Week #5

So we have been so lucky with the weather the last year but yesterday it looked like the averages would finally start to catch up with us. The morning started off with showers off and on and a gloomy forecast for 100% rain. We continued to check local radar throughout the morning and, fairly early on, we decided that there might be a small break that would allow us to get a two-moto transfer race in the books before the predicted deluge.

Luck was with us again as around 11:20 the last of the morning showers, which were very light, passed and gave us a small window to hold the race on a dry track.

We decided that we would hold no Opens today and move right into the main events without a break simply to take advantage of the dry conditions allowing everyone the opportunity to get to their vehicles and the staff to get the facility cleaned up before the next series of showers moved in.

Unfortunately this was our Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race and it would have been nice to have a large crowd. USABMX picked up the Warnicke scholarship fund when the NBL folded. This year 20 college bound BMX'es shared $27,000 from money raised by these races.

Kane McMillan was named our “Rider-Of-The-Week after his big win last Sunday. Unfortunately, Kane was not here today but his little brother Leithen accepted the trophy on his behalf. To the surprise of Leithen, he received a Rider-Of-The-Week trophy himself because last Aug 24th, he was named ROTW but did not come back last season tp claim his award. His picture can now be added to our web site where all the other recipients’ photos are for the last ten years. Leithen said that Josh Wedge was his favorite rider. We will wait to speak with Kane to see who his rider is.

Partly due to the weather and partly due to a big race weekend in nearby Kingston New York, the crowd was small and there were only 19 motos.

We started with the Strider division where only two riders were registered. On the starting grid, 2 year old Savannah Grover seemed to realize that her binky was missing and decided climbing into Dads arms was a better idea than climbing on her racing machine. 4 year old Haley Blackburn had it all her way as she pushed her way around the circuit unchallenged.

The first point’s class was the 11 year old Cruiser 3 rider group. With Sam DeGrange and Andrew Hurst swapping moto wins in the first two rounds, it would come down to round three to break the tie. Sam held off the Hurst effort and finished first. Andrew was second with Mason Blackburn finishing third.

The 26-30 Cruiser class was actually 22-47. With an impressive effort, “The Governor” ┬áPat McDonnell won the Main Event with John Butwell second. Dan Cortis, with his recognizable old-school helmet was third. “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli missed making the transfer out of the motos.

Next up was the three riders in the 5 & Under Novice class. This total points race would see Ollie Cleary sweep all three rounds for the win. Jax Grover was second with Brian Neff P.E. sponsored rider Kayla Barker third. Things might have been different had Kayla not wrecked in turn 3 in the first round causing her to decline any further racing this day. We certainly hope she is OK.

It was total points action again, this time for the 6 year olds. Landon Hansen won all three rounds and must be getting very close to a moveup to the Intermediate ranks. The second spot was a good battle between Dylan Cardwell and Jacob Allen. With two second place finishes it would be Jacob edging Dylan for the second spot.

It was the same deal for the 7 year old Novice class with total points being the situation. Brandon McKinney, traveling from Vernon, won all three rounds. Elena Curtis and Nick Recupero were second and third in every round.

In the 9 year old Novice class there were again just three riders in a total point’s event. 8 year old Kevin Kelleher, seeking one more win to move up in ranking, had his hands full as he would have to beat a 9 year old to fulfill his mission. Kevin was simply too determined this day to be denied and won all three rounds in his last race as a Novice. Congratulations on his moveup. Gary Winters went home with a second place trophy while it would be Vic Karotkin finishing third.

The last Novice group was for the 11 year old group and like the other Novice classes. This would be for total points. “Hammerin” Cameron Cofer, Shamus Crane and Shyanne Cortis would finish 1-2-3 in all three rounds of action.

The 7 year old Intermediate class was a four rider shootout for the three positions available in the Main Event. “Rocky” McMillan would just miss qualifying. “Chargin” Charlie Grover went onto the Main Event win. Second went to 5 year old Aiden Grover with Blake Babcock grabbing the third spot.

In the 8 year old intermediate class, Brian Neff P.E. sponsored Cole Barker would be the disappointed rider not making the cut despite a great try. In the main event it was Shawn Biello leading in the first half with Noah Anderson all over him. Noah finally made his move with a great pass and held off the hard-charging Shawn the rest of the way. Third went to Brandon Houle.

It’s always a shame to see riders travel so far and not make the transfer into their respective Main events and that was certainly the case with 7 year old Shane Johnson from Massachusetts. It was his first trip here and we certainly hope to see the Johnson family again soon. The rest of the 9 year old Intermediates chased Zack Tuohy in the Main but could not catch him. The closest was Kayden Smith who finished second while RJ Reale was third.

A large grouping was the 11 year old Intermediate group with 6 riders that included two 10 year olds. 10 year old Ethan Hine would be the rider missing the qualification for the Main Event. Zander Hicks was the other 10 year old and nailed down an impressive win against the older riders. Nolan Cardwell was second with Kyle Lyman hanging on for third.

The 12 year old Intermediate class was a mixed bag of skill levels. There were two Novices, one Expert and two Intermediates. Because of that, the two Intermediates would earn “Expert points” should they main the Main Event while the Novices would earn “Intermediate points”. It would be Novice Connor Nelson missing the transfer. The three rider Main event finishing order was Expert Andrew first, Intermediate JT Kelleher second and Novice Kirsten McDonnell third.

It was a similar situation in the four rider 16 year old Intermediate class that featured two Intermediates, one Expert and one Girl. Intermediate Jake Layman missed the transfer to the Main. Expert Josh Perrier was today’s Main Event winner. Intermediate Dakota Cortis was second and Kyly Milton, 3-time track champion, was third. This was Kyly’s first time racing in a year and it was great to see her back on the track.

Speaking of Track champions, Ashley “Smashley” Jasensky aced a “perfect” in the 12 year old Girls class. It was pretty easy this week for the champ as she was competing with younger riders. 10 year old Azra Milton and 9 year old Marissa Lyman were second and third.

The biggest grouping of the day was the 10 year old Expert class where 7 riders were bunched including two 9 year olds. Aidan Biello was the hard-luck rider missing the transfer. The Main Event saw Robbie Webb hold off a surging Garret Cooper for the win. Sam DeGrange finished a close third behind Garret.

Jagur Layman held off the other two riders in the 13 year old Expert mix. Intermediate rider Ben Babcock was second with Kaylynn Cortis third.
Corbin Lavertu made his trip from South Hampton Massachusetts worth it with a win in the 19-27 year old total points shootout. Chris Pfeffer was second with Lexy Doty third.

The last class of the day was for the 28-35 Experts but was another mixed bag that sure features some crazy combining by the computers sanction provided race program. With 6 riders involved in the class it was made up of two Experts, two Girls, one Novice and two Intermediates. Ages ranged from 30 to 50. So when the moto dust cleared it was Gina Layman watching from the sidelines. Charlie Grover was the winner. Craig Begnoche, now an Intermediate and looking so much faster was second. Third went to “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli.

Thanks so much to the 72 riders who braved the weather and took a chance on the trip to Foothills. It is much appreciated. See you next week.

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