Week #15 Aug 6, 2017

Well this was certainly an event filled race to say the least. The crowd was decent in spite of the New York State Qualifier over in New Paltz. 102 riders split into 25 motos with no Open classes was enough riders to make this exciting but, maybe too exciting.

Before we started we caught up on two Rider-Of-The-Week awards. First, from two weeks ago, we honored Damien Tyburski for his efforts on July 23rd. This 6 year old Novice rider said that Brandon Houle was his favorite rider.

Next we paid tribute to Chris Gonyer, who earned his tenth Novice win last week to move up to the Intermediate class. He said Dean Zebian was probably his favorite rider. Chris is 12 and earned a third place finish in his first race in the new proficiency class at “The Whip’s” Gold Cup Qualifier Saturday.

We started our day with the Push Bike classes and it was a 5 rider shootout in the first group. “Mr. Cool”, Malachi Goggins, and “Burrito” Ryder Champagne were the two hot-rods in this one. Goggins was the most focused and he would enjoy the thrill of Victory. Cole Lyman, Braxton Murphy and Kaiya Duplessie all joined in the fun.

The second group was a pair of 2-year olds going for some greatness. Logan Barker (Creative Racing Products) proved its never too early to have a sponsor. He dashed his way to a perfect three round sweep. Summer Einarsen beat the seasonal change with a second.


The first points class was, as always seems to be the case, a Female Cruiser class that would have a wide range of ages. This 5-rider class was called “10 & Under Girls Cruiser but would include riders from 6 to well over 39 years old. Marcia Caron, the oldest in this lopsided group was all business as she won the 4 rider main event. Marissa Lyman kept it close and settled for second. This second place finish would allow her to re-take the lead in the female Cruiser class for the top spot for the season championship. Gina Layman, who overtook her, last week, was not here today. Third today went to 9-year old Mary Sloan.

Next up was the 9-year old 3-rider group but, again, it was three riders of three different ages. 9-year old Matt Meagher (C-Yaa Factory) had no problem toppiung the field in all three rounds of this Total Point’s race. 8-year old Brenton Provencal was second while third went to 7-year old Scotty Cole. (Racers Army-New England).

The 16-year old gang was also three riders strong thus another Total Point’s event. Dave Albert won it for the second week in a row but he was pushed pretty hard by 14-year old JT Kelleher. 11-year old Shane Johnson (C-Yaa Factory) had to settle for third.

Another Cruiser class and another Total Points race this time in the 26-30 year old division. C-Yaa Frames Factory riders seemed to dominate today and it certainly didn’t stop short of this event as Ryan Bogli would sweep the motos. James Moyan made his first trip to Foothills pretty good with a consistent second place finish while third went to first time racer Joe Schachter.


First up was the 5 & under gang of three and Danny Talbot would sweep all the rounds in this Total Points race. This was Danny’s third win in the last four tries here in Torrington. “Racin” Mason Murphy was second while Matt Daniels nailed down a third.

The 6 year old class was an absolute disaster for our Rider-Of-The-Week that we honored earlier in the day. Round one went pretty well as Evan Wadman was first to qualify out of the motos for a three rider Main event. In round two Ryder Duplessie made the cut but Damien Tyburski wrecked in turn one meaning he would have one last chance to qualify in round three. It looked really good for him in that last-chance qualifier as he had a comfortable lead up the back stretch heading for turn 4. Unbelievably he simply self-destructed in that turn with another hard crash and Dan LeClare would race by him earning the last spot. Damien would call it a day at that point and did not finish. The main event was not without incident also as Ryder Duplessie would fall. Evan Wadman, avoiding trouble all day won the event with Dan LeClare going home with a nice second place trophy.

The 8-year old class had five riders going for the four spots in today’s Main event. Chris Cann elected not to compete in the third qualifying round relinquishing any chance to make the Main. Owen Russell earned a well raced Main event with Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) not too far behind. Third went to Dalton Miller in his first day of BMX ever! This could be the start of something big for this kid.

The next two classes were Total Point’s races and it was Dave Lebarge racing to a sweep in the 10 year old class. This was Dave’s first Foothills win in three tries here this season. Chris Pedersen was second in his first trip here and possibly his first day anywhere. 9 –year old Vinny Latorra was third and looked good racing the two riders who were one year older.

The next group was amazing even with just three riders in the mix. This 13 year old class was what USABMX hoped for when they created “Total Point’s racing so many years ago. Round one saw Lucas Holda cross the stripe first. In round to it was Evan Kryger claiming the win. So going into round three, all three racers were tied with 4 points each!. Round three, well, maybe you guessed it? It went to Noah Toney making it three races with three different winners! The official order at the end of the day was Toney, Kryger and Holda. Well done boys!

The next group to go was a group that I used to call the “Legion of Doom”. This was the 36-40 year old Novice class and was made up of 6 riders ranging in age from 37 to 54. So you have so many adult riders, on little 20 inch bicycles, racing hard as that male testosterone to compete sometime replaces the ability to use discretion and play it safe. The first round went smooth and was a blast to watch these guys using their new found skills navigate the course flawlessly as Chris Cann earned the only transfer spot. That would leave five riders in the second round where two would transfer. As this group entered turn three it was Mike Maduske and Trevor Toney side by side and going fast. Out of the turn they raced with Mike on the inside. The first obstacle after the turn would be the last thing that Mike would see for quite awhile. He would crash extremely hard and lay motionless on the track. Mark Reale inherited the qualifying spot that Mike left and he and Trevor made the transfer from that round. While the crowd remained silent, two people with medical experience were attending to Mike who was unconscious for way too long. An ambulance was called while Mike was gasping for air. The accident happened at 12:51 pm. The Ambulance arrived at 1:03 pm and it was decided to call for Life Star, even though Mike was coming around and was talking to the medics. Life Star arrived at 1:27 just over 30 minutes from the time of the crash. I find that, in itself, pretty amazing. Racing resumed at 1:18 pm. The main event in this class was one of the most exciting of the day as Trevor Toney and Chris Cann were unbelievable as this race was dedicated to Mike. Trevor had to pass Chris twice to capture the win with Chris right on him for second. Chris Champagne, who was one of the guys helping Mike would finish third.

Mike moments after the crash 36 minutes later his Limo to Hartford Arrives

UPDATE: Mike is in the Hospital, he has 5 broken ribs and is very sore but in good spirits. He wishes to thank every one for the outpouring of love and support for his well being. All in all, we feared it was much worse. He was wearing a brand new helmet and it certainly played a huge part in this crash not being much worse than it was.

Mike is hospitalized, in good spirits and recovering


Total Point’s racing continued in the Intermediate classes and the first was the 7 year old division where 6 year old Girl Hayley Blackburn was one of the competitors. After two rounds it was “Lemon-Drop” Evan Sauer and Scott Cole (Racers Army-New England) tied with 3 points each while Hayley was third with 6 points. The final round was the tie-breaker and it was Sauer capturing the win. Cole was second while third went o Hayley.

It was a good turnout in the 9 year old class with 5 riders going for it. After the qualifying rounds, 7 year old Girl Jolene was eliminated. Its jsu tough duty when you have to race boys who are three years older and simply seems so unfair. With Wes Hamel (Family Pride racing) being the first to qualify, he had to be the favorite to win the Main. He put up a great effort but drawing gate 7 while “Rocky” McMillan drew gate 1 in the main would prove too much of a disadvantage and McMillan rode a flawless lap to win this Main event. Wes was second while the third spot went to Taylor Einarsen.

In the 10 year old class Shane Upham would win this Total point’s race in his first trip here this season. He was only here once last year and finished second so the long absence must have helped. Second went to a much improved Kevin Kelleher while third went to Cole Barker. Cole (Creative Racing Products) has been doing well this year but wreck in today’s main.

The 11-year old class was another 5-rider shoot out. “Hot-Rod” Johnny Tomboly, who has not raced much this year as he has been chasing a Lacrosse ball, was the rider not making the main event. Marek Stasiowski earned his first 2017 Foothills win with a great run in the Main. Shawn Cole (Racers Army- New England) was second while the third spot would go to Kane McMillan.

Jesse Johnson was the rider not making the cut in the 13 year old class. "Loose-Change" Jake Nicholsl (Family Pride Racing) was todays winner with Trevor Nielson, whom we've only seen once before this season was second while third went to Chris Gonyer. Kudos go to the incredible turn one move by Shamus Crane but a crash in round two kind of ruined his day. He would finish out of the podium spots in the 4-rider Main.

The 17-18 class was a Total Points shoot out that looked like Dan Heideger would own after his first round win. But a funny thing happed while going by my camera. Dan decided to jump for the lens as he headed into that step-down obstacle just before turn three. He looked great in the air but not so good upon landing. He crashed and gave up any chance for a “perfect”. He was ok but took it a little more cautiously in the third round which went to Brandon Daniels as did the overall win for the day. Dan was second with Eric Pulaski, a Novice rider who earned 33 Intermediate points today was third.

Dan Heideger thought is a good idea
to grab some air as he had a nice lead.
Not such a good idea after all as he tumbles down the step-down just entering turn three


The 9-year old class was up first and it was that now familiar #1 number plate out front and definitely way fast. Matt Meagher (C-Yaa Factory) made it three weeks in a row with another impressive ride. Hunter MacCracken was not far behind and finished second while the third spot went to Mary Sloan, who beat out Breton Provencal for the last qualifying spot in the motos.

The second biggest class of the day was the 6-rider 11-year old grouping that included one Girl. After three hard fought qualifying rounds it was Noah Andersen just missing the cut. “Superfly” Trevor Cooper, while on his way to a third Track Championship, added his 11th win of the season to his total. Shane Johnson (C-Yaa Factory) put up a good fight and salvaged a nice second while third went to the Girl, who happens to be our reining female Track champion, Marissa Lyman (Warped BMX).

In the 12 year old class there was another Girl in the mix. This one only had three riders so the Total Points action would see Dylan Barker (Creative racing Products) win round one. Round two went to “The Warrior” Anthony Bartolo leaving round three to be the deciding round. Bartolo would get the job down with Dylan second and Peyton Pulaski finishing third.

In the 13-year old class, it was yet another three rider Total Point’s race. All the way from Salem New Hampshire, this kid didn’t even make his Main last week. This week he would occupy the top spot on the podium when it was over after sweeping all three rounds. Connor Mannion (C-Yaa Factory) put those pesky green colors across the stripe first yet again today. His team-mate Gordon Johnson and Kyle Lyman (Warped BMX) traded second place finishes with Kyle edging him out for the second spot overall after round three.

The last of the 12 Total Point’s races today would be for the 14 year old group but there was on Intermediate rider in this mix. Joe James was the intermediate and he would finish third but still earn 63 points as he is scored like an Expert when this type of combining occurs. If he were in a pure Intermediate class and won it he would have earned 53 points so all is not so bad. Hunter “Butter” Zeiner was top dog today with a sweep with JT Kelleher second.

The 17-18 gang was loaded with talent and 6-riders deep. Josh Perrier (Overhaul) was the odd-rider out as he was eliminated in the qualifying motos despite a valiant effort. Anthony Lucchesi, who is leaving for the University of Kentucky on Friday, won his last 2017 Foothills Main event.  Nate Caron was a close second while Dave Albert would finish third.

The last class of the day was the biggest with a full gate as we started the qualifying rounds. The makeup was six Experts ranging from 25-32; one 28 year old Girl and one Woman aged 39 and holding. Maria Caron was the women not making the transfer but was sure admired for her effort. The showdown between two long-time friends would set the stage for an amazing race. Matt Markie and Anthony Delvento pulled away early after starting side by side in the gate. These two hot rods have been around for what seems forever. Both took a number of years off and have recently returned and picked up right where they left off. Today it was Delvento just edging Matt at the finish line as the crowd was screaming their support of the incredible race that had just occurred. Ralph MacCracken (factory Yess Northeast) would settle into the third spot. This was a great way to end a day filled with concern for Mike Maduske.

That’s it for this week and, I look forward to a little respite after this event. Hopefully, Mike is released soon and we see him and all of you, back here in the near future.


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