In week number 6 of our weekly racing series, we got a break in the weather with probably the best day of the short season so far. The only issue would be the winds. On top of that there were no major races in the area so maybe we would have a decent turnout. Wow, that certainly was an understatement!

So far this year we have averaged 104 entries in the first 5 races. The average moto count has been 27. Yesterday at 10:30, the line at the registration building was quite long and it continued that way for the next hour. When registration was completed, the entry list totaled 207! They were split into 51 motos.

What’s really impressive to us is that we have riders from 5 different states. There were 55 from Massachusetts; 37 from New York; 12 from Rhode Island; 2 from Vermont and even 1 from Florida. This was a race that was reminiscent of times past.

Before we started we paid honor to two members of the United States Army who had joined us this day; Staff Sergeant Jerry Boffen and Private First class Allison Blume. They stood at attention on the starting hill as the National Anthem was played. After it ended they were thanked for their service to our country.

Natalie Kent was named our Rider-Of-Of-The-Week and, although very timidly, confessed that her brother Jayden might be her favorite rider.

We started off with always out-of-control Balance Bike competition. Group one had three 4 year olds in the mix with Drake “No Brake” Videtto claiming victory. Jacob Keary and Rylan Spence followed him around the mini course.

Group 2 had four 3 year olds with “Racin” Mason Murphy earning the top honors. Graydon Lasher, Saraphina and Jeremiah Ortiz were sure fun to watch. Jeremiah looks like he can develop the skills to be faster than his dad “Flyin Brian”.

Group 3 featured three 1 year olds and one 2 year old. Certainly the 2 year old, Cheyenne Orlandi, out sneakered the rest of the Pacifier-patrol. Braxton Murphy, Cole Lyman and Logan Barker eventually found their way to the finish line.

So here come the Cruisers. First up would be the 3 rider class identified as 15-16 Girls Cruiser but not one of them fell into that category. It would be the same order of finish in all three rounds of this Total Points race with 13 year old Avery Badendyck finishing first, 15 year old Kaylynn Cortis and 8 year old Mary Sloan. This was Kaylynn’s first time on the track as a 15 year old. Happy Birthday Kaylynn.

The 9 year old cruiser class was also a Total Points race and also had the same order in all three rounds. There was a new Marshall in town! As a matter of fact there were two new Marshalls in town. Max and Alex Marshall would finish 1-2 making Alex the deputy Im guessing. A member of the posse, 7 year old Landon Oxford, finished third.

In 12 year old Cruiser action, there were 4 riders going for the three main event positions. In spite of a great try, Mason Blackburn missed the cut today. Hopefully hes saving his best for next week. In the Main it was Peter Laurie, making his first trip ever to Foothills a good one as he will bring a first place trophy back home to South Kingstown Rhode Island. Second place went to Kyle Kuehn while third would go to Jared Small.

The 15 year old Cruiser class was a very good one with two #1 number plates on the starting grid. Even though it was a Total Points race, this one did not have the same order in all three rounds. State #1 Dave “The Beast” Albert won the first round. Gold Cup #1 Alex “Thunder-Midget” Kuehn won the second round. Owen Downey fought hard but would finish third in all rounds. So the final round shoot out would go to Albert with Kuehn in hot pursuit.

The 26-30 Cruiser class was dominated with younger riders with two 18 year olds racing one 27 year old. Emmett Vedder, a Gold Cup Champion, would settle for second place in this Total Points shootout. Falcon’s Chris Therriault was uncatchable as he won two of the three rounds. Emmett got the first round but would finish second overall with Kyle Cortis third.

The 31-35 cruiser gang was pretty good with 5 riders going for the glory and bragging rights. Brennan Struthers, in a rare Foothills appearance, won the Main event. Big John Ouellette scored an impressive second with “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli rounding out the top three. It was a tough day for Jeff Orlandi as he missed the cut. Just an off day for Jeff.

The last of the Cruiser classes was the three rider 46-50 group. With Craig Begnoche just touching the gate after breaking four ribs last weekend in Pottstown, it would be a two rider shootout between Jeff Badendyck and “The Govenah” Pat Mcdonnell. With Badendyck winning the first two rounds it was no problem finishing first overall even after McDonnell won round three.

Surprisingly the 5 & Under Novice class only had three riders in it. Gage Oxford made it look easy with a three-round sweep. Ryder Richardson and Hayley Blackburn were second and third.

The 6 year old Novice class was more like with 9 riders split into two groups battling for the 8 positions in the starting gate for the Main event. Unfortunately it was Joline cole, who was last seen here a couple of years ago on a Strider Bike, the one rider eliminated in the motos. The Main event, in this the biggest class of the day, went to former Rider-Of-The-Week Guy Julian. After zero main event wins last season, he now has put together three in a row. Second was Kayla Barker (Creative racing Products) while third was an impressive effort from Oskar Kalnenieks.

In 7 year old Novice action, it was a Total Points race. Unfortunately Justin Hotchkiss would fall on the first jump in round one and decided to sit out the rest of the day. It’s really sad as he looked so good in practice. Hopefully he gets back on the horse that threw him and we see him again soon. So leaving only two riders to do battle, Kubrik Tarrant and Tommy Berg shared moto wins in the first two rounds. The deciding round 3 would go to Tarrant as does the overall win.

It was again Total Points for the 8 year old Novice class. Wes Hamel, who seemed to be getting some coaching from “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly, easily outrode the field today and scored a perfect. Mike Arnold was second as he held off a good effort from Dave Woodruff.

Derik Linnick missed the transfer out of the 9 year old Novice motos. Josue Bruno was first to transfer and first across the stripe in the Main. “Fearless” Alissa Hatt finished second with third going to Maddy Philbrick.

Five riders were battling in the 10 year old Novice class and after the motos it was Million Blackwood the rider eliminated. This was his first trip here so hopefully he will get the track dialed in and be a force. “The Outlaw” Jesse Forlenzo was todays winner. Isabella Nelson was strong and finished second with the third spot going to Peyton Pulaski.

There were also five riders in the 12 year old Novice clan and it was a tough road to the main event. Nathaniel Lasher was the rider missing out on this day. Jack Van Horn “The Naugatuck Nugget” grabbed the checkered flag. Noah Toney, had a good first trip to foothills from Stafford Springs and he went home with a second place award while Shyanne Cortis was third.

With only three riders in the 15 year old Novice class, Brandon Daniels made it a clean sweep of all motos. Maya Brown really looked good with a second place finish and Ryan Suleski was third.

The 36-40 Novice class saw two ladies and Zach Vanwinkle battling in a Total Points situation. Zack won all three rounds but round two featured a wild wreck from Shawna Nelson. She went down pretty hard and the bike disassembled itself somewhat as the seat was missing after the carnage. She would sit out round three allowing Stefanie Blackburn to finish second overall.

The last Novice class was the 46 & Over three rider grouping. Alex Philbrick nailed down round one. Art Ramsey returned the favor in round two. Round three with to Art as he would bring back a first place award to Poughkeepsie N.Y. Joe Downey was third.

We started off the Intermediate portion of the day’s program with moto 22 as the 8 year old class. This was for Total Points and Jayden Kent, the favorite rider of Natalie Kent, put it all together in all three rounds with a big win. Scotty Cole was second with Rocky McMillan third.

Cole Barker, sponsored by Creative Racing Products, suffered some hard luck as he missed transferring out of the motos in the 9 year old Intermediate class. Brandon Houle got the job done by winning the main.
“The Ice Man” Owen Golden was second with third going to Kevin Kelleher.

A large group of 10 year old Intermediates with 7 riders. Unfortunately one had to be eliminated and today it was Shawn Cole despite a great ry. The six rider Main event saw Jacob Hatt winning it after Mateo Vernon crashed hard in the final turn. Aidan Drenen was second with Kayden Smith third. We heard later that Mateo is OK and will be with us next week. GOOD NEWS!

The 12 year old Intermediate bracket was a Total Points shootout. Mason Blackburn, who didn’t make his main in Cruiser, was pretty hot in the 20” class as he was today’s champ. Pete Laurie and Nate Small were second and third.

The 13 year old Intermediate class saw Jorn Layman, trying hard but just missing his transfer. The four rider main was won by Lou MassoniĀ  with JT Kelleher second and Connor Nelson third.

With Gage Levine a no-show in the 15 year old Intermediate group it was only two riders battling with Ke-Andre Godbolt and Owen Roule finishing 1-2.

It was really a mixed bag of proficiencies in the 17-18 Intermediate matchup. 16 year old Novice Dan Heideger was odd man out despite a valiant effort. Jake Layman (Intermediate) was our winner, Emily Fullerton (Girl) was second with Dakota Cortis (Intermediate) third.

The 19-27 Intermediate class looked like a show in for Will Farrell after he won the first two rounds of this Total Points matchup. Farrell would self-destruct while he was leading in round three allowing Jon Marra to not only cruise by, but with a third place finish for Farrell, Marra would steal the win. Farrell was second with Dan Cortis third.

For the 46 & over Intermediate gang with Craig Begnoche just touching the gate for rider points, it would be a free ride to the main event for the remaining three riders. Ron Carver easily out ran them for the win. Peter Laurie was second with Amanda Orlandi third.

In the 8 year old Girls class it seems to be always the same story for Kyrie Coddington-Sweet. She is the only 6 year old racing 8 year olds. Compounding her problem is the announcer never pronounces her name correctly. Anyway, today she was again put in with two older Girls in a Total Points race. Her big sister Pippa got the job done yet again as she swept the motos. Mary Sloan was second while Kyrie was third.

It was also Total Points racing for the 13 year old Girls class. Avery Badendyck, in reality the only 13 year old in the mix, was first every time. 10 year olds Samantha Sperrazza and Marissa Lyman had a good battle for the second spot which eventually went to female track champion Marissa.

The 15-16 Girls class featured two 16 year olds and one 14 year old. Kirsten McDonnell, the 14 year old tried hard but could not get by either of the older girls. Autumn Joslin was our winner with Hailee Lemke second.
Moving onto the Expert class we start with the 8 year olds. Even being a total Points race, this one had a different order of finish each and every round and each of the three riders one a round. That’s pretty rare indeed. Overall it was Matt Small number 1, Cole Melillo number 2 and Alex Marshall was number 3.

Seven riders strong was the 9 year old Expert class. After the motos it was Joe Laurie just missing the cut. With both Max Marshall and Brennan Lasher transferring out in round one surely one of them would probably win the main event. As predicted it was Brennan turning the deed. Nate Giroux was second right behind him with third going to Max.

In 10 year old Expert action, Aiden Badendyck missed the main event as he could not make the cut today. That’s a tough class when you’re racing against the two-time track champion Trevor Cooper. Trev won the main event with Kyle McDonnell putting in a solid effort earning second place. Third went to Jared Small.

Garrett Cooper had it all his way in the 11 year old Expert class as he won the main event. Aidan Biello was again solid with a second polace finish and Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) came back nicely from an earlier wreck to finish third.

A full gate was the feature for the 13 year old Expert group. Unfortunately for Kyle Lyman, he was the only kid in the group that was not 13 years old. He would miss the cut probably just for that reason. Matt Webb, who stars on the Blot Out Graphics National Team, got the job done with a win but Justin Wilmont (Cy-Frames National Team) made him push hard all the way around. Justin was second with third going to Kai Escobar. It was great to see Hunter Zeiner back after a long absence.

The 14 year old Expert class saw Joe Martin, in his first Foothills appearance this season, grabbing the top podium spot today. A close second went to Jagur Layman while third went to Carson Scribner.

In 15 year old Expert racing Hannah Blanquart, 15 year old Girl, not make the cut. Hannah must have chosen to race against the boys. The win went to Jacob Stephens. Second was Matt Rowe who just stayed ahead of Cole Hathaway sho finished third.

Ethan Begnoche swept the 17-18 Total Points race with Dean “The Machine” Zebian second and Chris Therriault third.

In 19-27 Expert action it final round of this Total Points race was a two-rider shootout after Chris Pfeffer was a DNS in the final round. Ortis and Cortis enjoyed three lead changes in their last lap with “Flyin Brian” Ortiz winning one in front of his son. Tyler settled for second this day.

Brennen Struthers enjoyed a perfect day as, after he won his Cruiser class, he came on to win the 17-18 Expert class. Chris Giacomazzo and “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli were second and third.

Joe Doherty looked spent as he missed qualifying for the 46 & over Expert main event. Jeff Badendyck was simply taking no prisoners today and he put this race in the win column. London Wilmont was second while third went to John Ouellette.

Open winners were Landon Oxford in 7-8; Brennan Lasher in 9-10 mixed; Trevor Cooper in 9-10;Aidan Biello in 11-12; Matt Webb in 13-14 and no one showed for the 15-16 main.

So that’s it everyone, Thanks for your tremendous support. Hopefully we see all of you and then some for the Double Points State Qualifier / Dan Plaskett Memorial Race next Sunday.


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