Week #14

So after calling off last week’s race due to the weather we were now hoping to get back the momentum that we had with 13 consecutive races without a rainout. Today’s weather didn’t disappoint.  With temps in the mid 80s, low humidity and partly cloudy skies, this was ideal.

There was a National event down in Pittsburgh at the iconic South Park track and a few of our regulars were there but all in all in was a decent turnout for our Bob Warnicke Scholarship race.

36 riders from Massachusetts; 9 riders from New York; 5 riders from Vermont and another 4 riders from North Carolina coupled with our Connecticut riders added up to 122 entries in 31 motos.

Michael Arnold, 8 year old Novice, was named our Rider-Of-The-Week for his efforts at our last race. He had raced 8 races up to that point and his 9th race was a charm when he won his first 1st place award. A boy of few words, with a little coaxing he named “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly as his favorite rider.

We started the day off watching the only Balance biker in the house as 2 year old Cole Lyman was the only one here. He took a practice lap as a celebration of his birthday.

First up was the 3-rider 15-16 Girls Cruiser class and the theme of the day was set with wave after wave of 3-rider Total points classes. In fact there were 15 Total point classes out of the 31 that we ran. In this one 15 year old Kaylynn Cortis should have it made as the other competitors were 10 year old Marissa Lyman and 9 year old “Fearless” Alissa Hatt. As predicted Kaylynn easily won round one. In round two she again had the lead but wrecked hard on the double on the second straight and that was it. She was ok but would settle for thirds the reast of the day. Marissa would be today’s champ with Alissa second and Kaylynn third.

The 3-rider 12 year old Cruiser class saw Jared Small and Mason Blackburn trade wins in the first two rounds. This was a mixed bag of age differences also with Mason being 12; Jared is 10 and Breton Provencal is only 7. In the deciding third round it was Mason holding off Jared for the overall win. Breton was third.

In 14 year old Cruiser action it would be the third race in a row as a 3-rider class. 14 year old “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor, who pulled off one of the sweetest X-Ups” in practice, scored a “perfect” by winning all three rounds. 13 year old Owen Downey and 13 year old J.T. Kelleher were second and third.

The 41-45 Cruiser class had 5 riders in it but the ages ranged from 15 – 45. 44 year old Dan Kolodziej held off 15 year old Tom Bacis (Custom Cycle) in the main event for the win. Third went to DDR’s Joe Doherty. Randy Komssi could not transfer out of the qualifying Rounds.

There were 4 riders in the 46-50 Cruiser class and this one was scary. 46 year old Neil Dickey, riding out of Coventry Connecticut, came out of gate one but as soon as he hit the first jump he lost his chain. He went all flibberty jibbits down the back side of the steep jump and slammed into the bottom very hard. His first complaints were his left shoulder area. He was helped up and sat on a sideline bench for awhile. It became obvious that he was really hurting and quite dizzy. As a precaution he was taken to our local hospital for treatment. It was reported this morning that he has a broken rib but no head injury. His chain had also come off in practice and he did say that he rushed it back on to get more track time in.  So that gave a free pass into today’s main event to the remaining three riders. John McDowell held off “The Governor” Pat McDonnell for the win. Craig Begnoche cruised his way to a third place finish.

The first Novice class was the 5 & under squad and this was a 3-rider shootout. Showing us how they do it in Vermont, Ryder Richardson aced a “perfect” by sweeping all three rounds. “The Comet” Hayley Blackburn was second with Parker Lewis, also from the Green Mountain State finishing third.

The 6 year old Novice division, also a 3-rider group, saw Natalie Kent easily destroy the competition and earn her move up to the Girls class. Elena Vernon and Brianna Kent were second and third. Congratulations to Nat for the hard earned move-up. She is ready.

Brodi Lewis, another rider visiting us from Vermont, won the 3-rider 7 year old Novice class with three wins. Oskar Kalenieks was second with Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) third.

In 9 year old Novice racing it was 4 riders going for three main event positions in the qualifying rounds. Two of the four were 8 year olds. One of them, Dave Woodruff, would fall in round two and be done for the day. Mike Arnold, the boy who had only won once in the previous 9 weeks, did it again today showing us again why he was our Rider-Of-The-Week. Riley Richardson riding out of Vermont was right on him all the way around in the Main event but she could not complete the pass and settled for second. Third went to Derek Linnick.

The 10 year old group was another Total Points race and 10 year old Tyler Bouteiller continued to impress with another overall win. “Mad” Maddy Philbrick was second with Owen Bower third.

Noah Toney swept the three rounds of 11 Novice racing with Peyton Pulaski and Savanah Cortis second and third in this Total Points race.

The 12 year old Total Points race for the 12 year old Novice class was eventful. Round one saw Jack Vanhorn winning. IN round two Jack was nowhere to be found and missed his moto. Maybe he thought he had transferred into a main? Shayanne cortis captured that win. Going into the third round it was Shyanne, Jack and Sean Adams all tied with 4 points each. IN the final round Shyanne would crash leaving Sean and Jack to battle it out. Jack Prevailed.

The 46 & over Novice class was 4 riders strong. Mark Reale was the rider missing the cut after the motos were run. In the main event it was all Tom Cattaneo, another Vermont rider putting the Green Mountain boys in the top spot on the podium for the third time today. Justin Provencal was second while Art Ramsey, sporting a hot looking Rockstar jersey was third.

In the 7 year old Intermediate class it was Landon Hansen just missing the transfer into today’s main. Jayden Kent captured his tenth win and is now halfway to becoming an Expert. Dylan Cardwell, all the way from North Carolina was second while Guy Julian earned a third.

Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) was close but could not transfer out of his motos in the 10 year old Intermediate 5 rider grouping. Mateo Vernon nailed down a nice win by holding off second place finisher Kayden Smith and third place rider Jonah Graves.

The 12 year old class of Intermediates featured four riders vying for the 3 spots in the main event starting grid. Despite a great try, Nate Small was odd boy out. Adin Philbrick put another win in the record books while Mason Blackburn settled into the second spot. Third went to Jake Nichols.

Two brand new riders made their BMX debut in the 13 year old Intermediate class. Yup, two new Novice riders and they get thrown into the more experienced Intermediate class as there were no other 13 year old Novices here to make up a three rider class. Gotta love these rules! Anyway, as expected one of them would be the rider not making the cut. Donovan Luce and Tyler Dicky are two riders to really feel sorry for. Not only was this their first day, but Tyler’s dad was the one transported to the hospital. It was just an awful experience for their first day at a BMX track.  Donovan was the rider eliminated in the motos. Tyler would finish third in the main. Connor Nelson and Travis Cortis broke away in the main and Connor held off Travis for the win.

In 17-18 year old Intermediate action Kyle Cortis could not get by Ben Cardwell for the last transfer spot in round three. So in the 3-rider main event it was Brandon Daniels and Ben Cardwell battling and Brandon went down in flames. Ben had it all his way and he won the main providing his trip back to North Carolina this week something to talk about. Dakota Cortis was second while Daniels coasted across the stripe for third.

After bruising some ribs that were just healing up from being broken, Craig Begnoche took it easy today and rode cautiously in the 46 & Over Intermediate class. Im thinking the sight of an Ambulance at the track might have served as a reminder to cool it. He would be eliminated in the motos but won the 50-50 drawing so all was not lost. In the 3-riider main event Chris Morris, the youngest in the group at 31, cruised to victory. Clayton Marshall looked good and grabbed a second place finish while third went to Matt Giroux.

The two Girls classes today were both Total Points races. The first was the 10 year olds with 9 year old Alissa Hatt in the mix. She would finish third. Marissa Lyman would sweep the motos with Isabella Nelson in hot pursuit in all three rounds.

The second Grils class was the 15-16 group which actually had two 14 year olds in it. Go Figure. Hannah Blanquart overpowered the younger girls sweeping all three rounds. Kirsten McDonnell was second and Autumn Snow was third.

Onto the Expert class and the biggest group of the day was the 7 rider gang of 9 year olds. With transferring two riders in each of the three rounds of motos, this was a fun class to watch. The third round especially where there were three riders battling for the last to spots in the main. The two Marshall boys and Noah Anderson were going hard coming out of turn two when calamity struck for Noah and we went down pretty hard. He would be ok but now had to watch the main from the sidelines. “Nasty” Nate Giroux would rack up 107 points with this huge win. He outpowered and out-maneuvered Koleton Kolodziej to hang on as they crossed the stripe. Max Marshall earned a nice third place finish in this impressive group of hot rods.

There were 5 riders in the 10 year old Expert class. With Trevor cooper and Jacob Hatt qualifying in the first two rounds, round 3 was the most important as only two would make it in. first across the stripe in that round was Jared Small leaving Kyle McDonnell and fisher Stites battling hard as they came out of the final turn side by side. They crowed over to the left hand side of the track and there may have been some contact. Fisher got across the stripe first but would be disqualified for the last straight move allowing Kyle to transfer into the main event. The “Cat who’s a Hatt”, Jacob Hatt, pulled off a great upset as he held off two-time defending track champion Trevor Cooper for the win. Third place went to Jared Small.

Garret Cooper and Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) each one of the first two rounds of 11 year old Total Points racing. With Aidan Biello sitting second by only 9 points in the season long track cvhampionship points race, two third place finishes in the first two rounds won’t help his chances to stay there if he doesn’t get on the jammie soon. In round three however, it was more of the same. This time Garret won with Dylan second and Aidan third and that is how they finished for the day. So Aidan gains 63 points on his total and would wait anxiously to see how points leader, 15 year old Matt Rowe would do when his class comes up in 3 more mains.

The 12 year old Expert class was a 3-rider Total Points shootout and with Nolan Cardwell winning round 1 and Ryan Komssi winning round 2, the third round should be great. Nolan Cardwell would not be denied and he raced his way to some Sunday Afternoon glory with a nice win to bring back to North Carolina. Ryan was second with Kyle Lyman third.

The 13 year old class was Total Points racing and it was Kai Escobar winning all three rounds. Owen Downey was second and Louis Massoni, in his first ride as an Expert after winning up at Whip City on Friday, earned a third.

The 15 year old clas was also a Total Points race and Matt Rowe, our current points leader was in the mix. Jacob Bacis (Custom Cycle) would win round one and Matt came back to win round two. The third round would determine todays winner and it would be Bacis. Rowe was a close second while third went to “Jumpin” jerry Taylor. So Matt earns 83 points and, even with a second place finish, because Aidan Biello finished three a few minutes before, actually gained 20 points on his points lead and now leads the season long quest to be the track champion by 29 points. Trevor Cooper has moved into third place and trails Matt by 47.

The last point’s class of the day was the 5 rider 28-35 Expert class. Chris Pfeffer just wasn’t into racing hard today and let the world go by in the motos. In the main event it was all Cole Hathaway with a full-pull start to finish. Glenn Woodward was second with the third spot going to Joe Doherty.

There were three Open classes and winners were: Breton Provencal in 7-8 Open; Nolan Cardwell in 11-12 Open; Louis Massoni in 15-16 Open.

So thank you all for you continued support of Foothills BMX. We really appreciate it. There are still 7 races left in our regular season. Please note that you must get ten races in here through the last Sunday in September to qualify for a year end award. See you all next week.

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