Week #11

So today was pretty iffy. With The Gold Cup Qualifier at Catamount BMX in Vermont this weekend coupled with the Vermont State Qualifier today, we expected another low rider turnout. Then of course there was the threat of rain. Early in the morning Vermont cancelled their state qualifier so some of the riders there did make the trek down here to Foothills. However, there was certainly rain in the area.

In honor of those that had called in and said that they were on their way down, we held up our start time for about 15 minutes to give the last family a chance to sign in. Just at 12:00 the rain found us again and came down quite steady until 12:15 when we started. Even though the corners were wet at the start, the rest of the track was very good thanks to the efforts of a large number of volunteers of all ages who were out there grooming it since earlier in the morning.

So when registration closed we had 98 entries and 23 motos which is slightly more than we expected.

On June 23rd we had named Ernest Neiman as our Rider-Of-The-Week for his efforts on June 19th. Unfortunately we hadn’t seen him until yesterday when we were finally able to present him with his trophy. He said that Josh Wedge was not only his coach but was his favorite rider as well. Ernest has earned his Intermediate ranking since we last saw him.

We also named 15 year old Novice rider Maya Brown as last weeks ROTW. Maya rarely races within her class as she seems to always get thrown in with Intermediates. She has a great attitude and simply enjoys being out there. She named her dad, Tim as her favorite rider.

A huge thank-you goes out to Gina Layman who, at the last minute, came up to the tower and volunteered to try announcing the first round of motos so I could get out there and take some pictures. Everyone agreed she did a great job. Hmmmmmm, I may be out of a job after that.

We enjoyed watch three Balance Bike competitors this week. These diaper-dandies are always fun and 3 year old Saraphina Sperrazza easily out-balanced the two 1 year olds.  Cole Lyman was second each round but just wanted to stop and wait for Logan Barker to catch up. He was bribed with the promise of ice cream and finally pushed across the stripe. Logan fell a couple of times but he was fine. He settled for third.

The first of the point’s classes was the 10 year old Cruiser class. Mason Jacquier, in only his third appearance here this season, easily out-raced Jared Small and Mary Sloan in this Total Points race. It was a tough assignment for Mary as she was the only 8 year old out there. Jared was second while Mary was third. Jared gained 83 points on Pat McDonnell for the race to be the top Cruiser point’s earner for the season as Pat was not here today. Jared now trails by only 71 points.

The 15 year old Cruiser class was also a Total Points race and it was won by another rider that we wished we would see more of. “The Beast” Dave Albert, in only his 4th time here this year also kept his Standard Northeast Army colors out from like his teammate did the class before. Dave won all three rounds with Andrew Hurst, also from the Standard camp was second. Kaylynn Cortis was third.

The third consecutive class with only 3 riders causing a race for Total Points was the 41-34 cruiser group. Dan Kolodziej picked up where he left off last week with another impressive win. Bryon Lewis, wearing a BLT’s shirt was second in front of DDR’s Joe Doherty. Its been a very long time since we saw anyone in the BLT colors. Bryon hadn’t raced in ten years. He showed up today and purchased a license. Bryon is a two-time National champion and left the sport at the top of his game. Judging by how good he raced today, he hasn’t forgotten anything. We hope to see him more often now.

In the 6 year old Novice class, Guy Julian continues his dominance with yet another win giving him 8 in a row. Guy will move up a notch by the next time we see him as his birthday is this coming Saturday. I’m thinking it won’t make much of a difference. He is just about ready for the Intermediate class and will be there with two more wins. Natalie Kent turned in another nice performance with a solid second place finish while Cayden Melillo was third. Despite a great try, Elena Vernon was the one rider eliminated in the qualifying rounds.

The 8 year old Novice class had 4 riders battling through the motos for the three spots in today’s main event. It was Kayla Barker (Creative racing Products) missing the cut after a really nice try. The main was won by Wes Hamel who also has a very impressive winning streak going. This was 9 in a row for Wes. Rumor has it that he may go for his 10th this Wednesday night down at Bethel Supercross. Oskar Kalnenieks was second and his days of glory are getting closer as the riders that have been beating him are so close to moving up in proficiency. Behind Oskar today was third place finisher Mike Arnold.

In the 9 year old Novice division it was the same type of deal with 4 riders battling for only 3 main event positions on the starting grid. This time it was Zach Adams the rider just missing the cut. The boy with the magic moves, Josue Bruno, got the job done by leading the main event from start to finish. “Fearless” Alissa Hatt was second with Derek Linnick finishing in the third spot.

In the 12 year old Novice class it was wild and wholly with some very hot competition going on. In the first round, with 6 riders flying down the front straight, Peyton Pulaski and Emily Aldo got tangled up and both fell pretty hard going into turn #1. Both would get up and eventually qualify for the main event but neither felt up to finishing in the top three. Savanna Cortis, in only her second race ever would be the one rider not making the cut. Shyanne Cortis had a lead in the main with that pesky Shamus Crane all over her rear wheel as they flew up and down the first three straights. Heading into turn four, Shamus made an unbelievable move and sealed the deal with a exciting pass. He held on the rest of the way to victory. Shyanne was second while third went to Sean Adams.

The always exciting 41-45 Novice “Legion-Of-Doom” saw one rider showing some intestinal fortitude just by being out there. Art Ramsey would miss the main event today as he was seen wincing around the track. Come to find out he went over the handle-bars at New Paltz on Thursday and was really hurting. These guys are tough! In today’s main event it was Zach Vanwinkle making it seven Foothills wins in a row with another impressive victory. This time he had to pull off a spectacular pass in turn 4 to get by Justin Provencal. His biggest fan, his wife, was cheering him on proudly. Second went to Provencal while Tim Brown kept the shinny side of his bike up this week and finished third.

The first two Intermediate groups were both Total points and it would be the same order of finish in each of them for all three rounds of action. The 7 year old group was Breton Provencal, Jayden Kent and Ernest Neiman going 1-2-3 and in the 10 year old group it was Mateo Vernon, “Ice Man” Owen Golden and Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) going 1-2-3.

The 13 year old group of Intermediates actually had two 12 year olds in it and one would be eliminated. It was tough duty for Nate Small and he just missed the cut. The way it turned out, not being in that main was maybe a good thing. As they entered turn 1 in a tight pack, Jorn Layman and Jake Nichols got together and both went down in flames. Connor Nelson, unscathed, cruised to victory. Jorn was the first to get up, although slowly he rode off for a second place finish. After several minutes Jake also rose and rode off to the finish line for third.


Brandon Daniels, whose life has totally changed in the last two weeks, won the 16 year old Intermediate class Total Points event. Chris Aldo and Maya Brown finished second and third in all three rounds of racing. Brandon just moved up to the Intermediate class a week ago and also just enjoyed his 16th birthday. If that wasn’t change enough, he actually drove his dads car to the track today!

It was a great battle for the win in the 10 year old Girls main event between Samantha Sperrazza and reining track champion and point’s leader Marissa Lyman. This was after Isabella Nelson missed making the main today. Sam and Marissa went door handle to door handle but it was Samantha pulling off the win with Marissa right on her for a very close second. Mary Sloan was third.

IN the 9 year old Expert class, Matt Small would join his brother on the side lines after he was the second Small race team member to miss qualifying today. Mason Jacquier was solid all day long and was unbeatable in the main event. Cole Melillo earned a solid second place finish with Koleton Kolodziej finishing third.

In 10 year old Expert Total Points racing Trevor Cooper swept the field in all three rounds. Trevor is going for his third consecutive track championship and now holds a narrow 35 point lead over Aidan Biello. Jared Small was second with Jacob Hatt third.

Kyle Lyman was so close to qualifying in the 12 expert class but just couldn’t find a way around Dylan Barker (Creative racing Products) in the final qualifying round. The main event win would go to Andrew Hurst. Aidan Biello was charging hard but settled for second place while Dylan Barker would finish third.

It was a good turnout in the 15 year old Expert group with 6 riders going for the bragging rights and victory. IN the battle rounds Kai Escobar just missed passing Josh Faunce for the last transfer spot. “The Beast”, Dave Albert was today’s winner with Jagur Layman, his teammate on the National scene second while Matt Rowe would put his Evolution X colors in the third spot behind the two Standard Northeast Army riders.

The last point’s class was a big one. There were 6 riders in a class called 19-27 expert where, in reality, it was 65 riders in a class that was 16-45. Jake Layman, the only Intermediate rider in this mix, gave it a great try but did not advance out of the motos. Dean “The Machine” Zebian was today’s winner and sounded like the WWE’s Rick Flair as he “wooooo” his way to victory circle. Tyler Cortis, flying the Overhaul colors and suffering from extreme heartburn, was second. Third place went to Joe Doherty. Joe was thought to be looking for an oxygen bottle after that run.

In Open action Trevor Cooper, Cole Melillo, Aidan Biello and Dean Zebian were all winners.

As always we really appreciate the support form our awesome family of riders. Hopefully we see you all again real soon. So long.

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