Week #18

Perfect weather, not much going on elsewhere and the end of summer upon us, this race would be pretty good. 35 motos made up with 134 entries a week before the State Championship race is a nice turnout resulting in some very good racing.

We caught up on a Rider-Of-The-Week presentation when Tommy Berg, who was named on August 21st for his efforts on the 14th, was in the house and he received his award. This 7 year old Novice could come up with no one as his favorite rider.

The Rider-Of-The-Week for last week was 10 Year old Lucas Holda. Without hesitation, he named Jayden Kent as his favorite rider.

We had only 3 Balance Bike riders in the house and it was 4-year old chloe Murphy showing she is nearly ready for the pedal machine. 3-year old Saraphina Sperrazza was obviously having a great time while 3 year old Dave Nuttleman sat out the first round as his bike was a little too big for him. He came up with something because he did “run” the final round.

The class that would kick off the gate drops was the 3-rider 26-30 year old cruiser class which was actually a class that ranged from 8 to 46. Avery Badendyck, who we haven’t seen since the end of July, picked up where she left off that day with a “perfect”. She looked like she had just broken out of prison and was totally uncatchable. Gina Layman was second while 8-year old Mary Sloan, was third.

The 9-year old Cruiser class was also a Total Points race and this one featured two 9-year olds and one 7-year old. Breton Provencal was the 7-year old and he would finish third. The battle for the top spot went to Mason Jacquier as he kept Brandon Houle behind him in all three rounds.

The final Total Points Cruiser shootout was the 13-year old group. Andrew Hurst, added 103 points to his already healthy lead in the chase to be the top cruiser as he scored today’s win in style by winning every round. Mason Blackwood and JT Kelleher had a battle for the second spot as it would come down to the final round to determine that JT would grab the second position on the podium.

The 41-45 Cruiser class was the last of the Big Wheeled machines and the main event would be minus John McDowell. In the first qualifying round John and Jerry Taylor wrecked pretty hard when Jerry, running in the middle of the pack entering turn one, would clip the rear wheel of Dan Kolodziej and go down hard directly in front of McDowell. John’s front wheel slammed into Jerry’s Back and John would tumble over the handlebars. John got up fairly quickly but Jerry would take a little longer to pick himself up. Both would race the next two rounds but John just could not get into a qualifying position for the 5-rider main event. “The Beast”, Dave Albert would win that main with big Jeff Badendyck second and “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor salvaging a hard earned third.

Jerry Taylor being helped to his feet after the bad looking crash

The 5 & Under Novice class was won by the youngest rider in the group. Rylan Spence was “Smilin” as he rounded the final turn in first place in the main event. Deryk Nuttleman was a close second with Evan Wadman finishing third. Payton Bardunias put in a good effort but missed making the main event.

The next 4 races were all Total Point Novice races but they were sure interesting. IN the 6-year old division, Sawyer Spence won the first round with Jackson Murphy and Brianna Kent second and third. In round two the order was Kent, Murphy and Spence creating a flat-footed tie going into the deciding final round as each rider had scored a total of 4 points. In the final round Sawyer would prevail ahead of Jackson and Brianna for the overall win and his tenth as a Novice. Welcome to the Intermediate ranks Sawyer!

The 9-year old Novice class would also go to the final round in a tied situation as Tommy Berg and Derek Linnick had traded wins in the first two rounds. Round three went to Linnick as he held off Tommy for the win. Berg was second with Mike Arnold third.

The 10 year old class featured our reining Rider-Of-The-Week Lucas Holda. More times than not, when a rider wins that award he is awesome the day he receives it so our eyes were certainly on Lucas. Well, in this 3-rider shootout Lucas would finish third in round one behind “Mad” Maddy Philbrick and Zach Adams. In round two, Lucas was much better and captured the win. Because of that third place first round finish, he still trailed Maddy by one point going into the final round. Lucas, once dominated, became the dominator and he did win round three with Maddy second and Zach third. Tied with Maddy for points, by rule the third round is the tie-breaker and Lucas ended up being today’s winner. Well Done!

Sean Adams swept the motos in the 12-year old Novice class acing a “perfect”. Peyton Pulaski and Gianna Peditto were second and third. It was great to see Gianna here all the way from New Jersey.

The 41-45 Novice class is always entertaining but sometimes ugly and I’ve been known to call this group the “Legion Of Doom”. Chris Poirier was the rider not making the transfer out of the qualifying round today despite a great try. In the main it would be Keith Murphy leading all the way. Well, all the way to turn three and then he decided to do a swan dive over the handlebars. With his knees slightly bent and his feet apart, he would only score a 6.5 with degree of difficulty playing a big part. As he picked himself up unhurt, Brian Wadman went on to win the main event. Jeff Sperrazza was second while third went to “Rockstar” Art Ramsey.

The first of the Intermediate class were for the 7-year olds and there were four of them going for the 3 spots in the main event. After the first two rounds, it came down to Landon Hansen and Devin Poirier in round three for the last spot in the main. For whatever reason, Landon did not show up so Devin was given a free ride into the main. Jayden Kent earned his 17th Intermediate win with this effort. Guy Julian, looking aggressive once again, finished a solid second with Poirier finishing third.

“The Iceman”, Owen Golden, was hot as a firecracker today as he won all three round of 9-year old Intermediate Total Points action. Kevin Kelleher was second with Wes Hamel in the third slot.

The 10-year old Intermediate class was intense as all 5 riders were pretty evenly matched. The final qualifying round was especially hectic as 3-riders were in a very tight pack coming out of the final turn. “The Undertaker”, Jonah Graves would just miss the cut by inches. In the main event it was Andrew Macconnie hanging on for the win in front of a very hard-charge from Kayden Smith. Third went to Liam Keatley.

The four rider 12-year old Intermediate class was actually made up with two 12-year olds and two 11-year olds. One of the, shamus Crane, would just miss the cut but the other one, Jacques Roy, would win the main event. “Hurricane” Henry Hatt was second with “The Snake” Jake Nichols third.

The 13 year old class for Intermediates was a tough class for Jack Vanhorn. Jack was the only 13-year old Novice here today and was put in this group. It’s a good experience I suppose but despite a great try, he was eliminated in the qualifying rounds. JT Kelleher got the job done with a impressive effort. Jorn Layman earned a solid second with Connor Nelson finishing third.

Jake Layman, after finishing second last week, was back on top this week in the 17-18 Intermediate Total Points class. Brandon Daniels held off Emily Fullerton in the third round to grab the second spot overall.

The 36-40 Intermediate class was anther Total Points race and it was Zach Vanwinkle winning round one. Round two saw Steve Healy in the winners circle. In round three it was again Vanwinkle for the overall win. Healey was second with Matt Giroux third. Matt took a “nasty” fall in practice with a double-tumble down the back side of one of the jumps. Bet it was somewhat of an uncomfortable ride home.

In 46 & Over Intermediate action it was Manny Perillo winning this Total Points shootout. Clay Marshall was second while Justin Provencal was third.
In the 6-year old Girls class, finally, Kyrie Coddington-Sweet had someone her own age to race. She would win all three rounds of this Total Points race. Natalie Kent, who had just earned her move up a couple of weeks ago was second while third went to Hayley Blackburn.

It was another Sweet victory in the 9 year old Girls class as Pippa Sweet would ace a “perfect” in this Total Points event just as her little sister Kyrie did the class previously. Mary Sloan held off “Fearless” Alissa Hatt for the second spot.

Samantha Sperrazza was the lady eliminated in the qualifying rounds for the 10-year old Girls class. The main event win belonged to Anislee Bardunias. Track Champion Marissa Lyman held onto the second spot with Isabella Nelson third.

It was a 3-rider battle in the 15-16 Girls Total Points class. Avery Badendyck continued her dominance this day with a win in this class by about as much as her win in her Cruiser class. Ashley Jasensky was second with Novice rider Maya Brown finishing third. Maya will get “Intermediate Points” for her effort racing out of class.

In the 8-year old Expert class it was one of those Total Points races yet again. In this one it was Alex Marshall winning the class with a sweep of all three rounds. Austin Perillo and Tyler Peditto were second and third all day long.

The always competitive 9-year old Expert class had 5-riders in it today. Noah Andersen lost his bid to make the main event by inches in the last qualifying round. The main event would see Mason Jacquier and Nate Giroux starting side by side in gates one and three. Brandon Houle was in gate four with Kolton Kolodziej starting from gate 8. When the gate dropped it was an even snap between Giroux and Jacquier. When they hit the 30 foot stripe, “Nasty” actually had about a half-wheel lead over Mason. But Mason had the inside line and would take the lead as they entered the first turn. Up the second straight came the train with the Engineer Jacquier still in the lead. They would stay single file all the way to the finish line. The order remained Jacquier, Giroux, Kolodziej and Houle right to the end.

In 11-year old Expert racing it was Aiden Badendyck odd boy out in the motos.  This was an import main for Aidan Biello as he is the current points leader in the race for the Track championship. He leads 15-year old Matt Rowe by 20 points going into today. So Aidan, showing much improved skills of late in both racing and jumping, was the first to qualify. Joining him after qualifying rounds were Max Marshall and Jacob Hatt. The main event belonged to Aidan and he clearly wants this championship. He won the main with Max and Jacob second and third. He now adds 103 points to his total.

In the 12-year old Expert class this was a Total Points race and Andrew Hurst, after winning the first two rounds, simply needed a second or better to be the overall winner and that’s exactly what he did in round three with a second. Overall it was Hurst, Mason Blackburn and Kyle Lyman.

The biggest class of the day was the 7-rider 15 Expert class and it was stacked with talent. Baley Levine would be the non-qualifier in this one. “The Beast” Dave Albert and Jagur Layman would battle very hard in the main event with Albert hanging on for the win with Jagur right behind him. Third went to Matt Rowe who has drawn some very tough duty lately with these two guys to contend with. Matt earns 67 points with this finish but loses 36 precious points to Aidan Biello in the point’s race. He now trails by 56.

In 19-27 year old Expert Total Points racing Scotty Thomson held off Dean Zebian for the overall title. Zebian had a chance until he came unclipped coming out of turn 1 in one of the motos but still made a good show of it with a second. Third was Mark Pilz.

The last point’s class of the day was the 41-45 Expert class with 5 riders vying for the 4 starting spots in the main event. John Ouellette would watch this main from the sidelines after missing the cut. Matt Markie certainly threw caution to the wind in the first round as he somehow threaded the needle to bang elbows with Jeff Badendyck up the second straight to grab the lead and be the first to transfer into the main. In the main Matt got the job done a little more easily as he led from start to finish. Glenn Woodward was second with third place going to “Stone-cold” Steve Scibelli.

The open class winners were Tyler Peditto in 6 & Under; Jayden Kent in 7-8 and Connor Nelson in 13-14.

That’s it for this week. As usual we really appreciate your support at Foothills. I will be at my 142 annual family reunion next Sunday and will turn the mike over to a very capable Steve Scibelli. Good luck to all the riders. With that said there will be no pictures posted by me for that race. See you in two weeks.

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