Week #17

So theres a big weekend up at Kingston New York and with the Empire State Qualifier today, surely we will be missing some of our regular New York riders who frequent Foothills BMX. Most of us were figuring a somewhat small turnout. Soooooo when registration closed a surprisingly 137 entries split into 38 motos! Just shows you how unpredictable BMX can be.

Clyde Snow was named our Rider Of The Week after his win last week. This 12 year old Novice named his big brother Todd as his favorite rider.

We ended up with a ton of Total Points 3-rider races. In fact, 22 of the 37 were in this mode.

We started off with four Balance Bike Diaper Dandy’s split into two groups of two each. The first group were two 3-year olds. Saraphina Sperraza and “Hot-Rod” Hailey Clough did battle. Hailey was the dominate rider in this one. The second group featured two 2-year olds as Logan Barker and Averi Wadman went head to head. Averi would be the top dog in this one.

With a red-hot points race going on for the Track Championship, the first up were the Expert classes. The 9 year old class was the biggest of the day with 10 riders going for the win. In the motos it was Charlie Grover and Joe Laurie being eliminated. In the awesome main event, it was gate 4 where the all important hole-shot would come from. Mason Jacquier had the gate timed perfectly and got out first. By the time they hit the first jump he had a one bike lead and was able to move to the inside as they entered turn one. Cole Melillo and Matt Small were in second and third. Now the drag race was underway up the second straight. “Nasty” Nate Giroux got on the inside of Small and took over the third spot as they came out of turn 2. Up the third straight Kolton Kolodziej also got by Small but the only thing that changed up front was the size of the lead for Jacquier. For the rest of the lap the order on top stayed the same. It was Jacquier, Melillo and Giroux at the stripe.

In the 4 rider 10-year old Expert class, it was Shane Johnson, making his first trip to Foothills, missing the transfer out of the motos. Trevor cooper was back in form and he raced to a fairly easy win. Jared Small was hot and put in a nice effort to earn second while third went to Kyle McDonnell.

The first of the many Total Points races came in the 11 year old Expert class where Aidan Biello sat with a scant 10 point lead in the points race over 15 year old Matt Rowe. With Garret Cooper winning today’s Main, Aidan would finish second leaving the door open for Matt Rowe to gain some ground when his main came up after the next Main. Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) would finish third in this one.

The 13 year old Expert class, another Total Points race, saw Andrew Hurst and Lou Massoni trade moto wins in the first two rounds. The round three tie-breaker went to Hurst with MAssoni pretty close for second and Gordon Johnson would finish third.

So now for the 15-year old Expert Class where Matt Rowe was sitting in a 4-rider group that was stacked with talent. In the motos it would be “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor, just moving up in the age group after suffering the dreaded birthday earlier in the week, just missing the cut. With Matt Rowe just making the transfer out of the third round, he would have his hands full if he wanted to gain some ground on Aidan Biello for the points chase. That would not happen today as “The Beast” Dave Albert and Jagur Layman were battling so hard all the way around, the door was absolutely closed for Matt. At the stripe it was Albert, Layman and Rowe in that order. So Matt now trails Aidan by 29 points.

The 3-rider 17-18 year old expert class was wild and wholly. In the first round of this Total Points shoot-out it would see Cole Hathaway and Justin Boissonneault tangling just short of turn one with JB kicking up a cloud of dust as he went for a Torrington Tumble. Leader chris Therriault would stop and come back to see how his friend was allowing Hathaway to easily cruise to victory in round one. After the second round it was very rare to see this points total going into round three . All three riders were tied with 4 points each. The order of finish in the final round would determine the overall finish for the day and it was Therriault, Boissonneault and Hathaway.

The 28-35 Expert 3-rider shoot out saw the same order of finish in all three rounds. It was Matt Markie, Charlie Grover and “Stone cold” Steve Scibelli 1-2-3. It was great to see Matt back on the track and also to see his dad in attendance supporting him. It’s been a long road.

Rick Marceau usually makes one trip to Foothills a year and it seems today was that day as he was in the house as a member of the 46 & Over Expert gang. This was another of the Total Points races and he would battle Joe Doherty and John Ouellette. Rick won the third round but Joe had already put the first two rounds in his win column for the overall win. Rick was second with John third.

The only Woman’s Cruiser class was called the 21-35 group but, in reality, it was made up of 3-riders ranging from 8 years old to 22 years old. Points leader Kaylynn Cortis would win two of the three rounds for the overall win. Angela Therriault would finish second while 8-year old Mary Sloan was third.

There were actually 15 male cruiser racers in the house and they were split into five different age groups. The first was the 9 year old 3-rider group where Mason Jacquier would earn his “Double” today with a win here as he did in the Expert class. Brandon Houle and Breton Provencal were second and third.

The next group was also made up of 3-riders and it would be a “perfect” for Andrew Hurst. Andrew held a 13 point lead over Pat McDonnell for the Cruiser title so this was a big win. Jared Small was second while third went to Pete Laurie.

In 13 year old cruiser action, it was Mason Vansteenbergen and JT Kelleher each winning a moto after two rounds. JT would capture the third round earning him the overall win. Mason was second with Connor Nelson third.

The 17-20 year old Cruiser class saw Lewis Cianfarani edge out Josh Perrier for the last transfer spot out of the motos. In the main event it was all Chris Therriault with Dave Albert second and Perrier Cianfarani third.

The 46-50 year old cruiser class saw Joe Doherty and Rick Marceau edge out Crag Begnoche for a last starting spot in the main event. The main went to Pat McDonnell with big Johnny Ouellette a solid second while Joe held off Rick for third.

The Novices classes were up next and they were also made up with a bunch of Total Points races. The first was the 7 year old division and these 3-riders saw the same order in each round of this Total Points race. Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products), after pulling off a sweet pass in the first round to capture a win, cruised to victory in the next two rounds for a rare “Perfect” for her. Second went to Evan Wadman as he held off third place finisher Rylan Spence.

The 8-year old class had a rider making his BMX racing debut and it sure was memorable for him. Denny Storzuk would crash in his first race but he showed some toughness as he came back for the next two rounds and kept the shinny side up. He would finish third in this Total points event behind winner Mike Arnold and second place finisher Jack Geran.

Last week was a heartbreaker for 10 year old Novice Lucas Holda when, for reasons still unknown, he raced in the wrong main event. This week all was forgotten when he would win two of his three Total Points races for the overall win. Teagan Geran and Derek Linnick were second and third. Linnick was trying out a borrowed bike and seemed a little uncomfortable on it.

The 14-year old Novice group, yet another Total Points race, saw Sean Adams, who finished first and third in the first two rounds, come back and win the third round for the overall win. Clyde Snow salvaged a second place finish while Ryan Suleski was third.

The last Novice class was the 46-40 4-rider group. Jeff Sperrazza missed the cut but sure seemed ok with that. In the main event it was Tim Brown (Team K-Mart) racing to a win. Paulius Juddisius, who nearly injured our announcer trying to pronounce his name, was second while Trumbull’s Rich Parenzan finished third in his first ever run at Foothills.

The 7-year old Intermediate class was an unfortunate experience for one rider although it must happen to him everywhere. 5-year old Jaxson Grover had to race with the 7 year olds as there simply is not many 5 year olds around who are Intermediates. Jaxson would not make the transfer out of his motos but seemed to be in good spirits. One thing that didn’t help was he and Landon Hansen crashing in the second round with a big spill in turn one. In the main it was Jayden Kent yet again, putting another check mark in his win column. Guy Julian was second with Landon third. Earlier Landon, when asked what he attributed his success in making today’s main he said “my mom was yelling at me!” In reality she was yelling “Pedal Bud Pedal”. You can’t make this stuff up.

The next four Intermediate races were all Total Points races. IN the 9-year old division, Josue Bruno’s tow-of-three moto wins was good enough for todays title. Blake “the snake” Babcock was second while Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) was third.

It was the same for Kayden Smith in the 10 year old class. He won the first two rounds and finished second in round three where the riders decided to do a pump race in lieu of pedaling hard. As his grandpappy just shook his head, Kayden did have enough points to capture the overall win. Zach Parenzan finished second with third going to Nick Henrichon.

One of the few Rhode Island riders here today totally dominated the 11 year old Intermediate clas. Tyhis was a Total Points race and Pete Laurie would acing a “perfect” by winning every moto. Ryder Vansteenbergen and Aidan Drenen were second and third.

Jake Nichols did the same in the 3-rider 12 year old Intermediate class staying in front of a hard-charging Shamus Crane who settled into the second spot with Nate Small finishing third.

Moto 28 was the 13 year old group of Intermediates and it was 4-riders strong. After the qualifying rounds it was Jorn Layman the rider eliminated. In the main Connor Nelson made it look easy with a much better effort than he put out in his Cruiser class. Connor won it with Mason Vansteenbergen second and JT Kelleher third.

In 15-year old Intermediate action it was “The Freight Train” Ben Babcock winning after he and Ke-Andre Godbolt traded moto wins in the first two rounds. Ben won round three for the overall with Ke-andre and Travis Cortis second and third.

The 17-18 year old Intermediate class was loaded with 6 riders going for the gold. Kyle Cortis would miss the transfer in the qualifying rounds. Dan Heideger put it all together with a win in this impressive class. It was a solid second for the big guy, Jake Layman while third went to Brandon Daniels.

Maybe the race of the day was the 36-40 year old Intermediate grouping. There were 6-riders in the mix battling hard for a spot in the 5-rider main event. Matt Giroux, despite a good try, just could not get himself in a qualifying position and he would have to watch the main from the sidelines. Right out of the gate in the main, it was Cliff Benoit grabbing the lead and he never looked back. That was a good thing as his rear view was full of Justin Provencal. All the way around Justin was pushing him hoping for a mistake. There would be none as “Ludacliff” was a man on a mission. Coming out of turn 5 Provencal was as close as he would get but Benoit would cross the stripe for the last time as an Intermediate. This was win #20 and welcome to the Expert ranks cliff! Somehow, according to the official finish report, Steve Healey found a way around Justin for the second spot.

The 10-year old Girls class was made up of two 8-year olds and two 10-year olds. In the motos Saule Judisius was the rider missing the cut. She was one of the 8-year olds. The main saw Isabella Nelson lead start to finish with Mary Sloan a solid second. Third went to Samantha Sperrazza.

The 15-year old Girls class was a Total Points shootout with 15-year old Novice racer Maya Brown in the mix. She would finish second and, by rule, earn “Intermediate Points”. Kirsten McDonnell was top gun today in this class. Autumn was third.

Winners in the Open Classes were Cole Melillo in 7-8 Open; Trevor cooper in 9-10 Open; “Freight-Train” Ben Babcock in 13-14 Open, Justin Boissonneault in 15-16 Open and Dakota Cortis in the 26-30 Open Class.

That’s it everyone, thanks for being a part of today’s great race. We hope to enjoy your company again next Sunday. So long for now.

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