Week #20

The last big race that could affect the point standings got off today as a Double Points event. Scattered showers were off and on all through practice but when race time came around, the weather was dry as was the track.

The crowd was smaller than we expected with just 30 motos including 2 Balance bike and 3 Open motos.
The total entry list had 112 names on it.

We needed to catch up on a couple of Rider Of The Week Awards so we started with the Sept 4th race. At that race 6 year old Novice racer Sawyer Spence earned his tenth win and his Intermediate move up. He was named our ROTW. He said that he loved to ride his bike and that’s what got him involved with BMX. This Southbury racer said Bethel Supercross was his favorite track. He added that Wes Hamel was probably his favorite rider.

We then moved onto picking a rider from last week’s State Championship race. This 12 year old Novice has had a somewhat sporadic year at Foothills until the last three weeks when he nailed done wins. Riding out of Danbury, Sean Adams also claimed Bethel Supercross as his favorite track. Without much hesitation he said his favorite rider was Shamus Crane.

After the traditional playing of the National Anthem, the Balance bike group got out onto the track four riders strong. At least there were four on the moto sheets but new rider Rigdzn Hurtado decided he would not participate in his first run for the roses. All the way from Baltic CT., Nevaeh James, the only 4 year old got the win in all three rounds of foot powered action. Cole Lyman, who needs a road map at times, got the second spot while 2 year old Logan Barker, with some assistance finished third.

The first of the Point classes was called the 10 & Under Girls Cruiser class. There were 5 riders in the mix and only three of them fell into that age bracket. 17 year old Emily Fullerton had little trouble winning this main event. 10 year old Marissa Lyman raced into the second spot while 40+ Gina Layman managed to stay in front of 8 year old Mary Sloan for the third spot. 5 year old Haley Blackburn, yes a 5 year old riding a cruiser, missed the cut. It’s crazy combining in the cruiser classes under this sanction. In the old days Gina and Emily would have raced each other in a 2-rider shootout while the other three young ladies fought it out in a true 10 & Under class. Times have changed and we simply move on I guess.

The 14 year old cruiser class was a Total Points 3-rider event and it would be the same order of finish in all three rounds. 14-year old Alex Kuehn was first while 12-year olds Andrew Hurst and Mason Blackburn were second and third.

The last Cruiser class was also a Total Points event which ended in the same order each time but this one was really competitive especially on the top end. 18 year old Chris Therriault and 15-year old Dave “The Beast” Albert really went hard. Even though Chris was top dog in each round, Dave sure made him work for it. 48-year old Pat McDonnell would finish a not-too-distant third.

In the 5 & Under Novice class, one of our first time racers decided to withdraw at the last minute allow the other three riders to automatically transfer into the main event. Evan Wadman won for the second week in a row with a very nice effort. Not bad for someone in only his 6th career race. “Smilin Rylan” Spence was second while third would go to Chloe Murphy.
In the 7-year old Novice class, first time racer Evan Saur really looked good but just missed making the transfer out of the qualifying motos. Kubrik Tarrant nailed down the win. Jackson Murphy held off Kayla Barker (Creative racing Products) for the second spot.

The Total Points 8-year old Novice group featured yet another first time racer. Silas Hurtado, out of Northfield managed to finish in the third round as his raw skills appeared to be improving each time out. The official order for the day was Mike Arnold with a “perfect”, Dave Woodruff was second while third went to Silas Hurtado.

Total Points racing continued in the 9 year old Novice class with Derek Linnick putting it all together for the third consecutive week and scored a “perfect” with three moto wins. Kegan Wills was second all day and Tenzin Hurtado, another new rider out of the Hurtado racing stables, was third.

In 12 year old Novice action, there were two 10 year olds in the mix and it would be no surprise that one of them would be the rider dropped after the qualifying rounds. Zack Adams would suffer that fate despite a good try. In the Main event, his big brother Sean would show again why he was named our Rider-Of-The-Week as he posted up another win making it four in a row now. Gavin Berube was impressive himself with a solid second palce finish with third going to “Mad” Maddy Philbrick.

Age disparities continued in the 15 year old Novice class with one 15-year old and two 13-year olds battling in a Total Points shootout. 15-year old Maya Brown was today’s easy winner in all three rounds. Joe James, from the “James Gang” nailed down a second place award while Evan Kryger was third.

The 36-40 year old Novice class was exciting, mainly because the favorite, Tim Brown would wreck pretty hard in the first turn in round two after winning round one of this Total Points race. Tim was slow to get up but did limp off. Now the question was could he recover enough to break the 3-way tie for the overall win? In round three there he was with a bandage taped to the outside of his pant leg on his knee and racing like nothing happened. He won the third round earning himself the overall win for the day. Brian Wadman and Eric Linsley, each riding with the number 257 on their number plates, totally confused this announcer. Brian would be second overall despite what this announcer called.

Now for the 46 & Over Novice class. One rider had to be eliminated in the motos in this four rider class. After the first two rounds, that left Jeff Sperrazza and Mark Reale to battle for that one spot still available in the Main event. As they battled coming out of turn two, Jeff wrecked. He jumped up quickly to jump back on his mount only to have the rear wheel locked up. Jeff would toss the bike in frustration and be forced to watch his main event from the bench. Chris Poirier would capture this win. Rockstar Art Ramsey was second with Mark Reale third.

The first of the Intermediate classes was the 7-year old division. At least on paper it was the 7-year old division as there was one 6 year old and one 5-year old in this mix of four riders. As expected, and in common sense unfair, it was the 5-year old Devin Poirier who was eliminated in qualifying. 7-year old Jayden Kent earned his 18th Novice win in his quest to turn Expert by season’s end. Guy Julian, who is beginning to get back to the aggressive Guy that we watched progress through the Novice ranks, earned a solid second while Sawyer Spence was third.

The “Iceman” cometh in the 9 year old Intermediate Total Points race. Owen Golden had the Midas touch as he aced a “perfect” in the group. Wes Hamel was just a bit faster than the Creative Racing Products sponsored Cole Barker for the second spot.

There were four evenly matched racers in the 10 year old Intermediate class. Andrew Macconnie was the first to qualify, and then it was “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves. In round three “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly just edged Kayden Smith for the last transfer position. In the main, it would finish the exact same as the qualifying rounds; Macconnie, Graves and Tomboly after Macconnie pulled off a nice pass to get past Graves for the win.

In the 14-year old Intermediate class it was a great battle between the boys, the two boy were Shamus Crane and Spike Miller. They really did battle hard with each other but neither could catch 14-year old Kirsten McDonnell. She was too hot to handle and won this Total Points class. Shamus salvaged second place with Spike finishing third.

The 17-18 Intermediate total points ended up being a 2-rider shootout. Emily Fullerton fell in the fourth turn during second round action and that ruined her day in this class as she would settle for third overall. The battle was between Jake Layman and Dan Heideger. Jake won the first round with Dan on top in the second. Round three would go to Jake as did the overall win for this future Middlefield Fire-Fighter.

In what was described as 28-35 Intermediate action could have actually been called 24 to 31 Intermediate / Expert racing as 31-year old Expert Steve “Stone-Cold” Scibelli was in the mix causing all to earn “Expert” points. Steve had it all his way in the main event as he certainly displayed the difference between the two proficiency levels. Second place was earned by T.J. Elliot after he and Steve Healey really went handlebar to handlebar. Healey settled for third. Matt Giroux just missed the transfer into this Main event.

The first of the two Girls classes was four riders battling hard for the three 8-year old Main event starting grid positions. Pippa Sweet, who won a free race in the rider’s raffle, had a fairly easy time in winning today’s main event. The only other 8-year old was Mary Sloan who earned second place on the podium. Kyrie Coddington-Sweet was third after she won the last transfer position eliminating 5-year old Hayley Blackburn.

The 3-rider 10 year old Girls class was closely contested even though the final results looked like reigning Track Champion Marissa Lyman had it pretty easy with three victories. Isabella Nelson must have something magic in the strangely colored hair as she stayed right on Marissa in every single round. She earned a solid second with Sam Sperrazza right in the mix for third.

The 9-year old Expert class was really a battle for second place between Noah Andersen and Brandon Houle. “Nasty” Nate Giroux was easily the top gun on this day as he won all three of these Total Points rounds. Noah finished second in round two after Brandon finished second in round one. The tie breaking third round for second place went to Brandon but certainly not by much. ¬†Noah tried one last move in the final turn but was denied.

Kyle McDonnell was on top of his game today by winning the first two rounds of the 10-year old Expert Total Points event. A second place finish assured him first overall with Trevor Cooper and RJ Reale finishing second and third for the day.

A good sized group was entered in the 12-year old Expert class with 5 five riders looking for some Double-points glory. Kyle Lyman could not get by Mason Blackburn for the last qualifying spot in the main and was forced to watch from the sidelines. Andrew Hurst held on for a coast-to-coast win with Aidan Biello second and Mason Blackburn third. This was important for Aidan as he has a sizable points lead over 15-year old Expert Matt Rowe in the chase for the Track Championship. This second place finish was worth 170 points for Aidan.

The 13-year old class of Experts saw Aidin Philbrick be eliminated in thee qualifying rounds. Aidin may have been worn out after putting on an impressive display of jumping skills during practice. In the three rider Main event is was Lou Massoni earning a nice victory over second place finisher Connor Nelson and third place finisher Baley Levine.

The biggest class of the day was the seven rider 15-year old Expert class making it all the tougher for Matt Rowe to try and al least match the second place finish that Aidan Biello put in the record books early. ¬†Matt would qualify in round two so he would be in today’s Main event. Elimination was suffered by Jacob Stephens after the qualifying motos. When the gate dropped it was an explosive start for this gang of supercharged hotrods. Jagur Layman and Dave Albert Jr. were first to turn one and battled hard all the way around finishing 1-2 in that order. Matt Rowe managed a third place finish worth 134 points putting him 129 points behind Aidan making it mathematically impossible to surpass Aidan with only one week to go. The Track Championship has been determined. Congratulations to Aidan Biello, our new Track Champion and to Matt Rowe for the great try all season long.

The last point’s class of the day was the 17-18 year old Expert class. Lew Cianfrani was the one rider eliminated through the motos. In the Main Event it was Scotty Thomson and Chris Therriault battling tremendously hard as they do so many times at Falcon BMX. This day Scotty got by Chris and stayed there for the win. Chris was a close second with Dean Zebian, running flats, was third.

The three Open classes were won by Jayden Kent; Trevor Cooper and Adin Philbrick.

One week to go gang in our 2016 Weekly Racing Track Points Season. Please note that the Outing date has been changed from October 15th to October 16th after that day’s race. Have a great week!

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