Week #13

A beautiful midsummer day with temps around 90 but low humidity and a good breeze. I don’t think there were any big races in the area so this should be a normal turnout. Meriden is running a Clinic with BMX legend Greg Hill and a few of our regulars were down there.

We enjoyed 27 motos with 102 entries. Nothing to brag about but nothing to be ashamed of either. Maybe the State Qualifier drained the riders a bit and their parents wallet a bit more?

Tyler Bouteiller, a first time racer last week, was honored as our Rider-Of-The-Week for his win in a 6 rider class last Sunday. He said that Kurt Pickard was his favorite racer. I was surprised when I heard that. I have since learned that Kurt is a BMX racer from New Zealand and rode for team New Zealand at the 2012 Olympics. Who Knew?

The first point class was the 12 year old Cruiser class and was made up of two 12 year olds and two 9 year olds. Andrew Hurst, with only a 2 point lead in the season long quest to be the best cruiser racer, padded that lead by 104 points with today’s main event win. Mason Jacquier and Mason Blackburn were second and third. Noah Anderson was odd boy out after the qualifying rounds. With Jared Small not in attendance today, Andrew now has a commanding 106 point lead in the chase.

In 13 year old Cruiser action, there were 5 riders entered and they actually ranged in age from 12 to 51! The senior, 51 year old Craig was the rider eliminated in the qualifying motos. Round three was a three rider battle for the last two spots in the main event. Craig had been playing it cautiously throughout the first two rounds, still nursing a bunch of broken ribs suffered at Pottstown a few weeks ago. But in round three he through caution to the wind and went for it. He was leading through the rhythm section when disaster struck again. The big guy went over the handlebars and went down in a cloud of dust. He would eventually walk off with a thumbs-up gesture but had to watch the main from the sidelines or wherever he was. He went to the E.R. and got checked out. No broken bones but some rib contusions. The Doc who treated him suggested he consider playing golf in the future. ¬†Jeff Badendyck would win the main with Owen Downey challenging hard all the way around and would finish second. Avery Badendyck, Jeff’s 13 year old daughter, would finish third. I bet that was a fun ride back to New York.


The first 5 Novice class races were all 3-rider Total Points Races. In the 5 & Under class Logan Moriarty would continue the Moriarty BMX legacy with a nice “perfect”. Hayley Blackburn was second while Rylan Spence was third.

The 6 year old class saw Natalie Kent win her 9th race as a Novice as she swept all 3 motos. Sawyer Spence was getting closer in each round and was right on her all the way around in round three. Brianna Kent finished third.

7 year old Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) won the third round of the 8 year old Novice Total Points race but 8 year old Mike Arnold would be today’s champ based on his wins in the first two rounds. Lilanna Asselin fell in round one and never looked comfortable after that. She would finish third.

It was the same order of finish in all three rounds in the 9 year old Novice Total Points event. It was an important one for one rider. “Fearless” Alissa Hatt swept the motos and rode herself right out of the Novice class. This was her 10th win and she now moves up to the Girls class. Derek Linnick had a good day and had to be happy with a solid second place finish. Zach Adams was third.

Tyler Bouteiller continued where he left off last week in his first race ever by again winning the class. This time it was the 11 year old Novice three rider shootout where he aced a “perfect”. Sasha Kulo was second with Peyton Pulaski third.

The 12 year old Novice class started off with 4 riders battling for three starting spots in the main event. Emily Aldo tried hard but just missed the cut. In the Main event it was “The Outlaw” Jesse Johnson getting pushed by Shamus Crane all the way. Jesse held him off for the win. Shamus settled for second while third went to Sean Adams.

The 46 & Over Novice class was five riders strong including one that purchased a one-day membership. Jeff Sperrazza, at 42 years old, decided he wanted to give it a try and cautioned us that maybe we should have an ambulance on site just in case. Well, he looked just fine even though he failed to transfer out of the motos. The Main was won by “Flyin” Brian Babcock who took an early lead and never lost it. Art Ramsey continues to recover from his cash at another track a couple of weeks ago and put in a solid effort for a second place finish. Third went to Trumbull’s Mark Reale.

The first Intermediate class was the 8 year old group of 5 riders. In the mix were two riders who had earned their 10th Novice win last week. Guy Julian did it here last Sunday while Wes Hamel earned his move up at Bethel Wednesday night. Guy was at a major disadvantage as he had just turned 7 last Saturday, earned his move up last Sunday and now had to race 8 year olds this week. Guy was not able to transfer out of his motos for the first time this year. Blake “The Snake” Babcock, repeated a performance similar to what his dad had just put in the moto before as he won the main. Blake did it after running second all the way around but pulled off a slick move in the final turn as he dove to the inside of leader Jayden Kent. The banged handlebars down the short-chute as it was Blake slithering across the stripe first. Jayden was second with “Rocky” McMillan third.

The 9 year old Intermediate class saw Josue Bruno sweep this Total Points event. Kevin Kelleher put in a solid second place effort while third went lets Cole Barker (Creative racing Products).

The 12 year old Intermediate class had 5 riders registered and one of them was only 11 years old. Unfortunately it was he who didn’t make the transfer out of the motos. It was a good try by Aiden Dernen but he had to watch the Main from the sidelines. Adin Philbrick was unbeatable this day as he was first to earn a spot in the Main and first across the stripe in the Main. Second went to Mason Blackburn while Jake Nichols finished third.

15 year old Chris Aldo won the 15 year old Intermediate three-rider group by winning two of the three rounds of motos. Gage Levine would win round three but that was only good for second place. Ashley Asselin was third for Custom cycles.

The 46 & Over Intermediate class was a four-rider main event as Craig Begnoche was the odd man out. He did not answer the bell for round three of qualifying after his wreck in the Cruiser class. This Main event went to his son 17 year old Expert Ethan and he easily out-raced the rest of the group. NAG #8 Jeff Badendyck (47 years old) was second while third went to “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli. Steve Healy, 24 year old Intermediate earns “Expert” Points so even a fourth place finish earns him 55 points which is equal to a first place finish in an Intermediate class.

In the 12 year old Girls class it looked like it would be a challenge for our reining Female Track Champion Marissa Lyman as she was running in the third spot down the front straight in the first round of this Total Points race. But as Samantha Sperrazza and Genevieve Asselin (Custom Cycles) were battling for the lead in turn one, Marissa came out of nowhere and pulled off a sweet high-low move and grabbed the lead. She never looked back and went on to sweep all three rounds. Samantha salvaged a solid second with Genevieve settling for third.

Going into today’s Expert action it was an extremely close battle between three riders for the chase for the track championship with 11 year old Aidan Biello holding a slim 11 point lead over 15 year old Matt Rowe and a 18 point lead over defending champ 10 year old Trevor Cooper.

The first group up was the 9 year old class. After the qualifying rounds it was 8 year old Robbie Solsbury missing the cut. Robbie hasn’t raced here since last August and hopefully he gives it a chance to get it redialed in. Today’s Main Event went to Mason Jacquier. Noah Anderson raced to a solid second place finish while Shawn Biello was third.

The 10 year old Expert class was next up with Trevor Cooper in the mix. RJ Reale had a tough time in the qualifying rounds and did not transfer out of the motos. When the gate dropped Trevor Cooper got a terrible start and would have to play pick-up sticks if he wanted to pull off a win. Jacob Hatt maintained the lead as they sped up the second straight with Trevor passing Aiden Badendyck for the second spot. As they went into turn 3 Trevor dove to the inside. That move just doesn’t work in turn three and he was way too low and slid out just missing Jacob. The rest of the way around it was Hatt and Badendyck to the stripe. Trevor was ok just a little angry at himself. So its third place points for Trevor (64) in this one.

Next up was the 12 year old Expert group with 11 year old point’s leader Aidan Biello in the mix. Kyle Lyman tried hard but just missed making the cut. The three-rider Main event went to Andrew Hurst as he pulled off a “double” today with wins in Cruiser and 20 inch. Aidan Salvaged a second place finish good for 84 points while third went to Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products). So Aidan gains 20 points on Trevor and now holds a 38 point lead over the defending champ but Matt Rowe, only 11 points behind Aidan, is yet to run.

In the 13 year old Expert class. One of the favorites is always “The Natural” Baley Levine. Baley wrecked in turn four in the first round of motos and basically just rode out the day missing qualifying for the Main. Kai Escobar got the job done today with an impressive win holding off the hard charges from Owen Downey and third place finisher Avery Badendyck.

So here cvomes the 15 year old Expert class and a chance for Matt Rowe to take over the points lead with a win. He trails Aidan Biello by 11 points going into today and Aidan finished second in his main event good for 84 points. In this class Josh Faunce (Evolution X) missed the cut. In the Main event it was a classic shootout between three evenly matched riders. Cole Hathaway and “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor were right in the mix but Matt Rowe would not be denied this day. Matt’s win was good for 104 points and he now moves to the top of the leaderboard by a mere 9 points! Cole was second with Jerry a close third in the Main.

Dean Zebian, in his last 16 Expert ride at Foothills as he turns 17 on Friday, “wooooo” his way around for another win in this Total Points race. Brandon Daniels and Josh Perrier were second and third.

Blake Babcock, Josue Bruno, Josh Faunce and Dean Zebian were all winners in the Open classes.

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