WEEK #8 Olympic Day

Foothills BMX is not conducive to running night races as there are no lights at the facility. With that said, the USABMX mandated Olympic Day race would have to start early to get everyone out of there before darkness sets in. Registration ran from 5:30 to 6:30 and, as expected, a lot of people simply could not get to the Northwest corner on time to support this free race.

We had 68 riders split into 19 motos with no Open races tonight.

Balance Bike activity featured three riders, all three 3 years old, going for some Olympic glory. “Hot Rod” Hailey Clough would take no prisoners as she was uncatchable in all three rounds. “Rad-Chad” Macdonald looked like he had second place sewed up but he seemed to want to stop on the final straight apparently unsure where to go. While he was searching for directions, Evangeline Zeiner would zip by him in two out of three rounds. Who cares who won? They were simply fun to watch.

Starting off with the Cruiser class identified as 26-30 Woman’s Cruiser, Kaylynn Cortis (15 years old) won all three rounds of this Total Points race. Gina Layman (40+ years old) was able to ride the entire track for the first time since her shoulder surgery and actually pushed Kaylynn to really try hard to salvage her perfect night. Karen Glenwright would concede the third round and sit it out finishing third overall for the night.

It was also Total Points racing in the 12 year old division with Pete Laurie winning the fiorst two rounds of this Cruiser class. This was enough to claim the top spot on the podium with little brother Joe Laurie second and Mason Blackburn third.

The 17-20 Cruiser class was another Total Points event and another sweep for one rider. For the first time in 2016, “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor was in the house and he wasted no time in putting his machine in the winner’s circle. He cruised to a rather easy victory. Kyle Cortis was second with Josh Perrier third.

The 41-45 Cruiser class had 5 riders in it so these motos would truly be battle rounds with only 4 spots available in the Main Event. Cliff Benoit could not make the cut tonight so Ludacliff would have to watch the main from the sidelines. Mike Savage, the man who could show up at any track in the country just about at any time, held off the nice efforts from the DDR squad with John Ouellette getting by his team mate Joe Doherty but just could find a way around Savage, At the stripe it was Savage, Ouellette and Doherty 1-2-3.

The 6 year old Novice gang saw Natalie Kent get back to her winning ways as she captured tonight’s top spot on the podium. Twin-sis Brianna Kent was second just in front of third place finisher Devin Poirier. Devin had a tough night as he fell in practice and crashed a second time in the second round of motos. Hayley Blackburn just missed qualifying.

With 4 riders in the 9 year old Novice class, one rider would have to be eliminated. We had a brand new rider, Colton Lucuk and he would be that rider. How sad is that when you have a first timer, checking out our sport, and he doesn’t get to run his 3 rider main event due to the rules of competition. This transfer system, in my humble opinion, does very little to retain riders who are not necessarily front runners just yet. I think it makes a lot of sense on the National Level but for locals, it’s just plain awful. Again, that’s just my opinion so take it for what it’s worth. I will say that Colton, who could barely ride the track during practice, was noticeable improved by the third round. We all hope he doesn’t give up on BMX yet and stays with it. He could be a natural. The main event was won by Wes Hamel, who just keeps on rollin along with win after win. I would think the 9 year old Intermediates are starting to take notice because it won’t be long before he’s with them. Derek Linnick enjoyed a solid second while third went to Dave Woodruff.

Shamus Crane, coming off his big double Points win last Sunday, picked up right where he left off tonight. He was first to qualify for the 12 year old Novice main event and was first across the stripe in the main. Isabella Nelson was so competitive and it looked for a bit like she might pull it off but just short of turn five she self destructed and went down in flames. Shamus got by her. She eventually got up and was ok but finished third.  Shyanne Cortis, who eliminated her sister Savanna in round three, finished second.

The 46 & over Novice gang only had three riders so this was yet another Total Points race. With Tim Brown winning round 1 and Brian Babcock winning round two, the third round would decide our night’s winner. Brian pulled out all the stops and captured the checkered flag. Tim settled for second while Chris Poirier was third.

There were 4 riders in the 8 year old Intermediate class. As usual, there would be only one 6 year old Girl in the mix and it was Kyrie Coddington-Sweet the rider not making the cut. It’s really unfortunate as her success, has worked against her. Along the way she moved up to the Girls class after getting 10 Novice wins. Now she has no other 6 year old Girls to race. Go Figure how this is fair. In tonights main it was Pippa Sweet with a rather big win. I say big because she has just taken over the points lead for the race for our Female track championship. Defending champion, Marissa Lyman had a 57 point lead going into tonight but was not in the house. Adding 104 points to Pippa’s total now gives her a 50 point lead with a lot of races left.
Second place tonight went to Jayden Kent while third would go to Seth Glenwright-Roberts. A good comeback for Seth after his crash in round 1.

In 11 year old Intermediate racing action Peter Laurie had it all his way and put this win on his resume’. Pete came all the way from Rhode Island. Even Glenwright Roberts was second while third would be Ben Christensen. It was a good try by Hayden Macdonald but only being here once earlier this year, caused a little Foothills Rust on his skills and he missed the cut.

Travis Cortis was the rider eliminated in the qualifying rounds in the 13 year old Intermediate class. Connor Nelson was top dog tonight. Jorn Layman raced for an impressive second place finish just ahead on Mason Blackburn who he edged at the stripe.

It would be the same order of finish for all three rounds of 17-18 Intermediate total points racing. Ke-Andre Godbolt kept those Evolution X colors out front all night long. Dakota cortis was second while Ben Babcock was third.

The last Intermediate class of the night was the 36-40 class. In round three it would come down to Dan Cortis and Pete Laurie racing very hard for that last qualifying spot. They were side by side going into turn 3 and discretion was the better part of valor this time and Pete braked hard to avoid a possible wreck that could have taken both out. Dan was in and Pete was out. In the Main Ron Carver easily won while “Ludacliff” Cliff Benoit was second and Dan Cortis third.

The title 17-20 Women was a stretch as there were four riders ranging from 13 years old to 49 years old. 17 year old District #1 Emily Fullerton was uncatchable as she would easily win tonight’s main event. Ashley Jasensky and Maya Brown were second and third. Karen Glenwright tried but was eliminated in the qualifying rounds.

In Expert action the 9 year old division was a total point’s event. One would think this would be decided early on but an amazing thing happened. After two rounds all three riders had a total of 4 points. I can’t remember ever seeing that before. The deciding round three would determine everything. It was Joe Laurie first, Shawn Biello second with Noah Andersen third.

It was a clean sweep of the 14 year old Expert total points race as “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor would earn a double win tonight wionning both class and Cruiser. Hunter Zeiner was close and settled for second while Aidan Biello was third.

The “Mod-Squad”, 16 year old Experts was the last total points race of the night. Jagur Layman swept the field with three wins. Devin Carty was second while Josh Perrier was third.

The last race of the night was the 41-45 Expert class. Steve Scibelli was “Stone cold” and he just missed the transfer out of the motos. Mike Savage held off a good attack from Joe Doherty and earned the top spot on the podium. Joe was second with John Ouellette third.

See you all Sunday for a single points race.

Complete finish report