Week #2

Another hot day full of hot racing as our Mothers day race got underway. With the one Strider moto and 5 Open motos the count was 36 and the rider count was 127 (16 in the Opens).

Before we got underway, 12 year old Kirsten McDonnell, from Feeding Hills Massachusetts, was named our “Rider of the Week” for her efforts last week. She named her brother Kyle as her favorite rider.

4 year old Haley (The Comet) Blackburn and 2 year old Savannah Grover were our Strider racers today and as usual provided so fun racing.

The Open classes proved not so much fun for one rider as Genevieve Asselin took a hard fall on the first obstacle on the second straight in the 11-12 Mixed open class. We all held our breaths as she was slow to get up. Genevieve suffered a bloody nose and complained of a headache. Certainly she sat out the rest of the day.

Open class winners were Kyle Lyman in the 11-12 Mixed Open; Dom Rossi in the 13-14 Mixed Open; Nate Barnes in the 17-20 Mixed Open; Sam DeGrange in the 9-10 Open and Justin Boissonneault in the 15-16 Open.

The class called 26-30 Woman’s cruisers actually ranged from 12 years old to 44 years old. Avery Badendyck nailed the perfect in this total points race with Gina Layman second and Kaylynn Cortis third. It would be the same order in all three rounds.

It was the same repeat finishes in all three rounds of 11 year old cruiser total points racing as Sam DeGrange, clocked at 22 mph down the front straight, easily won all the rounds with Aiden Badendyck second and Mason Blackburn third.

It was more total points action in the 14 year old cruiser class and it would go to round three to determine the winner. Round one went to Dave Albert. Round two went to Alex Kuehn. Round three would determine the overall winner between “The Beast” and “The Thunder Midget”. Albert would turn the deed with Kuehn second and Micky Gladu was third.

The 26-30 cruiser class (17-33 in reality) saw Jeff Orlandi ace three moto wins for his total points win. Kyle Cortis was second and Dan Cortis finished third.

Total points madness continued with the next group which was 36-40 cruiser. John Ouellette, Rob Solsbury and Cliff Benoit finished 1-2-3 in all three rounds.

The last cruiser class was for the 46-50 year olds and had 4 riders fighting for the three main event positions. John Buttwell just missed making the cut. Fred Roy, who hit 23 mph per Curtis Jackson’s radar gun on the first straight, tied the fast time of the day up to that point. He went on to win the main event with Pat McDonnell edging out Jeff Badendyck for the second place spot on the podium.

In the 5 & under novice class, 5 year old Cayden Melillo really tried but could not find a way around little 3 year old Jaxson Grover for the last qualifying spot in the third round. In the main event it would be Brian Neff P.E. sponsored Kayla Barker with Oliie Cleary putting in a solid second place finish and Jaxson finished third.

Landon Hanson got the job done in the 6 year old novice division by winning all of the total points motos. Jacob Allen finished in from of Liliana Asselin in the third round but Liliana’s two second place finishes would assure her second overall for the day.

Again the week, the biggest class of the day was the 8 year old novice class with 7 riders battling for the 6 qualifying positions in the main event starting grid. Jayden Rego and Brady Carlson qualified out of round one. Round two saw Cadighan Gladu and Riley Gladu make the cut. Elena Curtis led that entire second round until the end of the rhythm section going into the last turn. She got bucked off her machine in a heart breaking fall and would have to gather herself to try again in the final round to make the cut. She was able to overcome some fear and grabbed the last transfer spot in the third round along with Kevin Kelleher. The main eventĀ  saw Jayden Rego, in only his second time ever here at Foothills, win the main event making his trip back home to Kingston Rhode Island a happy one. Second place was earned by Brady Carlson while Kevin Kelleher nailed down a hard fought third place.

11 year old novice rider out of Southington, Harry Clark was really competitive but could not make the transfer into the 11 year old novice main event. Jacob Hladik, after skipping last week’s race, picked up where he left off last year with an impressive main event win. Vinny Orlandi grabbed second place with Shyanne Cortis third.

The 14 year old novice class was a total points race and Kirsten McDonnell reminded us why she was the Rider of the Week last week with an impressive “perfect”. Dom Rossi and “Quick Nick” Vazzano were second and third.

In the 28-35 novice class it looked like Nate Barnes had this total points class locked up after finishing in the top spot in the first two rounds. But in round three he finished third with Matt Giroux finishing first. Matt and Nate would each have 5 total points with the tie-breaker being the third round, Matt would be out winner overall. Abe Hansen was third.

Five year old intermediate Matt Horjatschun drew some tough duty have to race in the 7 year old intermediate class along with 5 year old Aiden Grover. 7 year old “Chargin Charlie” Grover won the main event with Aiden Grove second. The third spot went to Cole Barker, who is sponsored weekly by Brian Neff P.E..

There were 6 riders entered in the 8 year old Intermediate class. After three rounds of motos, Robbie Solsbury woiuld be the rider eliminated in the qualifying rounds. The main event featured a speed of 18 mph posted by Cole Melillo down the front straight and he went on to the win. Shawn Biello, who is always hard to find in practice, posted a solid second with the third spot going to Noah Anderson.

The 10 year old Intermediate class was a total points event and Zack Tuohy and “Fierce Pierce” Curtis traded moto wins in the first two round. Zack would hold off Pierce for the round three tie-breaker. Pierce did salvage a nice second with Kayden Smith a close third.

The 11 year old intermediate classs saw more total points action and it was Rylan Carlson and Kyle Lyman tied for the lead going into the final round. Rylan held him off in round three for the overall win. Kyle was second with Mason Blackburn third.

Jorn Layman just missed qualifying for the 12 year old intermediate main event which was won by Kai Escobar. Baley Levine was second and JT Kelleher was third.

Consistent finishes in the 14 year old Intermediate ttal points race with 14 year old Hannah Blanquart posting a sweep of the motos with 13 year old Ben Babcock and Ashley Asselin second and third.

The 16 year old Intermediate class had 5 riders with one being a novice. I hate it when that happens as it seems totally unfair but it takes three riders to make a class and, by USABMX rules, the one novice rider gets combined with the intermediates of the same age. With that said, despite a valiant effort, 16 year old novice Ryan Avezzie missed the transfer. Just Mark, with a speed of 21 mph on the front straight, won the main event. Dakota Cortis was second with Jake Layman a solid third.

In 36-40 intermediate action, Jen Wood’s hot-rod suffered a broken crank arm and she was forced to simply touch the gate in this total point’s race. Cliff Benoit held off Amanda Orlandi, in a especially close second round for the overall win.

The return of Azra Milton, who hadn’t raced since last July, put up an impressive three moto sweep in the 10 year old girls class. 9 year old Marissa Lyman was second with third going to 7 year old Mary Sloan.

In 12 year old girls action, Genevieve Asselin sat out the entire class after falling hard in her Open class. That left only two riders going for the win and they are fierce rivals but best friends. Reigning track champion Ashley “Smashley” Jasensky and Avery Badendyck traded moto wins in the first two rounds. Avery held off Ashley in round three for the overall win. Ashley was heard to say that her dad told her he would give her 20 bucks for the win. I told Ashley she should hold out for 30. Oh Well.

Moving Into the expert classes the 9 year old division was a total points event like so many other classes this day. Track Champion Trevor Cooper put a “perfect” into the record books with Kyle Lyman holding off Aiden Badendyck for second.

Aiden Biello just missed the last transfer spot in the 10 year old expert class. The main event saw Garret Cooper keep pace with his younger brother by winning it. Brian Neff P.E. sponsored Dylan Barker was impressive finishing second while Robbie Webb sat out the main with mechanical problems.

Probably the best main event of the day was the 13 year old expert main. Unfortunately in did not include crowd favorite “Jumpin Jerry” Taylor as he missed qualifying in this very competitive class. The lineup was Jagur Layman, Alex Kuehn and Matt Webb. Webb got an awesome start and led for the first half of the race. As they hit turn 3 “Thunder-Midget” Alex Kuehn dove to the inside in a classic hi-lo move and got along side Matt up that back straight. Jagur was right behind them. Kuehn was set up perfectly on the inside going into turn 4 and kept the door shut the rest of the way. Webb was a very close second with Layman third and definitely right in the mix.

Not sure what happened in the 15 expert motos but with four riders registered “The Beast” Dave Albert was nowhere to be found and no-showed the entire 3 rounds. That left an automatic transfer into the three rider main event for Justin Boissonneault, Dean Zebian and Tommy Gladstone. The win went to Zebian with Boissonneault and Gladstone in tow.

Total points for the 17-18 expert class but Josh Blanquart also was a no-show. With only two riders on the track, Anthony Lucchesi posted the fastest first straight speed for the day at 25 MPH. Ethan put up a great effort but there was no catching Anthony who went unchallenged to the finish line.

In 19-27 expert action “The Animal” Zack Andringa was today’s winner. Chris Pfeffer kept the heat up but Zack wouldn’t be denied. Tyler Cortis finished third in this total points race. Up to Lucchesi’s sprint of 25 mph, Zack was tied with Fred Roy for the day at 23 mph.

The 28-35 expert class was again total points racing and it was Charlie Grover, with the coolest helmet in BMX, with the win, Jeff Orlandi posted a second with third going to “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli.

The last class of the day was the 46 & Over Expert class. Fred Roy, with another 23 mph front straight sprint, put another win in the win column. Jeff Badendyck was solid with a second place finish while John Ouellette was third.

As a reminder our food vendor “Dos Amigos” will be back next week.

Big Thanks to Curtis Jackson and his Speed-Gun. It was a nice added dimension to the event.

Thanks to everyone for your support and cya again soon.


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