Week #12

This week the competition would be a New York State Qualifier but it was far enough away so that the impact on us was minimal. The heat was stifling but still, the entry list was 115 split into 31 motos. 29 of these were from Massachusetts; 4 from New York and another 4 from Rhode Island.

Josue Bruno, 9 year old Novice rider was named our rider-Of-The-Week for his effort last Sunday. This week this Meriden rider was an Intermediate so somewhere between his win and now he earned his move-up. He named his friend Cole Melillo as his favorite rider.

We started the day off with two small groups of Balance Bikers. In group 1 it was 3 years old mason Murphy and Evangeline Zeiner running the course with Mason being the first one to the stripe.

In group 2 it was 2 year old Braxton Murphy out scrambling 1 year old Logan Barker.

In the point classes 15 of the motos were three-rider Total Points races. No sitting down on the sidelines for these 45 riders.

The first group up was the three-rider 9 year old Cruiser class. Mason Jacquier (Standard Bykes Northeast Army) sweeping the motos for a “perfect”. Noah Anderson hung tough for a solid second place finish while “Fearless” Alissa Hatt was third.

The Standard Northeast Army colors were at the top of the podium again this time it was Andrew Hurst during the perfect deed in the 12 year old Cruiser shootout. Mason Blackburn (Team Edge) was second with third going to Jared Small (Custom Cycle).

How about three in a row for the Standard Army troupe! “The Beast” Dave Albert kept the streak going with his perfect score in the 15 year old Cruiser class. “Jumpin Jerry Taylor (Kid Dynamite) was second and Kaylyn Cortis was third. Sure looks like Kaylynn may have moved into second place in the race for the female track championship.

Finally we reach a class where there were more than 3 riders competing. The 41-45 Cruiser division had 5 riders in the mix however; they actually ranged from 25 to 55 years old! After Bryon Lewis and John McDowell qualified out of the first two rounds, the third round three rider battle for two qualifying sports was hot, fast and furious. Shawn Mack, who was moaning about a bad day at the Massachusetts state qualifier on the cape yesterday, was looking for redemption today.  Down the front straight he was flying. He led the charge up the second straight when he hit the double and virtually got air born and out of control. It looked like he tried a one-footer-cancan combined with a one-handed bar grab tail spin X-up Turn-down Superman dead sailor as he crashed and tumbled down the side of the jump. Shawn lay pretty motionless as both Joe Doherty and John Ouellette stopped to check on him. After a few minutes Shawn was able to get up and walk it off obviously missing the transfer. It was learned that he popped his chain just as he hit the double causing the spectacular aerial display. We gave him a 9.8 for degree of difficulty.  In the main it was Bryon Lewis putting those BLT colors across the stripe first. John McDowell was second with John Ouellette third.


The 6 year old Novice class was yet another of the Total Points races and another perfect score. This time it was Natalie Kent showing the way. Her twin sister (10 minutes older) was second while Hayley Blackburn (Team Edge) was third.

Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) was the one rider missing the cut in the 7 year old Novice class. Guy Julian, after moving up an age group with a birthday on Saturday, showed that the age is not as significant as skill level. He earned his 9th consecutive foothills win and 10th win as a Novice to join the ranks of the Intermediates. Well deserved Guy! Oskar Kalenieks was second with Tommy Berg earning a third.

The 8 year old Novice class was interesting. Wes Hamel was going for his 10th win as a Novice today and this would be a three rider Total Points race. It looked good for Wes when he easily won round one. But in round two Wes was not in the gate and, by USABMX rule, gets last place plus 1 for a 4th place finish. During the break he said he missed his moto as he thought he had earned a transfer. He came out and won round three but his total of 6 points was only good for second overall as the win went to Voorhees Hageman. Third went to Mike Arnold. Next week could be very interesting.

It was a good mix in the 10 year old Novice group with 6 riders going for it. Unfortunately two of them were 9 year olds and Derek Linnick was the 9 year old not earning a spot in the 5 rider main event. This class had a rider that was brand new and purchased a one-day license to see if he liked it. Well, he won the main event! Tyler Bouteilier, from nearby Barkhamsted, was unbeatable. “Fearless” Alissa Hatt was second while third went to “Mad” Maddy Philbrick.

In the 12 year old Novice class, Sean Adams was the odd man out after the qualifying rounds. Jack Van Horn was definitely to top of the class this day and easily cruised to a main event win. Shyanne Cortis held off a late charge from Shamus Crane for the second spot.

Four riders got a free pass into the 36-40 main event today as Tim Brown, after suffering a wreck at another CT track last week, was simply touching the gate earning rider points only. The main event would go to Zach Vanwinkle who led from start to finish this week. No need for that great 4th turn pass like he pulled off last week. Art Ramsey, who missed the cut last week, was obviously feeling better this week and earned a solid second place finish. Third was Mark Reale.

The first two Intermediate class were Total Points events. In 8 year old action it was Jayden Kent with a perfect ahead of both Rocky McMillan and Landon Hansen.

In 9 year old Comp it was Josue Bruno, coming back from a 3rd place first round to win the next two and capture the overall win. Kevin Kellerher was second just in front of Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products).

The 10 year old Intermediate gang was a tough one for Isabella Nelson. She was in the last qualifying spot in the fial qualifying round heading into turn 5 when “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves pulled off a great pass to steal the spot away. Bella would have to watch the main from the sidelines. Kane McMillan got the job done with a nice main event win. Jonah Graves made that late entry into the main worthwhile as he salvaged a second place finish. Third was Marek Stasiowski.

The 12 year old Intermediate gang was won by Adin Philbrick (Team Edge) with a three-round sweep in this Total Points race. Mason Blackburn (Team Edge) was second with Jake Nichols settling into the third spot.

In the 13 year old  class for Intermediates it was Jorn Layman suffering the effects of a late pass to miss the cut. Travis Cortis got by him in the final turn to secure his spot in the main event. Connor Nelson was looking like he may have the win but left the inside line open up the long back stretch. As they entered turn four it was JT Kelleher with a swoop move grabbing the lead and hanging on to the finish for a impressive win. Connor was second. Third went to Travis Cortis.

Brandon Daniels won the 28-35 Intermediate class that was anything but. The age range was 16 to 34. Brandon’s 2 of 3 moto wins were enough in this Total points race. Dan Heideger was second with Matt Giroux third.

The 17-20 Women’s class actually was 13-20 Girls with a 15 year old Novice rider in this three-rider total points race. Its rare to be able to enjoy Rhode Island’s Brianna Delamare at Foothills and she certainly didn’t disappoint today. For the first time I can recall, a female cleared the second straight double. She turned the deed in round one. Although she stayed on the ground the rest of the day, she captured the overall win in that class. Ashley Jasensky and Maya Brown were second and third.

Moving into the Expert classes first up was the 9 year old class. This was a 6 rider class and the action was really good. Mason Jacquier was in total domination mode as he was the first to qualify and first across the stripe in the main. Cole Melillo was pretty dominant as well but it was for the second spot. Cole held off a great challenge from Matt Small who settled for third. Noah Andersen could not find a way around his Ramp Farm Racing buddy Shawn Biello for the last transfer spot out of the motos despite a great ride on his Cruiser.

In 10 year old rExpert racing action it was a three rider total points event. Jared Small won round one while Jacob Hatt enjoyed  the sweet taste of victory in round two. Round three and it was again Jared Small with the win giving him enough points to be our overall winner for the day. Jacob was second with RJ Reale third.

It was also total points racing for the 12 year old gang. Andrew Hurst was unstoppable as he was perfect. Dylan Barker and Aidan Biello were battling hard for the second spot and it would be Dylan edging Aidan by one point for the position. Aiden, despite a third place finish, earned 63 points and takes over the tracks points lead by 28 points over Trevor Cooper who was not here today.

The 14 year old Expert class saw “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor winning two of the three total points round for the overall win. Baley Levine was second and Hunter Zeiner finished third.

In 15 year old Expert action it was pretty classic after Jacob Stephens just missed making the main event. Teammates on the National Scene, Jagur Layman and “The Beast” Dave Albert, really went handlebar to handlebar. Dave would edge out Jagur for today’s win. Third place went to Matt rowe. So Matt gets 64 points for his finish today and puts him in second place for the track championship. He is only 11 points behind Aidan Biello and 17 points ahead of defending track champion Trev Cooper. Things are really heating up.

Dean “The Machine” Zebian, the only 16 year old in the class titled 17-18 Expert, “wooooo” his way to victory lane with a nice win. Ethan Begnoche and Scotty Thomson finished second and third. Lew Cianfarani was eliminated in the qualifying rounds.

In 28-35 Expert racing it was Shawn Mack winning the first two rounds of total points racing but his crash earlier in the Cruiser class caused him to simply ride the track in round three. His third place round 3 finish would push him back to second place overall behind the consistent effort from Norm Gauvin. Third went to “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli.

Glenn Woodward won the first two rounds of total points racing and cruised to victory in spite of 3rd in round three. Joe Doherty would hold off John Ouellette for position #2.

The four Open classes, that nobody seemed to want to transfer to the mains because of the heat were won by: Cole Melillo in 7-8 Open; Bella Nelson in 9-10 Open; Hunter Zeiner in 13-14 Open and Ethan Begnoche in 15-16 Open.

Thank you all for turning out yesterday in 90 degree sweltering heat. Hopefully its a liitle cooler next week. See you all then!


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