Week #5

In 2009, when we last hosted a Memorial day weekend race without competing against a nearby National event, the turnout then was a whopping 194 riders split into 48 motos. This year we decided to race on the Memorial Day weekend again, but knowing that times have changed, we were uncertain what to expect on a holiday weekend for a crowd. Some thought it might be very low while others believed it’s the perfect weekend for local racing. Today’s crowd was great by 2015 standards with 154 entries split into 37 motos.

After a moving tribute to our fallen service people, we started by naming 7 year old novice rider Elena Curtis as our Rider-Of-The-Week after her first main event win last week. She thought for a moment before naming Ashley Jasensky as her favorite rider.

Five Strider riders were pushing their little pedaless machines around the course and Payton Bardunais; Haley Blackburn and Abigail Babcock had a blast in the 4 year old division while two riders; Hailey Clough and Savannah Grover showed us how it’s done in the 2 year old class.

Winners in the 5 Open classes were Shawn Biello in the 7-8 Mixed Open; Ethan Hine in the 9-10 Mixed Open; Ben Babcock in the 13-14 Mixed Open and Dean Zebian in the 9-10 Open.

In the point classes we started off with the cruisers. Mason Jacquier aced a “perfect” in the 8 year old total points class. He held off Dan Meyers, who was making his first trip to Foothills from Rhode Island and Mary Sloan, who was making her Foothills debut on a Cruiser.

It was also total points racing for the 11 year old class with Sam DeGrange doing what Mason did before him. He was also perfect winning all 3 rounds. Kyle Kuehn was second with Mason Blackburn finishing third.

Total points action continued wit6h the 13 year old Cruiser class and this time it would take a tie-breaking third round to determine our winner. With the “Thunder Midget” Alex Kuehn and Jacob Bacis swapping moto wins in the first two rounds it would be Bacis holding off the hard-charging Kuehn for the overall win. Third went to Mickey Gladu.

Because of the way USABMX combines ages, the 26-30 Cruiser class actually included two 14 year olds and one 40 year old in the four rider shootout for the 3 positions on the main event starting grid. “The Beast”, 14 year old Dave Albert was first to transfer to the main. Matt Dallas, at 40 years old, was the sole transfer from round two and finally, “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli earned the final spot from round three. 14 year old Dom Rossi was the hard luck rider who just missed making the cut. In the Main it would be Matt Dallas, who hasn’t raced BMX in over 20 years until this year, and a first timer at Foothills, capturing the win. Albert was second with Scibelli third.

It was another Foothills First-timer showing his skills in the 41-45 Cruiser class. It was made up of 4 riders and it would be Gina Layman, the only female in the mix, missing the transfer to the main event. Phil Artese, in his first year of BMX racing, nailing down a nice win. Not bad at 44 years old. John Ouellette hung tough and salvaged a second place finish while Rob Solsbury was third.

The 3 rider total points shootout in the 46-50 year old class was a classic with Pat “The Governor” McDonnell winning round one. John Buttwell was second with Fred Roy third. Round two saw Roy cross the stripe first with McDonnell second and Buttwell third. Going into the final round McDonnell had a one-point lead over Roy. Fred won round three with Pat second giving both 5 points. With the third round considered the tie-breaker, Fred was the overall champion.

So at moto 14 we started with the Novice classes. First up was the 5 & Under 3-rider grouping. Ollie Cleary swept the motos for the overall win. Kyrie Coddington-Sweet was second with 3 year old Jaxson Grover third.

Four riders were vying for the three main event positions in the 7 year old Novice class. Liliana Asselin, provided a great effort and came so close to making the main event but would have to sit out and watch from the sidelines as Elena Curtis, Landon Hansen and Cadighan Gladu went at it. Landon held off the strong run from Elena Curtis for the win. As Elena put her machine in cruise control down the final straight, Cadaghan sped by her just before the stripe for second place.

The 8 year old Nove class had 5 riders entered and there were some good battles for the 4 main event starting positions. Riley Gladu would be the rider eliminated in the motos. Noah Bell was today’s winner with Kevin Kelleher second and Andrew Beach finishing third.

It was total points action in the 9 year old Novice class and Kane was able. Kane McMillan was unbeaten in all three rounds. Dominic Drobot was second with Gary Winters third.

Shamus Crane was the disappointed rider not making the main event in the 12 year old Novice class despite a great effort. Kirsten McDonnell made it 4 weeks in a row in the winner’s circle. Sasha Kulo was second with Tyler Leblanc third.

Matt Giroux, Abe Hansen and Kellsey Grover finished 1-2-3 in all three rounds of total points action in the 28-35 Novice class.

In the 7 year old Intermediate class, Leithen McMillan crashed very hard in turn one in round three qualifying action. That cost him the shot at making the main event. Word around the track was that he would be Ok. Danny Myers, riding out of Coventry Rhode Island, got the job done in the main. Chargin Charlie Grover was second with third going to Wallkill New York’s Alex Marshall.

The biggest class of the day was the 8 year old Intermediate group with 10 riders going for some Memorial Day glory. With only 8 spots available on the starting grid, two riders had to be eliminated during the qualifying rounds. These two would be Liam Keatley and Brady Carlson. One of the 10 riders was an Expert thus all riders will receive “Expert points”. Max Marshall, Brandon Houle and Shawn Biello finished an impressive 1-2-3.

Six riders were in the house in the 10 year old Intermediate class.
Trumbull’s Jacques Roy just missed making the transfer. The main event went to Zander Hicks. Ethen Hine was second with “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly third.

Kyle Lyman swept the total points motos in the 11 year old Intermediate class. Rylan Carlson and Mason Blackburn were second and third.

Jorn Layman had to watch the 12 year old Intermediate main event from the sidelines as he missed the transfer despite a valiant effort. Baley Levine nailed down another win. J.T. Kelleher looked solid with a second and Kyle Kuehn finished third.

Dom Rossi tired hard but just missed the cut for the 14 year old Intermediates. “The Shadow” Austyn Denette led all the way to the finish line in the main event. Devin Carty and Ben Babcock were second and third.

Justin Mark was on the mark as he was perfect in the 16 year old Intermediate total point’s shoot-out. Lewis Cianfarani was second with Jake Layman finishing third.

In the 19-27 year old Intermediate class, former track champion Lexy Doty really turns the heat up in trying to make main events classified as an expert. She just missed this time as Justin Layman managed to stay in front of her in the qualifying rounds. Ethan Begnoche won the main event with Brian Ortiz second and Justin Layman third. Because two of the four riders were Experts, all earn expert points.

Experts and Intermediates were mixed in the 46 & Over Intermediate class and one Novice rider, Clay Marshall, missed the cut. Fred Roy would repeat what he did in his Cruiser class by winning yet another main event. John Ouellette was second and Craig Begnoche was third.

There were 12 entries into the Girls classes today and they were split into three groups. In the 9 year old group it was Anislee Bardunias just missing the transfer despite some great cheering from her parents up on the first turn hill. Marissa Lyman won the main with Pippa Sweet and Mary Sloan second and third.

In the 12 year old Girls grouping it was Azra Milton missing the transfer this week. “The Comet” Haley Denette would be second behind our reigning track champion Ashley “Smashley” Jasensky. Gen Asselin was third.

The last Girls class was for 15-16 Year olds but 13 year old Ashley Asselin was thrown into the mix. Hailee Lemke was the hard luck rider eliminated in the motos. Hannah Blanquart, sporting some new colors thanks to Custom Cycles, won the main event. Ashley Asselin earned a hard fought second place with third going to Emily Fullerton.

Track Champion Trevor Cooper swept the 9 year old Expert class but was pushed hard by both Mason Jacquier and Kyle McDonnell who finished second and third.

In 10 year old Expert action Aidan Biello put up a great effort but did not transfer out of the motos. Robbie Weeb and sam DeGrange, teammates on the Bikers Edge / GT National Team, battled hard with Robbie Webb coming out on top. Sam was a close second with Garret Cooper third.

In 13 year old Expert racing it was Kai Escobar becoming a no-show. Alex Kuehn worked hard to stay in front of Jagur Layman in the main event but held on. Jagur settled for second and it was a nice third for Jacob Bacis.

The 15 year old 4-rider Expert class was made up of all Massachusetts riders. Josh Perrier missed the cut. “The Machine” Dean Zebian, led coast to coast for the win. Dave “The Beast” Albert was second while Matt Rowe was third.

The last class of the day was the 28-35 year old Expert 3-rider total points shootout. Charlie Grover, Steve Scibelli and Jen Wood finished 1-2-3 in every round. Jen Wood looked good sporting a helmet Mohawk.

So the race was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out and especially to the 57 riders who traveled from Massachusetts, the 14 from New York, the 8 from Rhode Island and the 1 rider from Vermont. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

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