Race #9

The last two weeks we’ve enjoyed really large entry numbers with well over 200 in each of those races. One big reason was that there were no Nationals or Gold Cup Qualifiers going on anywhere close enough to affect us. This week there was a National Event on Ottawa Canada and a Gold Cup Qualifier in nearby Rhode Island. Would this have an adverse effect on our numbers? It sure did and even bigger than some of us thought.

When Registration closed the final tally was only 56 entries and 14 motos! This was going to be our smallest race since June 9 of 2013. What a difference it made!

Before we started we named Ernest Nieman as our Rider-Of-The-Week after his impressive day last Sunday. Ernest was not here so we will hold the award for him.

We also named Derek Linnick as our Rider-Of-The-Week after his great effort on our Olympic Day Race on Thursday past. He named Johnny Tomboly as his favorite rider. Derick also gave a great interview. There is nothing shy about this 9 year old!

There was only one Cruiser class today and everyone riding a 24 inch wheeled bike was thrown in it. Their ages ranged from 9 years old to 51 years old. Craig Begnoche, feeling much better after his terrible wreck at Pottstown a few weeks ago, still is only touching the gate giving a free pass to the rest of the 4 riders into today’s Cruiser Main event. Max Rose, who we haven’t seen in a couple of years, easily won this Main Event. The youngest rider, 9 year old Noah Andersen, put in a great effort with a solid second place finish. Third went to Kaylynn Cortis who padded her points lead with another 65 points earned in the Female Cruiser quest for the class championship.

In the 6 year old Novice class it was the same old story for the 6th race in a row. Guy Julian was again unstoppable and his winning streak is now at 6. Josh Gilbert, from Kingston NY was second while Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products), was third. 4 more wins for Guy and he will earn his Intermediate ranking. Natalie Kent was sitting solidly in second place when she would go down hard during the Main. She was ok.

The 9 year old Novice class featured a new rider. Luke Butler with a one-day license was in the mix with 3 other riders. One would be eliminated in the qualifying motos and that usually means a new rider is that one. That was not the case today, in fact, Luke not only qualified for the Main, he finished with an impressive second. “The Magic-Man” Josue Bruno won the Main. Third would be Mike Arnold as he edged out Derrick Linnick for the last qualifying spot in the third round.

I assume that Vinny Pulaski was just touching the gate in the 11 year old Novice class as only two riders were out there doing battle in what should have been a 3-rider Total Points battle. Peyton Pulaski proved that Foothills was really Peyton’s place as she stayed in front of second place finisher Rich Castaldi in all three rounds for the win.

Jack VanHorn got the job done in the 13 year old Novice class by sweeping the Total Points motos. Shyanne Cortis was second while Tyler Dickey, a new rider this year, was third. Tyler is the second generation rider in the Dickey racing stables.

The 15 year old Novice class was exciting as Brandon Daniels and Miguel Nieves Jr. each won a round of motos after two rounds of Total Points racing. Round three would be important as it not only would determine today’s winner, but something more important as well. With Brandon taking the lead early Miguel was right on him all the way around. Brandon was determined and he had the “Eye of the Tiger” as he sped by the tower into turn three. Up the back stretch they sped and it was a two-rider break away as Ryan Suleski could only watch them pull away from him. They danced through the rhythm section and around turn five heading for the stripe with Brandon still leading the way and racing himself into the Intermediate class with a well fought win. Miguel was the first to congratulate him up on the hill. Ryan soon followed. Nice job all of you guys!

The 8 year old Intermediate class was another Total Points Race. Jayden Kent had it all his way as he enjoyed a perfect day with a sweep. Rocky McMillan was second while third would go to Briton Ryan.

A huge congratulations to “The Undertaker”, Jonah Graves on earning his Intermediate ranking on Friday Night. Now its time to pay some dues and he felt the pain on Sunday by missing the cut into the 10 year old Intermediate Main Event. Of note is the fact that Jonah is 9 years old competing in a 10 year old class this day. He put in a great effort. In the Main it was Kane McMillan earning the victory. “Hot-Rod”, Johnny Tomboly was running hard and earned a solid second place while Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) finished third.

The 15 year old Intermediate class had the same order of finish in all three rounds of Total Points racing. Ke Andre Godbolt; Owen Roule and Chris Aldo were 1-2-3.

Last Thursday at our Olympic Night, Aidan Biello took over the points lead in the track championship race. He took advantage of the fact that points leader and reigning champion Trevor cooper was not here. Yesterday it was reversed as Aidan was not here, Trevor was, and won the 11 year old Expert Main event. Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) was fast and earned a second place finish after eliminating Noah Andersen in the last qualifying round. Third went to “The Z-Man” Zander Hicks.

The 15 Expert class was all Massachusetts riders and one of the four would be eliminated in the qualifying rounds. Jacob Stephens (Evolution-X) was the odd man out. Matt Rowe really put it together today and came out on top of an impressive Main Event lineup. Second went to his teammate Devin Carty while third was Custom Cycles Max Rose.

The 17-18 Expert Class was another where it was a free ride through the qualifying rounds as on rider, Craig Begnoche, was simply touching the gate. So in the Main event Chris Pfeffer took an early lead and flew into turn one when his rear tire started sliding out. Chris made a nice save as the field roared by him. When the dust settled it was a flat tire that did him in. Lew Cianfarani inherited the lead and held on the rest of the way for a nice win. Justin Mark was second and third went to Chris after Dakota Cortis was unable to ride due to an injury.

Trevor Cooper won the 9-10 Open class and the 15-16 Open went to Jacob Stephens.

So it was a small race and maybe we all needed a little breather. Hopefully, our Race For Life next week will featured a bigger crowd. There will be a food vender there next week so please support them if you would like to see food available each week. They fully understand the importance of consistently being there. It just needs to worth it for them. See you Sunday.

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