Week #15
So here we are well into the Dog Days and what a week it’s been weather-wise. Temperatures close to 100 with oppressive humidity levels have been the norm. Also the norm is yet another Gold Cup Qualifier in the BMX area. This time it was out in Pennsylvania but a number of our regulars were out there competing. We simply suffer the trials and tribulations of being a weekend track.

With all that said, by the time registration closed we had 27 motos made up of 101 entries. After some discussion among the staff, it was decided to employ the 2-moto transfer system to keep possible overheating and dehydration problems to a minimum. In hind-sight it makes little sense to me that Total points classes still race the normal three rounds. In as much as 16 of the 27 races were Total Points races, 48 of the 101 riders still raced thier normal three times? Go Figure?

Before our on-time start we named 12 year old Novice Jack Vanhorn our Rider-Of-The-Week. He is from Naugatuck and said he considered Foothills his home track but dod mentioned that his first race was at Bethel three seasons ago. After taking some time off, he has come back to the sport. He named the guy who helped Josh Wedge out this week with a clinic and wore the multi-colored shirt on as his favorite rider. We think that would be Ethan Begnoche.

Three Balance Bikes were in the house and they raced their two motos back to back. 3 year old Saraphina Sperrazza was first every time while second was 2 year old Averi Wadman. Third went to 1 year old Logan Barker after dad pulled out the back-up bike for Logan to race with.

The first point’s class was the 3-rider 12 Year old Cruiser class. Andrew Hurst built on his 23 point lead in the year long chase to be the highest scoring Cruiser by adding 103 points to his total with today’s win. Second was impressive as it was 10-year old Mason Bruns, making his first trip to Foothills this year from Rhode Island grabbing that spot. Logan Desmerski, who we haven’t seen since May 8th was third.

The 26-30 Cruiser division was made up of 3-riders ranging from 15 to 40 years old. It was the same order in all three rounds with “The Beast” Dave Albert getting the job done. 40 year old “Ludicris” Cliff Benoit was second and Female points leader, Kaylynn Cortis was third.

With 4-riders entered in the 41-45 Cruiser class it was Craig Begnoche seemingly electing to not qualify as he was odd man out. In the main it was Dan Kolodziej earning a hard fought win as “The Governor” Pat McDonnell was right on his rear wheel pretty much the entire lap. Pat settled for second today while Joe Doherty coasted in for a third.

The Novices were out in good numbers. The 5 & under class had 4 riders entered and Bryson Bruns would be the rider missing qualifying for the main. Evan Wadman, in his first race ever, earned the win. He was riding a bike that looked familiar. Come to find out, one of our past riders, Addy Miller, had sold him the bike. It still has some speed in it. Nice win for a first-timer. Second place went to Rylan Spence while third went to Nolan Barnett.

Same deal in the 7 year old group of Novices as there were 4 riders entered. There was some concern in this one as both Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) and Brianna Kent tangled just short of turn one and both went down in the opening round. Kayla would eventually qualify but Brianna, who did race the next round, missed qualifying. In the main it was Tommy Berg, wearing that signature blue helmet earning his first win of the year. Sawyer Spence pushed him all the way around and kept the pressure on but Berg was flawless. Sawyer settled for second. Third went to Kayla.

In the 9 year old Novice class it was heartbreak for one and jubilation for another. This was a 3-rider total point’s race and Derek Linnick was first across the stripe in round one.  In round two Mike Arnold edged him out to tie the score with 3 points each going into the final round. Linnick, who is seeking his first win after 12 previous tries here at Foothills, had the lead coming out of turn four in the final round. In the rhythm section Arnold got along side and completed the pass down the short-chute to the finish line. Derek would settled for another second place finish while James Wolf was third.

The largest class of the day was the 7-rider 12 year old Novice class with a 10-year old and a 11-year old thrown in the mix. Unfortunately it would be 10 year old “Mad” Maddy Philbrick finding herself out of a qualifying position when the dust settled.  IN the main event it looked like clyde Snow had a great start and was leading the pack heading for the first turn when he went down in flames. He would be ok but out of contention now. The benefactor of Clyde’s misfortune was Jack VanHorn, our rider of the week who took off and never looked back. He held off Shyanne Cortis who finished second. Shamus Crane nailed down a nice third.

It was 3-riders in the 15 year old Novice class but two of them were only 13 years old, Maya Brown, the only 15 year old had it all her way and easily won all three rounds. Ty Lepicier was second and Dillon O’Brian was third.
A 3-rider battle was what the 28-35 Novice class was and it would come down to the final round to determine the overall winner. Matt Hicks and Josh Caton traded wins in the first two rounds making round three the tie-breaker. Matt Hicks was able to hold off Josh to capture the checkered flag. Third went to Brian Wadman.

It was no-contest in the 46 & over Novice gang as Tim Brown would win all three rounds of this Total Point’s shootout. Art Ramsey held off Jeff Sperrazza for the second spot.

The 7-year old Intermediate group was made up of three riders. Jayden Kent, who already has 10 wins in his quest to become an Expert, Natalie Kent, who just last week earned her move up out of the Novice class to the Girls class, and Guy Julian who not only had a recent move up on this class but suffered a birthday move up as well. So this was somewhat predictable. Kent added another win to his record book. Natalie held off Guy for the second place award.

Jayden Rego, a Rhode Island hot-rod who has only been here once before this season, nailed down a win in the 9 year old 3-rider Intermediate class. Wes Hamel placed second while Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) was third.

In the 12-year old Intermediate group there were 5 riders going for the glory. Nate Small looked exhausted as the heat must have affected his effort. He missed qualifying for the main. Logan Demerski and “The Undertaker” made it a 2-rider battle for the win and it would be Logan holding of the keeper of the Crypts for the win. Third place went to Adin Philbrick.

Connor Nelson made it two out of three in the three rounds of Total points 14 year old Intermediate competition. That was good enough for the overall win. Travis Cortis held off his sister Kaylynn for the second spot. That could have been an interesting ride home had she beat her brother.

It was good action even though only 3-riders in the 15 year old Intermediate class. Ke-Andre Godbolt won the first round. Chris Aldo won round two. Aldo and Godbolt really went at it in the final round and it was Chris coming out on top. Ke-Andre had to settle for two while third went to Hunter McDonnell.

Emily Fullerton, District #1, had to race in the 17-18 year old Intermediate class today and she would just miss making the transfer out of her motos in this 4 rider class. The main event saw Dakota Cortis unseat Brandon Daniels for the top spot. Brandon was second with Kyle Cortis third.

A total sweep of the three rounds of 28-35 Expert action by the “Dean of Scream” Dean Zebian. Devin Carty finished second while Matt Giroux was third. Matt gets Expert points (63) by racing against Experts.

Craig Begnoche, after putting his aging body through some BMX torture this year, cruised around the track opposed to his old aggressive style of racing and ended up watching the 3-rider main event from the sidelines in 46 & over Intermediate action. Joe Doherty, who sacrificed his Cruiser class for the 20” group, got the job done with a win. Of course he was the only Expert out there but the other two rider do earn Expert points. 84 points go to “Ludicris”, Cliff Benoit for his second place effort and 63 to Zach VanWinkle for his third place finish.

In the 13 year old Girls class there were 3 ladies racing for the win in Total point’s action. Isabella Nelson aced a perfect today with a sweep of the motos. Autumn Snow was second while Samantha Sparrazza was third.

The hottest class of the day was the 9 year old Expert class and probably the best finish. Jaden Barnett, despite a great effort, missed making the transfer out of the qualifying rounds. The 5-rider main event was fast and furious. Koleton Kolodziej, one of the favorites, came unclipped at the start putting him back in the pack. “Nasty” Nate Giroux got the best snap out of the gate but, starting in gate #6 he could not get over far enough to get in front of Shawn Biello who took the lead by inches up the second straight.
Nate was stuck on the inside and lost momentum being so low as they exited turn 2. Noah Anderson, going high on the turn two berm, had enough speed to pass Nate on the third straight and set his sights on Shawn as they headed up the long back chute. Shawn still had the lead around turn 4 and through the rhythm section but he left the door wide open for an inside move and that’s exactly what Noah did as they entered the final turn. Up the short chute to the finish line it was Noah Anderson with a great win. Shawn Biello was second and Nate Giroux third. To me, that’s the best that Noah Anderson has looked here this year. Well Done!

The 10 year old Expert class saw Fisher Stites be eliminated in the motos. He’s had a tough two weeks and it probably as frustrated as a rubber nosed woodpecker in a petrified forest! The main event saw Mason Bruns hold off the challenge from defending champ Trevor Cooper of the win. Third went to Kyle McDonnell.

The 11 year old Expert class was a Total Points race and it was Aiden Biello doing what he needed to do to stay in the point’s race for the track championship. He trailed Matt Rowe by a mere 29 points going into this race. Aiden won it and adds 103 points to his total. Garret Cooper was suspiciously second while third went to Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products).

The 15 year old Expert class was loaded including the current points leader Matt Rowe. Jacob Stephens was only able to touch the gate so the motos really meant nothing as the other 5 riders got a free pass to the main. The Main win went to Jagur Layman in a real close battle between the top three finishers. Second went to “The Beast” Dave Albert while Matt Rowe had to settle for third. That third place finish is worth 66 points for Matt who now trails Aidan by 3 points!

In the Open class, winners were: Isabella Nelson in 9-10; Connor Nelson in 13-14 and Dean Zebian in 15-16.

Thanks to everyone for coming out on such a hot day. You all are awesome! See you next week.

Complete finish report