Week #16

This is week 16 and yet another weekend with multiple choices for racers in the area. Today it was either go to a single point’s race at Foothills or a triple point’s race at woodland in Rhode Island. So for the district points chasers it was a no-brainer. Then you couple that with a day that featured a threat of rain and it was a pretty small turnout today. Even with 4 Open classes, the moto count was only 21 made up of 91 entries.

Before we started, we named 7-year old Tommy Berg as our Rider-Of-The-Week even though he was not in attendance today. We will save his trophy for him.

Of course just as we were starting the Main events the rain came down in buckets. We ran anyway as the track held up pretty well throughout.

The first point’s class to run today was the 9 year old Expert class and that is always an exciting bunch. Although abbreviated today with only 4-riders, the action was pretty hot. In the qualifying rounds, Shawn Biello was the rider eliminated. Cole Melillo, that little hotrod out of Meriden, got the best of the gang today. Noah Andersen managed to stay just in front of “Nasty” Nate Giroux for the second spot keeping Nate in third.

The 11 year old Expert class had five riders including the current point’s leader in the race for the track championship Aidan Biello. It also included the 2-time and reining track champion Trevor Cooper. It seems now that Trevor feels it’s time for a new champion as he failed to even qualify for today’s main event for the first time in over two years. Aidan would lead start to finish and add 105 to his total for the season. Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) has been looking energized lately and nailed down a solid second place finish. Third went to Fisher Stites in a good effort also.

The 15 year old Expert class was next and that would be a Total Points race with only 3 riders. Matt Rowe, who trailed Aidan Biello by only 8 points going into today, would ace a “perfect” with another win for his total but it was worth only 103 points and he now trails Aidan by 10 points in the quest fro the championship. Baley Levine was second with third going to Kyle Lyman. Matt was the only 15 year old. (I Incorrectly reported that there was a three point difference after last week. In reality it should have been an 8 point difference.) This will be verified with USABMX this week.

In Cruiser action, it was all Joe Doherty this day in the 41-45 class. In reality it was actually a much wider age disparity with a 10 year old in the mix along with a 51 year old. Such is the way of the combining of Cruiser ages these days. 10 year old Marissa Lyman would be eliminated in the qualifying rounds. Doherty was today’s winner with Johnny Ouellete not too far behind. J.T Kelleher (13 years old) put in a nice effort and was rewarded with a third place finish.

The 5 & Under Novice gang went for a Total Points race for the first time in quite awhile. Devin Porier would nailed down a sweep with three moto wins. Evan Wadman looked good in only his second rce for a solid second place finish while Rylan Spence was third.

The 7-year old Novice class had 5 riders going for the 4 spots available in today’s main event. Justin Hotchkiss, despite a good try, did not transfer out of the motos. Kubrick Tarrant, who was here for only his third time, was top gun in this class today. Sawyer Spence was impressive as well and he earned a second place award. Third went to Brianna Kent in maybe her best effort of the year. Kayla Barker (Creative racing Products) came back after wrecking in each of the first two rounds and finished 4th in the main.

The 8 year old Novice class was only 3-riders strong so this total point’s race would see Mike Arnold, nearly unbeatable since he won the Rider-Of-The-Week award a few weeks back, put another one in his win column. James Wolf and Dave Woodruff were second and third.

The 10 year old Novice class was unfortunate for one rider. Lucas Holda, who qualified out of round two, for whatever reason, got in the wrong main event gate and actually missed his correct main. He would be awarded 5th place. We are still now sure how that happened. It could have been simply a misunderstanding in the staging area but we just don’t know at this point. The win would go to Tyler Bouteiller with “Mad” Maddy Philbrick doing a great job for second place. Third went to “The Warrior” Victoria Hatt.

Another Total Points race was the 12 year old Novice class. As is the case more times than not, the order of finish can be the same in all three rounds and that was the case today in this class. Clyde Snow, the only 12-year old, easily won all three while 11 year olds Trey Lepicier and Peyton Pulaski were second and third.

The 15 year old Novice class saw Maya Brown get eliminated in the motos. Rumor has it that her wrist, injured at another track recently, was bothering her. We hope it’s nothing that won’t heal quickly. Madeline Hatt, in the first race that we have ever seen her at Foothills, won the class! Jack Vanhorn had to settle for second while third went to Ryan Suleski.

In 7 year old Intermediate action, Landon Hansen just missed making today’s qualifying cut. Jayden Kent kept his impressive winning streak alive with yet another win as he moves closer and closer to earning his expert status. Looks like it will be this year for sure. Natalie Kent would trail her brother across the stripe for a second place finish just in front of Guy Julian.

The 9 –year old class of Intermediates saw Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) just miss transferring out of the motos. Josue Bruno got the job down this day by holding off a nice effort from second place finisher Wes Hamel. Third went to Kevin Kelleher.

In the 12 year old class it was Shamus Crane learning that this could be a little harder than the Novice class that he belonged to up until his big win Friday in New York. Shamus would not qualify for the main in his first race as an Intermediate. A storm front moved in quickly as “Hurricane” Henry Hatt nailed down today’s victory. Andrew Macconnie was second while Kayden Smith was third.

In 16-year old Intermediate total points racing, it was Ke-Andre Godbolt winning the first two rounds and Brandond Daniels round three. Ke-Andre would be the overall winner with Brandon second and J.T. Kelleher third.

The class identified as 28-35 Intermediates actually had 7 riders ranging from 16 years old to 51 and had a Novice, two Intermediates, a Girls and 3 Experts. Craig Begnoche would blow a tire and crash in his last qualifying round so he was out of this one but OK. 16-year old Devin Carty, wearing a Ke-Andre Godbolt Evolution-X shirt would put his machine in the winner’s circle. 45 year old Joe Doherty was second while 44 year old John Ouellette was third.

The last point’s class of the day was the 13-year old Girls class and it was a sweep of the three rounds of motos for Ashley Jasensky. Marissa Lyman was second while Autumn Snow would finish third in this Total Points race.
Just as we finished up, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

That’s it for this week, Don’t forget, if you want a personalized Fooothills BMX racing shirt in time for the State Championship, get you order in asap. Contact us through the facebook page for details.



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