Week #3

Week #3 of the 2015 season and the weather continues to be cooperative as it was a summer-like day with temps in the 80’s and a touch of humidity.

We kind of figured the crowd would be smaller than normal as there was a Gold Cup Qualifier at Central New Jersey and a lot of our regulars were down there. Non-the-less, with total entries totaling 124 (including the 23 riders who entered the Opens), the turn-out was decent by 2015 standards.

Before we started the Rider of the Week was named and it went to 5 year old Kayla Barker in honor of her first main event win last Sunday. She named Ashley Jasensky as her favorite rider. Kayla Has Brian Neff P.E. as her sponsor.

There were 6 groups of Open classes in the 32 moto total. Winners in these were Jacob Allen in 6 & Under Mixed Open; Brandon Houle 7-8 Mixed Open; Ethan Hine in 9-10 Mixed Open; Ben Babcock in 13-14 Mixed Open; Garret Cooper in 9-10 Open and finally, Josh Faunce won the 26-30 Open.

Moto 7 was the fist of the point classes and it was the 31-35 Women’s cruiser class. Esther Martone, who was only here once last season, after driving nearly two hou5rs from Bellingham, Massachusetts, won the main event with reigning class champion Gina Layman finishing second. Third place went to Rebecca Marchildon. Julia Chaput, after traveling from Rhode Island, must have had a disappointing ride back home after missing the cut.

The first of the total point’s races was the 11 year old cruiser class which saw Sam DeGrange win for the second consecutive week. Andrew Hurst and Ian Kinney were second and third in this all Baystate shootout.

In the 41-45 cruiser class, 12 year old Mickey Gladu was place in the mix. Personally, I think the USABMX combining rules really need to be looked at when a 12 year old gets placed with riders three times his age in lieu of placing him in the 11 year old cruiser class. 39 year old Cliff Benoit, after wrecking earlier in the day, sat out the main as Mickey did qualify. The win went to Pat McDonnell with Rob Solsbury second and Fred Roy rounding out the top three.

Justin Donahue, riding out of Hope Valley Rhode Island, won the 5 & under novice total point’s race. Brian Neff P.E. sponsored Kayla Barker had to settle for second with Ryder Duplessie third.

In 7 year old novice action Cadighan Gladu was the unlucky rider who missed the transfer in the 7 year old novice class. The main event saw Elena Curtis, after suffering major disappointment last week, shrug it off this week and capture her first main event win at foothills. She has paid her dues and is now ready to reap some rewards. Well done Elena. Jacob Allen was second with third place earned by Kaydence Morris, who traveled all the way from Putnam Ct.

In the 8 year old novice main event it was Jayden Rego was having a great run. Jayden slipped a pedal, made a great recovery, but could not make up the lost ground to catch eventual winner Brady Carlson. That was interesting in itself as Brady was the last rider to qualify holding off Kevin Kelleher just to make the main event. Third place in the main event went to Andrew Beach.

The 11 year old novice class saw 5 riders going for the 4 main event positions. Shamus Crane made only his second trip to foothills and just missed the last transfer spot. Dylan Rodriguez, in his first visit here won the main event. Kaleb Marcou was second as he made a late charge to get by third place finisher Jacob Hladik.

In 12 year old novice action Kirsten McDonnell had no problem in sweeping this total point’s event. Tyler Leblanc was second with Connor Nelson third.
In 28-35 year old novice action Chris Champagne, who was slow to get up in a moto crash, missed qualifying for the main event. The three rider shootout ended with Dave Norris on top, Matt Giroux second and Jason Pelletier third.

Moto #16 was the start of the intermediate classes and, starting with the 7 year old class, Cole Barker’s racing machine, suffered a New England Patriots tire (deflated) and could not make the third round of this total point’s race. That was a tough break for this Brian Neff P.E. sponsored ride. Blake Babcock got the job done winning two of the three motos with Seth Glenwright-Roberts finishing second overall.

In the 8 year old intermediate class it was Evan Moulton who just missed making the transfer in the main. Brandon Houle was todays champion. Shawn Biello was second while Nate Giroux just edged out Robbie Solsbury for the third spot which was very very close. Robbie isclassified as an expert so all riders received expert points.

Riley Hile was a no-show in the 9 year old intermediate class giving a free pass into the main event for the remaining three riders. Johnny “Hot-Rod” Tomboly nailed down the win with Richard reale and Marissa Lyman second and third.

The 10 year old intermediate class saw Ian Kinney get eliminated despite a great effort in the qualifying rounds. Ethan Hine led the entire main event right to the stripe. Evan Glenwright-Roberts posted a solid second with “Fierce” Pierce Curtis third.

The 11 year old intermediate class was a three rider total point’s shootout and round one saw Dom Chaput win with Kyle Lyman and Rylan Carlson second and third. Round two looked like maybe the same order again until mayhem struck in turn two. Chaput and Lyman got tangled and crashed hard with Carlson just squeaking by for the win. Chaput would get up and finish second with Lyman doing the same but for third. The final round was a repeat of round one giving the overall win to Chaput, Carlson was second and Lyman third overall.

The 12 year old intermediate class was only three riders strong but pretty evenly matched. With one rider, Andrew Hurst, being an expert, all riders received expert points. With moto wins going to JT Kelleher and Andrew Hurst, the final tally would be Husrt first, Kelleher second and Jorn Layman third.

The 14 year old class for intermediates was another total point’s race. “The Shadow” Austyn Denette aced a “perfect” with a sweep of the three rounds. Hannah Blanquart salvaged a second place overall finish with Ben Babcock third.

Candise Brodeur, making her Foothills BMX debut, just missed qualifying for the 16 year old intermediate main event. Jake Layman held off a hard charge from Justin Mark for the win. Mark settled for second just ahead of Autumn Joslin.

The biggest class of the day was called the 41-45 intermediate class. It had tow experts in the mix so all riders will receive “expert points”. It was 49 year old expert Fred Roy standing on top of the podium (if we had one) in the top spot. 37 year old expert Jeff Brun, who no longer comes close to fitting in his 1980’s Coca-Cola national team jersey, finished second with the first intermediate crossing the stripe, Chris Morris finishing third.

Esther Martone continued her perfect day by winning the 31 & over women’s class. Tammy Mullane and Melissa Morris were second and third in this total point’s event.

The first expert class was for the 9 year old gang. It was total points racing and a clean sweep for track champion Trevor Cooper. Kyle McDonnell was second with third place going to Fisher Stites.

One rider had to be eliminated for the four rider group going for the 10 year old expert main event. This week it was Dylan Barker feeling the disappointment, along with his sponsor Brian Neff P.E., of missing the main event. Sam DeGrange, after winning his cruiser class, turned the double by winning this class as well. Garret Cooper was a close second with third going to Aidan Biello.

Jagur Layman continued his impressive early season dominance with a sweep of the 13 year old expert total point’s event. “Jumpin” jerry Taylor was second with Josh Faunce finishing third.

The final four races were also total point’s races but only one was a sweep. “The Machine” Dean Zebian, swept the 15 year old expert class. Matt Rowe and Josh Perrier were second and third.

The “Mod-Squad”, 16 year old experts, saw Ethan Begnoche win the first two rounds but allow Lex Doty to win the third as he had the overall win sewed up. “Double D’s” Dylan Denette was second overall.

Casey Tanner and Chris Pannullo traded moto wins in the first two rounds of 17-18 year old action. Chris would win the tie-breaking third round for the overall win. Casey was second and Tyler Montgomery was third.

The last class of the day was the 19-27 year old expert class with Corey Cronin edging out Chris Pfeffer for the overall win. Intermediate Justin Layman finished third but will enjoy some expert points.


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