. Marissa trailed Ashley by 76 points going into today’s action.  Anislee Bardunias missed making the cut into the main event, possibly trying to recover from a broken chain in round one. It was all Marissa as she led start to finish. Pippa Sweet earned a solid second with Mary Sloan settling into third. Marissa was able to put 104 points into the record books and now leads by 23 points over Ashley Jasensky.

Traveling from Monson Massachusetts, it was Riley Hurst the disappointed rider in the 7 year old Expert class as he missed the last transfer out of his motos. It’s a shame but Riley was the only 7 year old Intermediate here today so he had to race Experts. Cole Melillo, sponsored by Blotout Graphics, earned the victory. New York rider Austin Perillo was second while finishing third was Robbie Solsbury.

In the 10 year old Expert class it was hot and heavy action for the 6 riders competing for the 5 main event spots. Justin Perillo was the rider eliminated in the qualifying rounds leaving 5 well known riders battling for superiority. Garret Cooper, who came within a whisker of the Track Championship last season, grabbed the lead and never looked back. Sam DeGrange was not far behind him for a nice second place finish while Brian Neff sponsored Dylan Barker was third.

The 12 year old Expert class is where our reigning track champion, Ashley Jasensky chose to race today as mentioned earlier. This class was really a mixed bag of proficiencies with a Girl, two Experts and two Intermediates. The final qualifying round came down to Ashley or Jorn Layman winning that last transfer spot. It went to Jorn. The main event win would go to Expert rider Kai Escobar with Andrew Hurst second and JT Kelleher third.

Proficiency miss-matches continued in the class identified as 14 Expert. It was made up of two 14 Experts; three 13 Experts; one 14 Novice and one 14 Intermediate. Jared Spieckler nailed down the win quite easily. Alex Kuehn earned the second spot while Ethan Escobar grabbed position #3.

The Mod-Squad, 16 year old Experts had their class infiltrated with odd pairings as well. 15 year old Expert Justin Boissonneault and 16 year old Intermediate Justin Mark were in the mix of riders entered. Ethan Begnoche would capture this win. Justin Boissonneault was second and Josh Walsh, making a rare appearance at Foothills was third.

The final group of the day was 19-27 Experts but again, made up of a mixture of Proficiencies. There were Experts, Novices and an Intermediate. Joining them was a Novice and a Girl. Marshall Jones, in maybe his first at Foothills ever, won the main event. Chris Therriault was second while Chris Pfeffer was third. That made it a clean sweep for the Experts.

See you next week.

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