Week 4

Here we are four weeks into the season and yet another weekend with a Gold Cup race within driving distance. As usual the local programs suffer when this happens and today was no different. With nearby New Palz New York’s turn at Gold Cup madness, we had no idea what to hope for. At 10:30 this morning with a nearly empty parking lot and sprinkles coming down, the 60 degree temperature was not overly inviting. By the time we compiled the moto sheets which included two groups of Balance Bikes and four motos of Opens, a moto count of 27 was decent by this year’s standard.

Just before we started, we honored Guy Julian with a rider-Of-The-Week trophy recognizing his first career win last Sunday. He said his new bike was a big difference in his skills. “Fierce Pierce Curtis” was his favorite rider.

The two Balance Bike Groups ran first and the 3 year olds really put on a close battle on their abbreviated course. With a number of position changes due, in part, to distractions, “Racin Mason Murphy and “Hot-Rod” Hailey Clough finished both of their rounds nearly side by side. It was Mason by a binky length.

Next were the two riders in the 1 year old division with Braxton Murphy and Logan Barker getting it done. Braxton proved to be in a little better temperament and captured a win.

This week we ran the Open classes at the end instead of the beginning so first up on the big hill were the 17 -20 year old Cruisers. In reality it was 10 – 18 year olds and only three in this Total Points event. As expected Kyle Cortis scored a “perfect” with three wins while second went to 10 year old Jared Small with 14 year old Kaylynn Cortis finishing third.

The 41-45 class (actually 43 -47) was next and again it would force a Total Points event. Round one saw Dan Kolodziej and Pat McDonnell finish 1-2 with John Buttwell third. In round two McDonnell managed to stay in front of Kolodziej for the win. Buttwell also stayed in front of Kolodziej for a solid second. The final round would determine the final standings and again it was “The Governor” Pat McDonnell sitting it the top spot at the stripe. John Buttwell was second and Dan Kolodziej was third. Overall it would be McDonnell, Buttwell and Kolodziej.

The 5 & Under Novice class featured a 3-year old who was making her debut on the BMX Scene. Savannah Grover, a veteran of last year Balance Bike wars, missed the cut but was looking better each and every lap. Now, it’s all in the helmet and she is next in line for an Official Grover Skid-lid. 5 year old Brianna Kent made a nice pass on the third straight to thwart the last win needed by Jaxson Grover to turn Intermediate. 4-year old Jaxson was a fairly close second with third belonging to Natalie Kent.

The 6 year old Novice class saw last week’s winner Guy Julian pick up where he left off with a win in round one of this Total Points event. In round two it was Ollie Cleary coming out on top. Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) finished second and Guy was mired in the third spot. With the title now up for grabs, the important third round went to Cleary with Julian second and Barker third. That’s how they would finish overall.

The 8 year old Novice class was kind of crazy at times. With 5 riders going for four main event positions, Wes Hamel qualified quite easily out of round one. But in round two, new rider Tom Berg would pop his drive train of the chain ring halfway up the second straight causing him to be forced into the pits. Ernie Nieman would earn the transfer spot. In the final round Berg would not make it to the main despite a great try. In the main event Mike Arnold crashed pretty hard in the first turn but would apparently be ok. Wes Hamel had it all his way with a nice win. Wes has raced here three of our first four weeks and won every time. Second went to Nieman and third went to Dave Woodruff.

It would be excitement and heartbreak in the 9 year old 4-rider Novice class. With Maddy Philbrick and Lucas Holda battling in the third qualifying round for the last spot in the main event, Maddy had the lead coming out of the final turn only to get passed only one foot short of the finish line. Holda was in and Philbrick was out. In the main it was “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves burying the competition with the win. Lucas Holda was second as he held off a late charge from Derek Linnick.

In 11 year old Novice action there were only three riders going for the glory today. With Isabella Nelson winning two of the three Total Points rounds, she would be today’s winner. Anthony Nicolo, who won the final round would be second overall while Owen Bower was third.

Jack Van Horn was unstoppable in the three rider 12 year old Novice class as he scored a win in all three rounds. The battle was much better for the second spot between Shamus Crane and Shyanne Cortis. Shyyanne was in front of Shamus going into the final turn in the final round but self destructed. She fell hard in the corner as Shamus sped by her for a second place finish overall. Shyanne was ok but would finish third.

The last of the Novice classes was for the 36-40 year old gang. With 4 riders in the house, one would be eliminated in the battle rounds and it would be 48 year old Tom Thibault. In the main event Zach Vanwinkle put his machine in the winners circle. Brian Babcock somehow got by Abe Hansen for position #2.

In the class identified as 8 year old Intermediates, there were 5 riders going for the gold. Two 7 year old Intermediates; 2 8 year old Intermediates and one 8 year old Girl. Landon Hanson just missed qualifying by inches! Two weeks ago Cole Barker was the odd man out. Last week he finished second while this week he was sitting on top! Go Figure? Sponsored by Creative Racing Products, Cole won today in a close one. Jayden Kent kept the heat turned up but settled for second. Third went to Chris Strandberg while our “Lil Ripper” Elena Curtis was fourth.

Brady Carlson, despite a valiant effort, missed the cut in the 10 year old Intermediate class. Aidan Drenen was on fire and led the entire main event lap. Second place finisher Brandon Houle looked good as did third place rider Johnny “Hot-Rod” Tomboly.

In the 12 year old Intermediate class, Rylan Carlson, in the first qualifying round, fell pretty hard at the bottom of the first jump and, even though he walked off the track under his own power, sat out the rest of the day giving everyone virtually a free pass into the main event. Adin Philbrick got the job done with “Fierce-Pierce” Curtis second and Nate Small third.

In 13 year old Intermediate action it was Kirsten McDonnell missing qualifying as she could catch but not pass Travis Cortis for the last spot in the motos. Connor Nelson, going incognito today by not wearing his familiar greens, won the main event. Henry Dzwonkowski earned a solid second place finish with third going to Travis Cortis.

It was Total Points racing for the 14 year old Intermediate class and Ben Babcock came out on top after three rounds that featured a different finishing order each time! Ben won round two and three for the overall while round one winner, Owen Roule would be second for the day. Mike Strandberg finished third.

In 19-27 Intermediate racing Dakota Cortis and Josh Faunce traded moto wins in another Total Points event. The third and decisive round 3 went to Dakota as did today’s overall win. Josh was second with Dan Cortis finishing in the third slot.

It was fun to watch the three 8 year old Experts battle in three rounds of Total Points racing as each round had a different finishing order. Matt Small won two out of three which was good enough to capture today’s checkered flag.  “Chargin” Charlie Grover was second with third going to Aiden Grover, the only 6 year old in the mix.

Three 9 year old Experts battled for supremacy in a Total Points shootout. Koleton Kolodziej and Shawn Biello swapped moto wins in the first two rounds leaving round three to settle the score. Koleton prevailed there resulting in Shawn settling for a second place award while Noah Andersen, suffering from some sort of bronchial problems, gave it a good shot but settled for third.

In 10 year old Expert action, it’s bad enough when you draw a moto with our two-time track champion in it but even worse when you gotta race him three time in a Total Points race. That’s what happened today as Trevor Cooper aced a ‘Perfect” Jared Small and Kyle McDonnell would finish second and third.

Nick Strandberg was the one rider eliminated in 11 year old Expert racing and Garret Cooper won today’s Main Event. Aidan Biello earned a solid second while Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) was third.
In 19-27 year old Expert competition it was Matt Rowe holding off a solid challenge from Chris Pfeffer for the overall Total Points win. Chris was second with third going to Shawn Mack.

The last Expert class was for the 28-35 year old gang. Matt Markie sat out the first round to help out in the Announcers tower which was very much appreciated. Matt easily qualified in round two but Kathryn Mack missed the transfer. Had Norm Gaulvin wrecked in the third round instead of round two she would have been in. Norm baled hard on the first straight and really got the wind knocked out of him. He came back and made the main event but would finish 4th. The Marvelous One, Matt Markie won it ahead of Ron carver and Chuck Grover.

In the open classes our winners were Chris Strandberg in 7-8 Open, Adin Philbrick in the 11-12 Open and in 13-14 Open it was Ron Carver.,
All in all not a bad day. Thanks for your continued support and as always, we hope you enjoyed a fun experience. See you next week.

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